Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The one with... who says 'bimbo' is only referring to girls? =)

Some day, some where, in a shopping mall…

Sales girl (before key-ing in my data): So, how old are you?

Me: ….... (I actually paused for a while – contemplating on whether should I tell by birth year age or my birth date age.. You see, if birth year, I’m 26.. But if birth month, by right I am still 25.. [I was born in August *roar*] Not that it matters though, it’s just that my brain works all the time, you know.. Haha)

Sales girl: Eh, how come la sendiri punya age also don’t know is it?

Me: No, no, no… OK, I’m 25.. Confirmed. (haha, defensive nye!)

After everything was done deal, I then made my move to the escalator with Kerol to go to the cinema.. When suddenly Kerol blurted it out with laughter..

Kerol: Elehhhhh… Perasan muda lah tu… Tak nak mengaku umur sebenar…

Me: Eh hello… betul ape, we are still 25 whattttt.

Kerol: Eh hello… birthday awak kan bulan August.. So 26 lah…

Me: (tibe2 confuse jugak).. Eh, tahun ni kita dah 27 ke??

Kerol: (muke confident tahap gaban, like seriously!) Abis tuuuuu…

Me: (rasa sangat sedih.. how come years gone by so fast I can’t even realise that I’m actually already 27? And at that very moment my heart started to sink thinking no wonder I got freak out every time I heard friends of the same age started to get married yadda yadda yadda… Hey, my brain works all the time, remember? Cannot help it from not thinking too much.. *grin* Then suddenly, doink~!! It was only then it occurred to me..) Eh.. kite kan lahir tahun 1982… Means tahun ni kita 26 lah kan?? Means betul lah kita baru 25?? (Punye laa panjang explanation to convince ownself that time.. Hahaha.. Budus!)

Kerol: (muke tak yakin).. Oh yeah? Ye ke? *thinking.. thinking.. thinking…* Oh, so kite belum 27 lah ek? (muke innocently cute)


Adoiiii la… Hehehehe…

P/S.. To Incik Kerol.. Don't be shy... Everyone goes through bimbo moments of such.. Hehehe.. xoxoxo~*


  1. hahahahha... tetiba i'm confused too... alamak dah 27? bukan 26 ke?

  2. hahahahaha mengong.. whatever it is, age is just a number aite??

    truth is, i don't even feel like i'm 26.. i feel younger.


  3. hahahaha... guess we just don't care about age, hah.

  4. lilia,
    ya Allah bf hang blur jugak ye orangnyaa..hahahaha

    kutuk soulz sket. teehehe.

    adik peeja(blogger friend) aku lg bimbo, siap salah tulis umur kat besday kek. so takpelah kerol boleh dimaafkan.


  5. dalie,
    hahahaha... itu lah pasal... :D

    he's not in town at the moment, nasib laaaa dia balik this weekend bace post nih siap ngan komen2 berbaur kutukan skali... hahahaha.

  6. amboi...!!!! main kasar nampak

    " 14.4 "



    its just so happen like dat... =P

  7. tak kire.. bimbo jugak. hahahaha :D