Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The one with.. my (one of the many) worries of late..

I just got back from Penang yesterday – a day trip was definitely tiring! What’s more I just happened to know only when I touched down in Penang at 8.25am that the junior staff I brought along to help me for the assignment was actually pregnant…! And she had quite a bad morning sickness… Huhu… Had I known she’s in a situation of such, of course I won’t assigned her for the job.. Anyway, thank God everything was still manageable despite the fact that she had to dash to the toilet every now and then to 'entertain' the nausea feeling she had…

Hmm.. it had becoming so increasingly noticeable these days that I had a tendency to fall sick every time I’m tired.. Especially when I travel.. Be it for work, or for holiday... So I’m worried now that am getting older actually having a weak antibody system.. The last time I had my tonsil, the doctor advised me to take some supplements and Vitamin C.. But I don’t know why (I think it runs in the family), I have this idea that its not good to take supplements as you will ‘spoil’ your body system by getting it to ‘rely’ on those supplements.. It’s like once you take supplements you cannot miss them else something might go wrong because you are 'depending' on them already....

What say you eyh?

OK lah.. I have a lot to catch up in office..

Till later k? Now where’s the Strepsils *cough**cough*


  1. Try laa Scott's Emulsion.. I don't it will give you any harm even if you skip it..

  2. Ops! typo error. I meant to say - I don't think it will give you any harm even if you skip it..

  3. Mr / Ms Anon,
    Thanks.. will take into consideration...

    Btw, why anon? Saya talak makan olang punyaa...

    Most important - no judgement here :)

  4. aiyah i thought u like supplements but always forget to take..

    wah looks like u got alot of junior staff pregnant ar..

  5. Joe,
    There's no one in my family ever believe in taking supplements...

    Yeah, dun underestimate fresh grads these days ok! (sh*t by saying this i feel old already)

  6. i do think that u need the supplements... maybe because i have been since i was a kid? but u see, i think that previously we are staying at home/ at boarding school where they serve nutritious food... therefore, we already have all the vitamins that our body need for the immune system and at those time, we have a very hectic and active lifestyle (tiap2 petang riadah)... but now, we work and don't pay too much attention to our nutrition intake, therefore, the lack of vitamins and later weak immune system... i do really support the supplements and really, our body cannot generate their own vitamin itself... the immune system need the outside source to strenghten it...

  7. Cik Oya,
    Thanks..! Nnti nk pergi pharmacy to check out what's there in store for me.. =)