Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The one with... absence makes your heart grows fonder..

You know what, I just realised only this morning that tomorrow is a public holiday!!! Hahaha bestnyer!!! (So ok, am a bit slow, I know..)

Anyway, I’m going through a slight unstable emotion right now.. Poyo kan, BF pergi bercuti pun nak rasa sedih… Ntah pape! Meh kutuk same meh… :D

So yeah, Kerol just sms-ed me saying he’s boarding the plane now… He’s going to Phuket + Krabi for 6 days 5 nights with his Gombak friends.. Yesterday night even both of us were quite tired, especially he just got back from his outstation trip in Melaka & Negeri Sembilan, we still made it for a dinner together.. We met up at Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju, did some last minute shopping for him (though I didn’t get to shop, but I’m so happy that he managed to buy 2 new shorts for his trip! Hehe..), and finally a dinner at Johnny’s steamboat restaurant..

And this morning I came in late to office.. *gRin* My office is just so near to KL Sentral, so after I parked my car I waited for Kerol and the friends at the bus area.. They were supposed to take one of those buses to LCCT.. But somehow the timing was a bit out, so after dilly-dallying a bit at the bus area, they decided to just get back to the car and go to LCCT straight… Thanks to Hana, I heard they reached on time.. That’s by driving her Iswara.. If only she was using Acap’s Skyline huh? Way to go! :D

Oh well, 6 days boyfriend-free it is then… Lets see what’s in store for me.. 8) (Announcement: Calling all the girlfriends!) *thee hee hee*

Hmm, missing him already..

Pic: His last entry to me in our blog.. Why oh yesss, we have our own (secret) blog, just for the 2 of us.. Awww~! *wink2* (Err, you are not going to enlarge the pic aren't you? Don't bother k? It's those normal mushi2 stuff.. :P I'm SURE you have other better things to do kan?)

OK lah.. It's almost lunch time.. Till later~*

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The one with... people come, people go....

Hmm… Don’t know why I don’t really have the mood to do the work today… Well I guess once in a while we just gotta have to take some break don’t we? (an attempt to comfort ownself *grin*)

What I know is am counting minutes to lunch time… Hehehe.. Going out with Oya to Mid Valley for The Manhattan Fish Market.. Can’t wait! ;) Hmm, speaking of Oya… tomorrow is her last day here in office… AGAIN and AGAIN, people walk away from my life… SiGh..

Ececehhhh drama queen alert… 8)

Well, what I’ve been meaning to say… Work sucks no matter where you go, so it’s always the person around you who makes the workplace appears somewhat interesting.. For those who’s been reading my blog for quite a while, you might have noticed that I was 'battling' with the facts that some familiar faces were leaving sometime end of last year / beginning of this year.. Especially Parveen and Eddie.. *iSk* I am A ok now.. But with Oya, well, I never thought I will feel the same way I felt last time, given the fact Oya is not even in the same department as mine.. But who knows… Huhu.. The chat we had over dinner yesterday night at Suzi’s Corner gave me some heads up.. Yeah, things won’t be the same anymore… Having Oya as close friend (we were schoolmates and uni-mates) PLUS a colleague PLUS a sushi fan means a lot to me.. :) Especially given that Oya is an easy-going person.. Having friendship with Oya does not require expectation nor obligation to make the friendship works… You just know it.. I like it the most we can be friends just based on mutual understanding and respect.. Awwww, am getting too sappy now hah… (Come on, am a people person yawww, so give me a break eyh!) Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world aite.. AND it’s not even the end of the friendship… AND it’s not like she’s going to migrate overseas or something… *eyes rolling* (There you go, to remind myself of some perspectives)…

So to Oya… I wish you all the best in your new workplace.. Please update your blog more often because I guess that’d be the easiest way for us to stay in touch since meeting up is not gonna be as frequent (and as simple as having a quick 'Oi.. Oi.. Oi..' via Sametime) anymore eyh?

(OK this is weird since we are going out for lunch together, like, SOON).. LOL.

Hmm talking about leaving, my deepest sympathy goes out to Faizal Ismail (’s DJ) for the lost of his son this morning due to heart complication… (who’s age was only 12 days by the way)… I wish him and family the strength and patient in the world to go through this tough moment.. Al-Fatihah.

Till later~!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

The one with... final weekend of April.

