Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The one with... people come, people go....

Hmm… Don’t know why I don’t really have the mood to do the work today… Well I guess once in a while we just gotta have to take some break don’t we? (an attempt to comfort ownself *grin*)

What I know is am counting minutes to lunch time… Hehehe.. Going out with Oya to Mid Valley for The Manhattan Fish Market.. Can’t wait! ;) Hmm, speaking of Oya… tomorrow is her last day here in office… AGAIN and AGAIN, people walk away from my life… SiGh..

Ececehhhh drama queen alert… 8)

Well, what I’ve been meaning to say… Work sucks no matter where you go, so it’s always the person around you who makes the workplace appears somewhat interesting.. For those who’s been reading my blog for quite a while, you might have noticed that I was 'battling' with the facts that some familiar faces were leaving sometime end of last year / beginning of this year.. Especially Parveen and Eddie.. *iSk* I am A ok now.. But with Oya, well, I never thought I will feel the same way I felt last time, given the fact Oya is not even in the same department as mine.. But who knows… Huhu.. The chat we had over dinner yesterday night at Suzi’s Corner gave me some heads up.. Yeah, things won’t be the same anymore… Having Oya as close friend (we were schoolmates and uni-mates) PLUS a colleague PLUS a sushi fan means a lot to me.. :) Especially given that Oya is an easy-going person.. Having friendship with Oya does not require expectation nor obligation to make the friendship works… You just know it.. I like it the most we can be friends just based on mutual understanding and respect.. Awwww, am getting too sappy now hah… (Come on, am a people person yawww, so give me a break eyh!) Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world aite.. AND it’s not even the end of the friendship… AND it’s not like she’s going to migrate overseas or something… *eyes rolling* (There you go, to remind myself of some perspectives)…

So to Oya… I wish you all the best in your new workplace.. Please update your blog more often because I guess that’d be the easiest way for us to stay in touch since meeting up is not gonna be as frequent (and as simple as having a quick 'Oi.. Oi.. Oi..' via Sametime) anymore eyh?

(OK this is weird since we are going out for lunch together, like, SOON).. LOL.

Hmm talking about leaving, my deepest sympathy goes out to Faizal Ismail (’s DJ) for the lost of his son this morning due to heart complication… (who’s age was only 12 days by the way)… I wish him and family the strength and patient in the world to go through this tough moment.. Al-Fatihah.

Till later~!


  1. lesbo alertttttttt..!!!!


  2. cissss...

    hmm to come to think of it, if i am with you, aren't you suppose to say 'bi alerttttt!!!' ???


  3. awww... this post is REALLY sweet!! (erk! lesbo!) anyway, what i will miss the most in this firm is my friends (includes u!)... the work sucks, but my colleagues rock! definitely will update the blog as we have access to nearly ALL websites (except Yah00, but can access Yahoo mail)...