Sunday, 27 April 2008

The one with... final weekend of April.

Sigh… Tomorrow’s Monday!!!! :(

While the feeling of heavy-hearted is not something new, the reason(s) of having that feeling of such could differ from one Monday to another, from the start of one working week to another…

It’s appraisal time, and I must say, the more you step up the corporate ladder, the harder to please everyone… the harder to prove your worth… the harder to feel motivated. To create your own self-motivation is already so challenging, let alone to feel motivated by the others hah. *siGh* Well, maybe the new appraisal system is kinda tight in terms of the ratings.. There’s only so thin line between what may seems as ‘so-so’ and ‘very good’.. And this time around I’m going through something new - being appraised by the juniors too.. I’m in a tough spot, like really! I’m SO torn in between doing things based on my own style, and meeting other people’s expectation.. SheeSh.

ANYWAY. I hope the positive aura I had over the weekend will help me go through tomorrow and the days ahead. PLUS the incoming pay + claim. \($_$)/ YEAY.

On Friday, I (still!!) didn’t get to satisfy my cravings for rice… huhu.. Kerol’s family planned to have dinner together outside, so Kerol invited me to tag along. I thought, (well silly me for forming the unnecessary expectation, hehe!) they’re gonna have dinner at a tomyam place or something, so I was kinda excited already thinking it’s gonna be a win-win situation. You know, I got to meet Kerol AND having rice for dinner too.. Much to my disappointment, his brother (of all the eating places) chose mcD instead!!! I was so devastated I cried the moment Kerol told me where we were heading to after he hopped into my car. Haha. *crazy woman on the loose* Anyway, takde la sampai melalak ke hape… Just menangis sambil gelak… Menangis sebab sedih tak dapat makan nasi and gelak sebab rase bodoh gile itu pun nak menangis.. :D

On Saturday, I went for an outing with Kerol… The highlight of the day – we (finally) went to that fish spa’s place in the Pavillion.. =) It’s kinda interesting, but for someone who gets easily ticklish especially when it comes to your feet, trust me, the fish spa is not that much relaxing and soothing like any other normal spa… huhu. At the point where we made the payment (RM38 for 30 mins FYI), I already started to grumble to Kerol how 30 mins is such a short period of time.. What do you know, I felt like HOURS going through the session! OK, ‘hours’ might sound so exaggerating, but you get what I mean aite? Kerol tried to pacify me throughout the session by engaging in sweet talk and stuff (awww~*), but I couldn’t go along with him.. Huhu.. All of his gestures were repaid with hahahaha and hehehe and eEeEEeEe… ;P The little (and some are actually big!) fishes inside the tank will nibble at your dead skin, thus removing them and making your skin much healthier and smooth. At first it may seem a little bit painful but after a while you will only feel a tingling sensation of those little fishies nibbling and "sucking" your feet :D All in all, a new experience at least..

Kerol was being extra nice and was more attentive, well, he won’t be in town for the next 2 weeks including this coming weekend! *sOb* He’s going for an outstation job for few days, after which he will continue with his all-boys trip to Krabi, and again, carry on with his outstation job… *another sOb* That somehow explains how I got to buy this one thing I've been wanting for quite a while, without him nagging on how much I spend on accessories.. *thee hee hee*

Our day was ended by hanging out with our Gombak friends at NZ, to join the rest of the crowd for the football match between M@nU and Chelse@.. Hmm, I’ve always thought watching a football match in such a big crowd is very interesting, and that night was no exception.

Then on Sunday, I did what may seems very rare - I woke up as early as 9.15am! *gRin* well, not so much 'I woke up' per se, I was actually being awaken by both Tina and Tazz separately as we’ve planned to meet up for breakfast at Coffee Bean, KLCC.. The rest of the girls – Alin, Dayana & Roxie are not in KL, so there were only 3 of us. At a very last minute, we changed the venue from KLCC to MidValley, and Abby joined in the pack slightly later.. Spending time with girlfriends is always a great therapy, and true enough, I went back only at 7pm! Tiring, I don’t deny that, but refreshing definitely. We had one heck of an excellent chat over breakfast at Coffee Bean, and thereafter let loose ourselves like nobody’s business at the games arcade…:D 26, what? I felt like high school teens (like always)! *bLuwek*

Ni masih awal lagi, mereka kelihatan masih sopan...

And dead serious...

Tanda2 awal - posers on the loose.

Unnecessary pic, I know. But heck I like it. I'm self obsessed. Haha, you are not taking that statement so seriously aren't you? Hmm.. Like I care? :P

I must be very funny. Just look at how they laughed at my jokes. (Gone case, LOL).

Having a blast at the games arcade *gRin*

Reminiscing the old memories in boarding school where posing at the staircase was SO the IN thing :D

AND of all activities on Sunday, finally... rice for a meal!!! =) After the session with the girlfriends and sent Tazz to KL Sentral, I made my way back home and just nice, the boyfriend had done with his work.. yEap, Kerol was in the office all along while I was out with the girlfriends.. and he did what an understanding boyfriend would do – asked me to wait for him at (one of) my favourite restaurant whenever I crave for a certain type of food… *wink* So, finally, Restaurant R&K it is... 8)

That my friends, is the ending of the yet another great eventful weekend of mine..

*yAwn* I had a very early day today, off to bed now. Nite2!


  1. hahah how come the family so funny go McDs for family dinner 1??

    did u bump into pram in the fish spa ar?? she was like calling me n all to find out where it was..

  2. it's the brother's birthday, so he gets to choose.. well, you know, people crave for EVERY kind of food, and what do you know, mcD is in the list too ;)

    no wor, i didn't bump into any familiar faces.. will check out with her what time she went there..

  3. a self-obsessed kuda di titik persimpangan

    this is going to go on the rest of your life babe, or maybe until we find something else. hahaha.

  4. ahah. main kasar nampak???

    wait until i bring up the point about how bimbo is this someone..well, who confidently told her friend that the cinema seating she helped to book for her friend is third row from the back, when actually it was third row FROM THE SCREEENNN!!

    how's that?!


  5. hahahahahahahahaha *lol*

    "titik persimpangan"

    meh join ramai2 gelak kt die


  6. amboi amboi amboiiiiii....

    tanak kawan! (,")

    (cepat pujuk ajak tengok cite LOVE.)


  7. OMG, are you serious Lilia????????

    3rd row from the front?????????????

    hahahahahaha, well ....... after main kuda, aku rasa you can dongak sepuas puasnya. (giler takde rasa bersalah)