Sigh… Tomorrow’s Monday!!!! :(

While the feeling of heavy-hearted is not something new, the reason(s) of having that feeling of such could differ from one Monday to another, from the start of one working week to another…

It’s appraisal time, and I must say, the more you step up the corporate ladder, the harder to please everyone… the harder to prove your worth… the harder to feel motivated. To create your own self-motivation is already so challenging, let alone to feel motivated by the others hah. *siGh* Well, maybe the new appraisal system is kinda tight in terms of the ratings.. There’s only so thin line between what may seems as ‘so-so’ and ‘very good’.. And this time around I’m going through something new - being appraised by the juniors too.. I’m in a tough spot, like really! I’m SO torn in between doing things based on my own style, and meeting other people’s expectation.. SheeSh.

ANYWAY. I hope the positive aura I had over the weekend will help me go through tomorrow and the days ahead. PLUS the incoming pay + claim. \($_$)/ YEAY.

On Friday, I (still!!) didn’t get to satisfy my cravings for rice… huhu.. Kerol’s family planned to have dinner together outside, so Kerol invited me to tag along. I thought, (well silly me for forming the unnecessary expectation, hehe!) they’re gonna have dinner at a tomyam place or something, so I was kinda excited already thinking it’s gonna be a win-win situation. You know, I got to meet Kerol AND having rice for dinner too.. Much to my disappointment, his brother (of all the eating places) chose mcD instead!!! I was so devastated I cried the moment Kerol told me where we were heading to after he hopped into my car. Haha. *crazy woman on the loose* Anyway, takde la sampai melalak ke hape… Just menangis sambil gelak… Menangis sebab sedih tak dapat makan nasi and gelak sebab rase bodoh gile itu pun nak menangis.. :D

On Saturday, I went for an outing with Kerol… The highlight of the day – we (finally) went to that fish spa’s place in the Pavillion.. =) It’s kinda interesting, but for someone who gets easily ticklish especially when it comes to your feet, trust me, the fish spa is not that much relaxing and soothing like any other normal spa… huhu. At the point where we made the payment (RM38 for 30 mins FYI), I already started to grumble to Kerol how 30 mins is such a short period of time.. What do you know, I felt like HOURS going through the session! OK, ‘hours’ might sound so exaggerating, but you get what I mean aite? Kerol tried to pacify me throughout the session by engaging in sweet talk and stuff (awww~*), but I couldn’t go along with him.. Huhu.. All of his gestures were repaid with hahahaha and hehehe and eEeEEeEe… ;P The little (and some are actually big!) fishes inside the tank will nibble at your dead skin, thus removing them and making your skin much healthier and smooth. At first it may seem a little bit painful but after a while you will only feel a tingling sensation of those little fishies nibbling and "sucking" your feet :D All in all, a new experience at least..

Kerol was being extra nice and was more attentive, well, he won’t be in town for the next 2 weeks including this coming weekend! *sOb* He’s going for an outstation job for few days, after which he will continue with his all-boys trip to Krabi, and again, carry on with his outstation job… *another sOb* That somehow explains how I got to buy this one thing I've been wanting for quite a while, without him nagging on how much I spend on accessories.. *thee hee hee*

Our day was ended by hanging out with our Gombak friends at NZ, to join the rest of the crowd for the football match between M@nU and Chelse@.. Hmm, I’ve always thought watching a football match in such a big crowd is very interesting, and that night was no exception.

Then on Sunday, I did what may seems very rare - I woke up as early as 9.15am! *gRin* well, not so much 'I woke up' per se, I was actually being awaken by both Tina and Tazz separately as we’ve planned to meet up for breakfast at Coffee Bean, KLCC.. The rest of the girls – Alin, Dayana & Roxie are not in KL, so there were only 3 of us. At a very last minute, we changed the venue from KLCC to MidValley, and Abby joined in the pack slightly later.. Spending time with girlfriends is always a great therapy, and true enough, I went back only at 7pm! Tiring, I don’t deny that, but refreshing definitely. We had one heck of an excellent chat over breakfast at Coffee Bean, and thereafter let loose ourselves like nobody’s business at the games arcade…:D 26, what? I felt like high school teens (like always)! *bLuwek*

Ni masih awal lagi, mereka kelihatan masih sopan...

And dead serious...

Tanda2 awal - posers on the loose.

