Monday, 14 April 2008

The one with... weekend hangovers..

I know it's gonna be very cliché and obvious, but I'd still opt to start with "I've been very busy of late...." *grin*

So here goes.

I've been very busy of late.

After my previous entry, I've been spending days in JB.. It was a work-related trip, of course.. Was back in office on Friday, had to rush things out before going for the firm’s annual day out for the Tax departments. The previous one was held in PD (I wanted to link it to the entry I did about the trip but I can’t – thanks to the banned of Friendster link here in office) and I would say I had more fun then. Maybe the ‘environment’ itself was different compared to now. You know, people come and go. And heck people change. Oh but I still think those physical activities held are sucks, that’s why ‘environment’ plays such an important role, at least for me.

I don’t understand, why can’t they splurge the RM’s just on buffet spread at a nice hotel and perhaps coupled with a nice movie for all of us? Book the entire cinema for us already, and chuck us inside, I’d be very much happy and contented... =)

Why the rock climbing and running around and team building activities and getting drenched in sweats?

Hmm.. I came to realise, there’s no way I would stand for a good candidate of the Amazing Race Asia huh?! Huhu.

Anyway, this year’s day out was held in Extreme Park at Sunway Lagoon. I thought we will be spending times at those rides and games, which would have suggested at least there’ll be something fun, but heck my thought was far from accurate.

The theme was “to save Humpty Dumpty..” Sounds fun, but to the not-so-adventurous me, not really. Basically, we needed to build a container safe enough to protect 6 eggs even when they are dropped down from a high place. And we had to wear our moving shirt. *urrghh*. Each team consists of staffs of different sub-departments in Tax, the idea was to make sure everyone mingles around.. Ok la, objective almost fulfilled.

Went there with Oya at about 12.30 noon and had lunch at Sakae Sushi first (yeah, again) in Sunway Pyramid. Made our move to the Sunway Lagoon entrance or something, to register and collect our door gift. Like I said, the activities were not held around those rides. Instead we were brought to this one forsaken area somewhere near the forest, where I myself had freaking no idea about it’s existence. The activities kicked off soon after at about 3.30pm, everyone was running from one point to another like kids, under the fierce hot sun.. I (had to) participated in few games I think I was good at, like paintball and directing a blindfolded teammate to go through a ‘minefield’. The activities were ended with (quite a lousy) dinner at Zazu Beach Bistro.

Nevertheless, my appreciation goes to the committee team members. I believe they just had to do what they had to do.. and they’ve done their best. For that, they deserved some acknowledgement.

Oya and I didn’t stay too long at the dinner; we made our move to Sunway and did some ‘corrective action’.. Hehehe.. We had the New Zealand Natural ice-cream – the walnut butterscotch did good on me, the day was nicely ended.. =) Wandered around for a while, queued up for J-Co donuts, and finally I sent Oya back home in Pandan Indah before I myself heading straight to mine in Keramat.

I wish I have pictures for the day out activities to put up here, but guess that's not gonna happen for now. I need to get them from the others. So we shall see.

Weekend was also quite eventful – spent with family on Saturday. My little brother Ajim was back at home, hence so did my dad. Went to PC Fair (I swear I will never step my foot at PC Fair anymore, unless of course if I really, I mean, REALLY with a capital R, need to buy something) because I promised my brother that I will buy an external hard drive for his birthday last year + this year. So we went through the ocean packed of people before finally bought one HDD, and quickly made an exit out from KLCC and hop in to Pavillion for a movie.. *phew, much better* We watched ‘Nim’s Island’ and while mom and I thought it was not a bad movie at all, it was quite interesting; dad and brother on the other hand agreed on the flipside of not bad and interesting. Huhu. We then hop from one watch shop to another as my mother herself promised to buy a watch for brother as the birthday present. *what a (lucky) spoilt brat!* :P Just before Pavillion reached to its end of business hour at 10pm, my brother already made his choice on watch of his liking.. But unfortunately, the one that the salesman showed us was apparently not for sale yet because they haven’t set the barcode to it. I was like, wth?? Not wanting to create any scene, I told my family to lets just buzz out and we will find it the day after at another mall. I was so pissed. Totally. Had dinner at SS2 in PJ and that’s about it. (I was not really in the mood because my sister didn’t get the direction right.. Huhu.. Bad, bad PMS eyh!)

Then on Sunday we went to KLCC (I regretted it so much!! Totally forgot about the PC Fair damn it) and thank God, finally my brother got the watch of his liking.. After sending them back home, Kerol came and pick me up for bowling at Flamingo with another 11 friends of ours.. :) Was not really in the mood in the beginning (hey, blame it on the hormones!) but things got much better soon after.. :P Had one heck of a time with them and we had dinner at Ampang afterwards.

All in all, as long as I didn’t have to work on the weekend, I’m at peace… =)

And again, despite feeling the weekend hangovers, I think I will make it through the Monday blues.. Not many people are around today, so I'm quite distract-less.. *yeay* Did my claim, filled in my BE form, blog-hopping, and finally started my work in a very, very calm and peaceful mode. I hope this will continue.

Till later~!

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