Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The one with... absence makes your heart grows fonder..

You know what, I just realised only this morning that tomorrow is a public holiday!!! Hahaha bestnyer!!! (So ok, am a bit slow, I know..)

Anyway, I’m going through a slight unstable emotion right now.. Poyo kan, BF pergi bercuti pun nak rasa sedih… Ntah pape! Meh kutuk same meh… :D

So yeah, Kerol just sms-ed me saying he’s boarding the plane now… He’s going to Phuket + Krabi for 6 days 5 nights with his Gombak friends.. Yesterday night even both of us were quite tired, especially he just got back from his outstation trip in Melaka & Negeri Sembilan, we still made it for a dinner together.. We met up at Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju, did some last minute shopping for him (though I didn’t get to shop, but I’m so happy that he managed to buy 2 new shorts for his trip! Hehe..), and finally a dinner at Johnny’s steamboat restaurant..

And this morning I came in late to office.. *gRin* My office is just so near to KL Sentral, so after I parked my car I waited for Kerol and the friends at the bus area.. They were supposed to take one of those buses to LCCT.. But somehow the timing was a bit out, so after dilly-dallying a bit at the bus area, they decided to just get back to the car and go to LCCT straight… Thanks to Hana, I heard they reached on time.. That’s by driving her Iswara.. If only she was using Acap’s Skyline huh? Way to go! :D

Oh well, 6 days boyfriend-free it is then… Lets see what’s in store for me.. 8) (Announcement: Calling all the girlfriends!) *thee hee hee*

Hmm, missing him already..

Pic: His last entry to me in our blog.. Why oh yesss, we have our own (secret) blog, just for the 2 of us.. Awww~! *wink2* (Err, you are not going to enlarge the pic aren't you? Don't bother k? It's those normal mushi2 stuff.. :P I'm SURE you have other better things to do kan?)

OK lah.. It's almost lunch time.. Till later~*


  1. hey lia! same situation here.
    my partner also off to pulau perhentian with his boyfrens & leaving tonight.. its a bachelor party for him actually.
    me too = calling the girlfriends.
    jom lepak!

  2. hahahaha... jom! nanti aku call ko.

  3. can't enlarge the picture dammit. nak tgk! koz i penyibuk like that hahaha.
    u forgot the power of google. :P

    tp takpe. aku tk tgk hihi.

  4. dalie daling,

    oh of course i've taken all the measures. you can google it (i've tried though but to no avail) but you can never be able to view it - it's password protected.

    am smart, i know!


  5. lilia,

    what's the point of having a blog if noone can read it? <= soalan bodoh tapi sbb aku nak baca that blog, aku pedulik apa, hahahaha...

    dalie, jom kita siasat lokasi blog ni, heheheh...

  6. tinatonatinotdotdotdot,

    hahahaha cucuk baekkkk punya nampak??? takde la babe... initially we created the blog untuk chatting jer gune the shoutout box application.. coz my office cannot enter Y!M and also MSN msger.. kengkadang jer tulis entry sesaje kat situ.. bukan mushi2 stuff jer.. time gaduh pun amek ko pung pang pung pang kat situ jugak... :D so you wouldnt want to read that, as i myself wouldnt want ppl to know how saiko i can be.. hahahaha.

    so yeah, kesimpulannye, it will remain as password protected..heh.

    hate me, dont.. 8)

  7. babe,

    u hv nothing to lose.. i already know how saiko u can be..heheh.. don't we all? tapi takleh lawan tazz yg marah *B sbb go to workshop tak mintak permission, ahahahahaha...


    u know i will never hate u kan...


  8. haip... haip....

    habis lah tarap macho aku