Unnecessary pic, I know. But heck I like it. I'm self obsessed. Haha, you are not taking that statement so seriously aren't you? Hmm.. Like I care? :P

I must be very funny. Just look at how they laughed at my jokes. (Gone case, LOL).

Having a blast at the games arcade *gRin*

Reminiscing the old memories in boarding school where posing at the staircase was SO the IN thing :D

AND of all activities on Sunday, finally... rice for a meal!!! =) After the session with the girlfriends and sent Tazz to KL Sentral, I made my way back home and just nice, the boyfriend had done with his work.. yEap, Kerol was in the office all along while I was out with the girlfriends.. and he did what an understanding boyfriend would do – asked me to wait for him at (one of) my favourite restaurant whenever I crave for a certain type of food… *wink* So, finally, Restaurant R&K it is... 8)

That my friends, is the ending of the yet another great eventful weekend of mine..

*yAwn* I had a very early day today, off to bed now. Nite2!

Friday, 25 April 2008

The one with... cravings for rice...

Huhu sangat frust... Thought of having this for lunch... But due to unavoidable (last minute!!) circumstance, the plan had to be cancelled…. *isK*

Hmmm.. Kerol is coming back later in the evening.. He sms-ed me this morning saying we'll meet up tonight.. Am SO gonna ask him for a dinner at this restaurant near my place – Restaurant R&K. It's located just next to Putra Setiawangsa. The telur bistik there is yummy! Coupled with other dishes like kailan ikan masin and ayam paprik and maybe udang goreng tepung.... hMmmmMmm.

OK, I'm drooling already.

T.G.I.F.. =)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The one with... the day I'm gonna have a beauty sleep!

I don't feel this that often, but yes, I'm happy that I'll be back in office tomorrow! Haha. You know why? Damn the daily travelling from KL to Shah Alam in the morning and back to KL in the evening is just killing me! It's really taking toll on my overall energy level, not to mention the escalating stress level having to be stuck in the freaking massive traffic jam.. *urghh!* Yesterday alone it took me a freaking 2 hours to reach Pavillion.. Ok maybe the idea of going to Pavillion after work is totally argueable to begin with.. BUT.. I believe yesterday's traffic was just absurd! And the traffic police was sooooo ridiculously unfair.. Always let go of one side longer than the other side.. Geram sangat! I was at the point where I could even imagine myself stomping out from my car towards the traffic police to tell him off.. Hahaha.. No, of course I did not do that.. The last time I sort of argued with a traffic police, he actually 'threatened' me to issue a summon tix.. Cheh, main tipu!

Anyway… So yeap yesterday I went to the Pavillion after work, to watch this movie:

Well, a tad disappointing I must say… But heck I love Eva so much.. She’s like so hot! Ok, this may sound a bit lesbo.. :P The movie was not as interesting if you compare with Just Like Heaven played by Reese Witherspoon.. But overall, it’s entertaining enough to keep you stay glued to your seat.. Especially if you have a good companion next to you.. That matters the most aite in time of such? *wink* :) (Amek hati sketttt, baru lepas kene up in the previous post.. Hahaha). Cuma the way they made it Eva died on her wedding day was so duh.. Here’s the official website.

Oh yeah, before the movie started, I saw this Indonesian movie trailer – Love. I’ve heard it from Melodi last weekend, but I never thought it is exactly the same like the Malaysian’s version of Cinta… Huhu.. Sangat duh pulak I feel. I mean, I don’t understand, it’s the same director, and the same storyline.. Why change the actors?

Malaysia punya... They call it - CINTA The Movie..

Then Indonesia punye pulak... The Movie LOVE - is what they call it..

You get what I mean now? Duh kan? But I love it so much that movie CINTA.. Let's see how the movie LOVE turns out to be, shall we?

On the other hand, I got to see the SATC movie trailer too! Can’t wait for the actual screening… :)

Hmm.. Kerol is not in town today until Friday.. *isk* Hence the outing yesterday.. and the early day for me today… Huhu… Ingat nak jugak hang out with friends, but I guess today I just want to rest at home.. Balik awal pun sampai rumah pukul 7.30 jugak… Hmmphhh. Whatever it is, off I’m gonna go to bed soon! (Which is so not me… That's why it's a biggie to me, to the point of making it as the title.. Hehehe..) This is way too early.. But hey I don’t want to be a sleep-deprived b*tch tomorrow… Plus, gotta get rid of the dark circles baby!

