Monday, 7 April 2008

The one with… masyuk – and now the story unfolds.. =)

So it was on the Thursday night 3 April 2004, I was supposed to meet Kerol at KLCC. But things happened, we didn’t get to spend time to watch movie or even dinner.. Well, not that there was any nice movie to catch anyway. So feeling a bit disheartened, I wandered around KLCC alone having in mind the intention to shop.. Hmm.. retail-therapy is what they always say.. :)

I entered into Parkson, and found out they had this sale on dVb Victoria Beckham Rock & Republic jeans.. From RM645 it was sold at RM345 per pair..!! Since I didn’t get to buy it from Singapore when Dayana first talked about it sometime 2 years ago, I thought, why not… So I went to the fitting rooms with 3 pairs of 3 different sizes, and much to my disappointment, the design and cutting did not suit the disproportionate me! You know, the one where it can fit the waist nicely but a tad too tight on the thigh, and the other one where it fits just nice for the thigh but a tad too loose on the waist… BUMMER!

On a brighter side – RM345 remained saved, aite.. (Oh sod it! I wasn’t too happy. Totally.)

Then I made my move to the next cheer-me-up-will-you department – food! Hehehe.. Thought of indulging myself with some good food, but without a companion, I was fast turned off by the idea.. I mean, what was I thinking? Truth is, I just do not know how to hang out alone.. Huhu..

On a brighter side – some amount of RM remain saved, this time I mean it. Heh. And what do you know, I get to save myself from some calories and fats gain too.. ;)

So feeling totally bored to death, I decided to go back…. not to home, but to office! Yes, you got it right, I drove back to office. My director was still there, so I quickly went into her room and had a discussion with her over the report I was supposed to amend the next morning before we go to the client’s place.. I’m not a morning person, so that was mainly my defense (of going back to office)..

I stayed until 11pm (or so) and made my move back the moment I was done with the report.. My department was already emptied off by then, but since my department is of the same floor with that department handling personal tax, I was not really alone. In view of the 30th April deadline (ahem, are you guys aware about it?? ;P), they will be staying back quite late completing the BE Forms and the relevant supporting documents for their clients.

Hmm, where was I? Oh, making my move back home. I got into the car, and drove real slow along Jalan Mahameru taking my own sweet time.. Listening to one of my favourite radio stations, Hot.FM.. And quickly it came to my attention it was the time for you to sms them for that “Panggilan Hot.FM Masyuk” session.. Basically all you have to do is send sms (provided you’ve registered with Hot.FM first to be able to enter any contest), and if your number got picked, they will call you.. The twist is you need to answer it with “Hot.FM Masyuk”.. not “Hello”, not “Hi”, not anything else.. (I think Hitz.FM also had something like this last time…)

So if they called you, and you picked and answered it correctly with “Hot.FM Masyuk”.. You are one step closer to getting the cash prize offered that time.. Oh, cash prize varies from time to time.. It can be as minimum as RM300, or maximum of.. I don’t know.. I heard someone actually won RM15,200!!! Huhu.. (no, not me..) So, it depends on your luck, really. This contest / game ends as soon as they finish off the whopping RM100,000.. And each cash prize offered is attached with one question to it.. The more (the cash) the harder (the question).. So apart from having to pick up the call with the right answer, you have to get the answer right for the question asked too.. (not so easy for a free cash prize, apparently!!)

Back to where I was.. In the car, on the way back, listening to Hot.FM.. Right.

I simply sms-ed them, without any expectation whatnots. Plus, I didn’t even get the part on what was the cash prize offered. Why, of course I was hoping it was something with 5 digits! *grin*

Reached home, nothing happened. Felt so hungry, luckily Mama brought back home some kuih from Surau.. I munched that while watching TV with Mama.. The next thing I know, my phone rang. It was of the general tone ones (I assigned ring tones to different group of people you see), so I quickly grab my handbag, and took out my phone.. It was from 03-771XXX.. My director whom I just had a discussion with in the office earlier on lived in PJ, so for a moment it occurred to me, there’s no way my director was gonna call me at such late hour aite?? It was 12midnight already.

Seconds later only it hit me, oh, maybe a call from Hot.FM!! (even though I had a slight doubt because takkan la they would want to publish the number kan? I was thinking if they were ever to call, of course they will use a ‘private number’ or something..).

But anyway, I answered it… “Hot.FM Masyuk…?”

And I could hear the DJ’s voice on the other end, “Tahniah Cik Lili@ Edlin@!! Anda pemanggil bertuah malam ini!!!”

Naturally, I shouted in joy and bluntly asked, “How much is the cash offered?! How much is the cash offered???!” Hehehe.. \($_$)/

The DJ said, “Err… okeyyy.. It’s RM700”..

