Thursday, 17 April 2008

The one with.. stupidity in bravery.. (?)

(I think) I just did something brave today… but stupid?

I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I just.. I don’t know.. !!!!! And trust me, I don’t even want to know..

It was heat of the moment. That one moment after a series of stuff were accumulated, that is. That one moment when I had the feeling that I just want, and need to burst out. That one moment when things had just became too much and unbearable, at least to me.

Hmm.. It’s hard to explain here.. Let’s just say, I (unintentionally, seriously!) have made my Senior Manager sort of looked bad in front of my Director.. Not a mega thing, but it's something along that way lah.. I mean, not that I purposely wanted things to happen that way… But things just happen, ok. Cut me in at least an inch of slack before you judge. Better still, don't judge. You don't even know jack about what happened aite? RRrright.

Whatever it is.. I know that I did the right thing. I just know. And I hope things were really properly dealt with, in a very professional and diplomatic way.. Just the way I witnessed when the three of us were gathered in the room.. Not in a political way.. Behind people's back.. (Though to be fair (and realistic), the chances are high…) *sigh*

Side tracks a bit.

You know, I had lunch with client today.. And my Senior Manager (not the one in question earlier) talked about political issues.. You know about how politician A used to be friends with politician B, and they fought, and now they are friends back again… So my SM made a statement, “It’s so ridiculous.. It’s like a today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy..”. Then my client said, “You definitely do not know how politics work”.. To which my SM replied, “Why is that so?”.. My client then explained, “There are no such things as friends or enemies in politics.. They are just.. well, politicians.. You cannot get yourself so much involved, i.e. you cannot get so emotionally attached. Else you will be outplayed”.

Coming back to the right track.

Hmm.. Guess I just do not know how to play office politics huh?

Because what I did was just a plain emotional f*wattage?

Whatever it is.. Things happen aite. Lesson learnt, for everyone that is. At the end of the day, it's all coming back to teamwork effort aite? I mean, somebody has just got to be held accountable for the consequences, if things go wrong. At least, I had come clean with the team.

Note to self: Do not sweat over small stuff.. (Back me up, people!!!)

All I know is I get to observe these few exceptions to the main basic life principles:

Be yourself, BUT sometimes you need to compromise.
Be loyal, BUT not if its to someone (or something) that is illegal.
Be courageous, BUT not if you endanger yourself. (Sigh, what I did actually might backfires me huh. Sad but true, sometimes, cowardice pays! What a cruel life we are living in.)
Be humble, BUT not if opportunity presents itself.
Be charitable, BUT not if you a case for charity yourself.
Be selfless, BUT not if it's going to hurt more than help.
Be ambitious, BUT not if you lose more than you gain.

Enough of me drama-queening. Tomorrow shall be a better day for me, I hope. I mean, it's Friday for all that matter yaw!!! =)

Just get back to work already. (Yes, you got it right, I'm at work..still.)


  1. sometimes these big ppl hv to be teached a lesson or two, albeit intentionally or not.

    don't think too much! you'll be okay. :)

  2. thanks dalie for the words of comfort, muah muah! =)

    i feel better today.

  3. what happeng?! anyway, it's all in a day's work... what doesn't break you makes u stronger...

  4. Grrr...hate to be in those shoes...

    But that's life ain't it?? :)

    It's ok, this too shall pass, and u'll be just more okeh??

  5. Oya,
    tak sempat nak update oya lagi.. will do soon k? anyway, thanks..

    Kak Zue,
    yeah, its all in a day's work! :) i'm all smile now, thanks~*