All in all, not a bad day.. I even received a call from Parveen just now, which was a total surprise for I just had a thought about her during the day earlier.. (Parv, no kidding!) We surely had a good time catching up! =)

Hmm.. Ok lah.. I’d better go now.. Till later~! ZZzzzzZZZ

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The one with... who says 'bimbo' is only referring to girls? =)

Some day, some where, in a shopping mall…

Sales girl (before key-ing in my data): So, how old are you?

Me: ….... (I actually paused for a while – contemplating on whether should I tell by birth year age or my birth date age.. You see, if birth year, I’m 26.. But if birth month, by right I am still 25.. [I was born in August *roar*] Not that it matters though, it’s just that my brain works all the time, you know.. Haha)

Sales girl: Eh, how come la sendiri punya age also don’t know is it?

Me: No, no, no… OK, I’m 25.. Confirmed. (haha, defensive nye!)

After everything was done deal, I then made my move to the escalator with Kerol to go to the cinema.. When suddenly Kerol blurted it out with laughter..

Kerol: Elehhhhh… Perasan muda lah tu… Tak nak mengaku umur sebenar…

Me: Eh hello… betul ape, we are still 25 whattttt.

Kerol: Eh hello… birthday awak kan bulan August.. So 26 lah…

Me: (tibe2 confuse jugak).. Eh, tahun ni kita dah 27 ke??

Kerol: (muke confident tahap gaban, like seriously!) Abis tuuuuu…

Me: (rasa sangat sedih.. how come years gone by so fast I can’t even realise that I’m actually already 27? And at that very moment my heart started to sink thinking no wonder I got freak out every time I heard friends of the same age started to get married yadda yadda yadda… Hey, my brain works all the time, remember? Cannot help it from not thinking too much.. *grin* Then suddenly, doink~!! It was only then it occurred to me..) Eh.. kite kan lahir tahun 1982… Means tahun ni kita 26 lah kan?? Means betul lah kita baru 25?? (Punye laa panjang explanation to convince ownself that time.. Hahaha.. Budus!)

Kerol: (muke tak yakin).. Oh yeah? Ye ke? *thinking.. thinking.. thinking…* Oh, so kite belum 27 lah ek? (muke innocently cute)


Adoiiii la… Hehehehe…

P/S.. To Incik Kerol.. Don't be shy... Everyone goes through bimbo moments of such.. Hehehe.. xoxoxo~*

Sunday, 20 April 2008

The one with... final weekend before pay day! (am broke)

I'm feeling so heavy hearted to face Monday... :(

Despite of what happened at work as written in my previous post (oh, am feeling much slightly better already by the way), life must go on.. The job is still on.. I'll be in Shah Alam from Monday until (hopefully) Wednesday with a junior staff, who by the way will be on study leave starting Thursday onwards... *sigh* And that SM is holidaying somewhere overseas, coming back only some time next week (damn it!).

Are you foreseeing what I'm foreseeing?

I'll be left alone..!! *sob*

OK, I'm just being a drama queen.

BUT. It's SO gonna be a one-man show yaw!!! (OK I'm doing it again).

Weekend was so-so, had to come to office on Sunday. Sheeshhh.

Before that - woke up at a time convenient to myself on Saturday (that's 12 noon), and took my own sweet time before making my move to Kerol's house. Picked him up, and we made our move to Starbucks @ GE Mall for the free wireless connection. Finally, we can proceed with buying the flight tix KL-Bali-Jakarta-KL !! Thanks to the vouchers we were entitled to, else the trip won't be happening. Best part is, Bandung is gonna be part of the overall trip... Can't wait! :)

After we were done with tix payment, we headed to Pavillion for this movie:

Initially we planned to watch Over Her Dead Body, but the show at 6.30 was already fully booked. Thank God there were some reserved seats left unclaimed (yep, if the plan to watch movie was made at a very last minute, we always liked to standby at the tix reservation counter to grab the chance to purchase the uncollected tix half an hour before the show - nice seatings are guaranteed and hassle free! No need to queue up. *grin*)

Anyway. It's a must-watch, I tell you!! :) Yet another chick flick, I don't deny that. But there's just something about this movie... Well, at least to me. Before the movie which started at 7.35pm, I made Kerol to agree to 'stop by' at Sakae Sushi for a plate or two of salmon sushis.. *thee hee hee*

He didn't eat since he had already bought his 1901 hotdog and sweet corn to eat in the cinema.. So to kill the time, he took some pictures of mine.. The one I put up was the most decent one, the rests were all with me looking so awful with sushi already being in my mouth.. My face was so round-ish I looked like humpty dumpty, so he said.. *Grrr!*

After the movie ended, we then made our move to Melati as the rest of Kerol's friends were waiting for him at the OldTown White Coffee to discuss about their all-boys trip to Krabi this coming end of April.