To be truthful, my heart sank a bit *grin* but I said, “Ohh.. its ok.. It’s still a sum of money aite?”…

So we engaged in a small talk for a while, before they threw me the RM700 question – “How many members are there in that band Letto?”.

I was dumbfounded, I mean, WTH??? What band was that???

I said, “Hey.. this question is tough… Not fair!!”

And after dilly dallying a bit, (like as if I had choice) I just picked a number, well my lucky number – 4… (To Farah, do you remember this lucky number thingy we had back in SRKPT?? Hehehe).

Turned out, it was correct!!!! Weeee HooooOoo.. Though they actually tried to trick me a bit by playing with my doubt, you know where they asked you few times.. “Are you sure? You sure its not 6? Or 5? BlaBlaBla”.. I had to admit, I did feel like changing the answer for I thought maybe.. Just maybe.. The DJ might want to hint me or something.. But thank God I sticked to my answer!! =)

So there you go.. The day when everything seemed to go wrong, turned out to be a one night to remember… :) There’s always blessings in disguise, I know!

(I hope no one actually heard me on the radio that night, I sounded so horrible! Hehehe)

OK lah.. Till later k~! Somehow everything seems to flow very well today.. I mean, it's Monday kan?? Hehe.. Had Sakae Sushi for lunch with Oya just now (Thanks so much Oya for the treat!! First time I had so many red plates at one go.. Hehe) and we had Haagen-Dazs for dessert… *I like!!*

What a way to kick off the busy week! =)


  1. oh my!

    i am sooooo JELES!!!

    my episodes were with

    read them and weep at

  2. hahahhahaa ..
    bestnye .. dah boley beli suar jeans lain .. :)

    owhhh now u now how the lucky number brought u luck .. but after 14years meh? hahaha. cool gile.

  3. bestnyer lia....tu maknenye duit rezeki...

    well this week dh 3 org b kenal menang cash this kinda way.....

    1. exschool mate bb - won 1 million tm it again 1 million ok!! last week
    2. cousin bb - won rm23k from "teka lagu era" last week
    3. and now lia plak menang cash rm700

    bile plak turn bb ek?? hehehe lg2 tgh korek duit nk kawin ni.....

  4. Hi redseptember,

    Thanks for dropping by! :) Anyway, i read yours, was it with or

    Actually my case is the same also, i had to call them back to ask how do i claim my prize.. It's the same thing, they said they will call me back to ask for my details, but being the kiasu me (hey its RM700 ok for all that matter) i called them back.. i didn't call the DJs, i called the the office.. they took down my details anyway but said i will get a cheque in 3 months time... hmmm.. who am i to say aite? lets just wait and see..

    so i presume you've got your share already?

  5. Oit Farah,
    I've been treating 4 as my lucky number ALL the time k? :) So far it did me good here and there in few occasions.. heh.

    Bestnyer!!! RM1m and RM23k are heck a lot ok!!! Especially if compared to lia punye RM700 jer.. huhu.. But true enough, better RM700 than nothing kan? Hehehe..

    BB nye turn could be somewhere someday :) You'll never know aite! Bukan BB jenis yg slalu masuk contest ke?

  6. Waaa.....dapat RM700...not bad!!!macam dapat extra bonus, hehehe...

    Balik ofis from KLCC???kenapa tak pg kaunter mekap je, main2 ngan make-up...kalau i abis dah semua make-up counter i try...hehehe, sangat menenangkan.


  7. thanked god it was a money call. daripada those "lu kena usha beb" call from xfresh. haha.

    congrats tho. i think i should try sakae sushi.

    glad to bump into u and oya ari tu. u can see how i walk. fast and not looking. thats how i am these days. need to slow down my pace.

    btw, last time, i had my alone dinner at san francisco steakhouse klcc, had a huge steak, alone, all by myself. try indulge in your "me" time once a while. sometimes, it does feel great.

  8. Kak Zue,
    Hehe.. tu lah.. but i'm not getting it anytime soon, it's gonna in 3 months time.. :( good thing though, i'll be getting it together with the bonus too! hehe.. indeed an extra bonus.. hehe.

    btw, saye tak suke ber make-up laa kak zue ;)

    abby the cosmic freak,
    what is it about "lu kena usha beb" call from xfresh? a prank call or something? anyway, i don't listen to xfresh.. heh.

    of sakae sushi, yeah i think u should.. :)

    hahaha yeah glad to see you the other day.. have a break, have a kit kat abby! =)

    hmm, i've tried quite some times to actually have a me time outside.. but i just cant.. huhu.. if alone in the house, that i can do.. it's a me time still aite.. :)