Sunday, 20 April 2008

The one with... final weekend before pay day! (am broke)

I'm feeling so heavy hearted to face Monday... :(

Despite of what happened at work as written in my previous post (oh, am feeling much slightly better already by the way), life must go on.. The job is still on.. I'll be in Shah Alam from Monday until (hopefully) Wednesday with a junior staff, who by the way will be on study leave starting Thursday onwards... *sigh* And that SM is holidaying somewhere overseas, coming back only some time next week (damn it!).

Are you foreseeing what I'm foreseeing?

I'll be left alone..!! *sob*

OK, I'm just being a drama queen.

BUT. It's SO gonna be a one-man show yaw!!! (OK I'm doing it again).

Weekend was so-so, had to come to office on Sunday. Sheeshhh.

Before that - woke up at a time convenient to myself on Saturday (that's 12 noon), and took my own sweet time before making my move to Kerol's house. Picked him up, and we made our move to Starbucks @ GE Mall for the free wireless connection. Finally, we can proceed with buying the flight tix KL-Bali-Jakarta-KL !! Thanks to the vouchers we were entitled to, else the trip won't be happening. Best part is, Bandung is gonna be part of the overall trip... Can't wait! :)

After we were done with tix payment, we headed to Pavillion for this movie:

Initially we planned to watch Over Her Dead Body, but the show at 6.30 was already fully booked. Thank God there were some reserved seats left unclaimed (yep, if the plan to watch movie was made at a very last minute, we always liked to standby at the tix reservation counter to grab the chance to purchase the uncollected tix half an hour before the show - nice seatings are guaranteed and hassle free! No need to queue up. *grin*)

Anyway. It's a must-watch, I tell you!! :) Yet another chick flick, I don't deny that. But there's just something about this movie... Well, at least to me. Before the movie which started at 7.35pm, I made Kerol to agree to 'stop by' at Sakae Sushi for a plate or two of salmon sushis.. *thee hee hee*

He didn't eat since he had already bought his 1901 hotdog and sweet corn to eat in the cinema.. So to kill the time, he took some pictures of mine.. The one I put up was the most decent one, the rests were all with me looking so awful with sushi already being in my mouth.. My face was so round-ish I looked like humpty dumpty, so he said.. *Grrr!*

After the movie ended, we then made our move to Melati as the rest of Kerol's friends were waiting for him at the OldTown White Coffee to discuss about their all-boys trip to Krabi this coming end of April.

Yep, just so happened camera was inside my white handbag.. Hence the pictures I took for the day.. =) Lepak-ed there for a while, thank God mom gave me a leeway to go back at a time past my midnight curfew... *hehe*

The next day I woke up pretty early as my sister Erin asked me to go for a facial with her.. She suggested us (she & bf Faiz and me & Kerol) to have a breakfast session first before the facial.. Again, since both of the BFs stayed at that side of KL, we met at the same OldTown White Coffee I hang out at the night before.. Before the decision to meet there for breakfast was made, we thought of having a nice nasi lemak at this one stall somewhere in Gombak area.. But since we were kinda late already (who knows by 11am all nasi lemak stalls were closed already?! bummer), so we still ordered nasi lemak at the OldTown White Coffee to satisfy our cravings.. But we both thought nasi lemak there sucks! Their toast selections on the other hand were quite nice and tasty.

Am using the same handbag like the night before, so camera was still in there, hence the pictures :)

After having such a great start of Sunday morning, both Erin and I made our move to this one facial place at Jalan Genting Klang.. It was Erin's friend who suggested that place.. Tempat celebrity katenye.. Well, I can count using just my ten fingers as to how many times I've ever been for facial.. Yeap, I'm not so keen when it comes to facial.. I can always have it at home, DIY. But since Erin needed a company, so I figured it out, why not... Well, overall, I have no complain about it..

Thought of meeting Dayana for lunch afterwards, but again and again, our path didn't cross just yet.. Huhu.. Well, next time perhaps.. So, after the facial I dropped Erin back at home while I myself headed straight to office.. And life seems so uninteresting already then.......

OK lah, need to do my homework for tomorrow's assignment.. Till later~*


  1. hi lilia laling,
    selamat bercuti!bestnya trip kau..
    yes, i felt that smthg is missing with that movie too. mcm ada yg tak cukup. tp creator dia credible, thats y i watched the movie.

    nasib lah hero dia menarik. i likeee.


    hv a nice week!

  2. dalie daling,
    hehehe.. hopefully it turns out just fine... the trip is in July btw.. :)

    ko punye trip pun best, panjat gunung.. snorkelling bagai.. sambil menikmati saat2 manis bersama... ewahhhh.. :P

    haha tu lah.. hero cite tuh sangat cute! and i like that abigail kid too..

    you too, have a nice week ahead!

  3. that abigail kid was excellent in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. since then aku pun minat dia..

    ewahhh ewahhh... ko tu siap bercuti bersama famili..lg hangattt..panjat kinabalu mmg strengthen the bond, seriously, ajak la kerol. hehe.

  4. itu lah.. suke sgt tgk dia.. in Nim's island also her acting was so excellent..

    panjat kinabalu? errr... not my cup of tea... huhu.. aku ni sangat unfit ok! naik tangga pun dah mengah gile inikan pulak gunung kinabalu..

    anyway.. about the trip.. to come to think of it... sangat thrill... as in, scary... coz it can turn out well.. it can turn out sour too (mintak dijauhkan!!!).. :)

  5. travel .. syoknye!!

    owhh aku sgt kempunan nk tgk definitely maybe .. :(

  6. travel honeymoon lagi syiokkk! :)

    sile la pegi tengok cite definitely maybe tuh.. still showing in cinema!