Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The one with... the day I'm gonna have a beauty sleep!

I don't feel this that often, but yes, I'm happy that I'll be back in office tomorrow! Haha. You know why? Damn the daily travelling from KL to Shah Alam in the morning and back to KL in the evening is just killing me! It's really taking toll on my overall energy level, not to mention the escalating stress level having to be stuck in the freaking massive traffic jam.. *urghh!* Yesterday alone it took me a freaking 2 hours to reach Pavillion.. Ok maybe the idea of going to Pavillion after work is totally argueable to begin with.. BUT.. I believe yesterday's traffic was just absurd! And the traffic police was sooooo ridiculously unfair.. Always let go of one side longer than the other side.. Geram sangat! I was at the point where I could even imagine myself stomping out from my car towards the traffic police to tell him off.. Hahaha.. No, of course I did not do that.. The last time I sort of argued with a traffic police, he actually 'threatened' me to issue a summon tix.. Cheh, main tipu!

Anyway… So yeap yesterday I went to the Pavillion after work, to watch this movie:

Well, a tad disappointing I must say… But heck I love Eva so much.. She’s like so hot! Ok, this may sound a bit lesbo.. :P The movie was not as interesting if you compare with Just Like Heaven played by Reese Witherspoon.. But overall, it’s entertaining enough to keep you stay glued to your seat.. Especially if you have a good companion next to you.. That matters the most aite in time of such? *wink* :) (Amek hati sketttt, baru lepas kene up in the previous post.. Hahaha). Cuma the way they made it Eva died on her wedding day was so duh.. Here’s the official website.

Oh yeah, before the movie started, I saw this Indonesian movie trailer – Love. I’ve heard it from Melodi last weekend, but I never thought it is exactly the same like the Malaysian’s version of Cinta… Huhu.. Sangat duh pulak I feel. I mean, I don’t understand, it’s the same director, and the same storyline.. Why change the actors?

Malaysia punya... They call it - CINTA The Movie..

Then Indonesia punye pulak... The Movie LOVE - is what they call it..

You get what I mean now? Duh kan? But I love it so much that movie CINTA.. Let's see how the movie LOVE turns out to be, shall we?

On the other hand, I got to see the SATC movie trailer too! Can’t wait for the actual screening… :)

Hmm.. Kerol is not in town today until Friday.. *isk* Hence the outing yesterday.. and the early day for me today… Huhu… Ingat nak jugak hang out with friends, but I guess today I just want to rest at home.. Balik awal pun sampai rumah pukul 7.30 jugak… Hmmphhh. Whatever it is, off I’m gonna go to bed soon! (Which is so not me… That's why it's a biggie to me, to the point of making it as the title.. Hehehe..) This is way too early.. But hey I don’t want to be a sleep-deprived b*tch tomorrow… Plus, gotta get rid of the dark circles baby!

All in all, not a bad day.. I even received a call from Parveen just now, which was a total surprise for I just had a thought about her during the day earlier.. (Parv, no kidding!) We surely had a good time catching up! =)

Hmm.. Ok lah.. I’d better go now.. Till later~! ZZzzzzZZZ


  1. haha mlm td pon aku g movie jugak ..
    in the schedule: wednesdays = movie day :)

    over her dead body is in my schedule for next movie. i watched street kings last nite.
    tp masih kempunan xdpt tgk definitely maybe .. :(
    bodo btol alamanda, mines & jusco balakong xde definitely maybe .. :(

    hurmm .. cinta antara movie melayu yg aku tgk (my movie partner sgt-sgt xsuke tgk muvie melayu ..) so kami akan pastikan muvie melayu yg akan ditonton mestilah benar-benar hebat .. & yes: cinta movie = hebat.
    cite indon = will never be in my movies list

  2. cik lilia,
    khabir bhatia perasan bagus la tu. movie tak perlu pun.

    rockaby baby under the tree top...
    tidur itu indah. :)

  3. Farah,
    OHhHh Street Kings yang ade keanu reeves tuh ek? hmm tatau nape that movie is not in my list.. takde publisiti meluas kot.. :P

    hmm try la check out at MBO Ampang for definitely, maybe.. takpun dtg KL sudahhhhh. hehehe. but you should watch tau, its not too late!

    anyway, my movie partner tuh pun tak suke nak tengok citer2 melayu.. unless cite Afdlin / Yasmin.. to him, yep.. cite cinta tuh best.. tapi for me, i have nothing against indonesia movie.. so i think i want to give it a try for LOVE the movie.. walaupun agak sakit hati nape laaa diorg nk tukar actors and actresses cite tuh... kalau tukar to have a completely different person takpe.. ni sejibik ok... acha bawak watak amani.. etc etc etc.. haishhhh tak paham!

    dalie daling,
    oh yesss tidur itu memang indah.. especially di waktu pagi ketika hujan lebat... heaven! :) (reason aku dtg lmbt pagi nih.. haha)

  4. oh gonna go sleep now haha..
    yes tuesday jam was a bitch..spent an hr tryin to get to saisaki for my mom birthday..the cheesecake in my car got mutiliated..sigh haha although still edible la..

  5. no no no to "LOVE" .... hahahahaha