Friday, 25 April 2008

The one with... cravings for rice...

Huhu sangat frust... Thought of having this for lunch... But due to unavoidable (last minute!!) circumstance, the plan had to be cancelled…. *isK*

Hmmm.. Kerol is coming back later in the evening.. He sms-ed me this morning saying we'll meet up tonight.. Am SO gonna ask him for a dinner at this restaurant near my place – Restaurant R&K. It's located just next to Putra Setiawangsa. The telur bistik there is yummy! Coupled with other dishes like kailan ikan masin and ayam paprik and maybe udang goreng tepung.... hMmmmMmm.

OK, I'm drooling already.

T.G.I.F.. =)


  1. yeah just when i was thinkin eating my packed lunch for dinner..i had to go back to eating my packed lunch..needless to say..IT DIDNT TASTE AS GOOD AS AYAM GORENG!

  2. better still than a banana pie and pathetic 6 pieces nuggets from mcD ! *siGh* are we like damn tied up now or what, we rarely get to drive out for lunch nowadays... *iSk*

  3. what happeng to ayam madu??? i had Chili's Triple play for farewell lunch =)

  4. had to cancel the plan.. ruben had to go for a meeting at 1.. luckily u didn't say yes to it.. huhu..

    triple play = NiCEE!!