Yep, just so happened camera was inside my white handbag.. Hence the pictures I took for the day.. =) Lepak-ed there for a while, thank God mom gave me a leeway to go back at a time past my midnight curfew... *hehe*

The next day I woke up pretty early as my sister Erin asked me to go for a facial with her.. She suggested us (she & bf Faiz and me & Kerol) to have a breakfast session first before the facial.. Again, since both of the BFs stayed at that side of KL, we met at the same OldTown White Coffee I hang out at the night before.. Before the decision to meet there for breakfast was made, we thought of having a nice nasi lemak at this one stall somewhere in Gombak area.. But since we were kinda late already (who knows by 11am all nasi lemak stalls were closed already?! bummer), so we still ordered nasi lemak at the OldTown White Coffee to satisfy our cravings.. But we both thought nasi lemak there sucks! Their toast selections on the other hand were quite nice and tasty.

Am using the same handbag like the night before, so camera was still in there, hence the pictures :)

After having such a great start of Sunday morning, both Erin and I made our move to this one facial place at Jalan Genting Klang.. It was Erin's friend who suggested that place.. Tempat celebrity katenye.. Well, I can count using just my ten fingers as to how many times I've ever been for facial.. Yeap, I'm not so keen when it comes to facial.. I can always have it at home, DIY. But since Erin needed a company, so I figured it out, why not... Well, overall, I have no complain about it..

Thought of meeting Dayana for lunch afterwards, but again and again, our path didn't cross just yet.. Huhu.. Well, next time perhaps.. So, after the facial I dropped Erin back at home while I myself headed straight to office.. And life seems so uninteresting already then.......

OK lah, need to do my homework for tomorrow's assignment.. Till later~*

Thursday, 17 April 2008

The one with.. stupidity in bravery.. (?)

(I think) I just did something brave today… but stupid?

I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I just.. I don’t know.. !!!!! And trust me, I don’t even want to know..

It was heat of the moment. That one moment after a series of stuff were accumulated, that is. That one moment when I had the feeling that I just want, and need to burst out. That one moment when things had just became too much and unbearable, at least to me.

Hmm.. It’s hard to explain here.. Let’s just say, I (unintentionally, seriously!) have made my Senior Manager sort of looked bad in front of my Director.. Not a mega thing, but it's something along that way lah.. I mean, not that I purposely wanted things to happen that way… But things just happen, ok. Cut me in at least an inch of slack before you judge. Better still, don't judge. You don't even know jack about what happened aite? RRrright.

Whatever it is.. I know that I did the right thing. I just know. And I hope things were really properly dealt with, in a very professional and diplomatic way.. Just the way I witnessed when the three of us were gathered in the room.. Not in a political way.. Behind people's back.. (Though to be fair (and realistic), the chances are high…) *sigh*

Side tracks a bit.

You know, I had lunch with client today.. And my Senior Manager (not the one in question earlier) talked about political issues.. You know about how politician A used to be friends with politician B, and they fought, and now they are friends back again… So my SM made a statement, “It’s so ridiculous.. It’s like a today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy..”. Then my client said, “You definitely do not know how politics work”.. To which my SM replied, “Why is that so?”.. My client then explained, “There are no such things as friends or enemies in politics.. They are just.. well, politicians.. You cannot get yourself so much involved, i.e. you cannot get so emotionally attached. Else you will be outplayed”.

Coming back to the right track.

Hmm.. Guess I just do not know how to play office politics huh?

Because what I did was just a plain emotional f*wattage?

Whatever it is.. Things happen aite. Lesson learnt, for everyone that is. At the end of the day, it's all coming back to teamwork effort aite? I mean, somebody has just got to be held accountable for the consequences, if things go wrong. At least, I had come clean with the team.

Note to self: Do not sweat over small stuff.. (Back me up, people!!!)

All I know is I get to observe these few exceptions to the main basic life principles:

Be yourself, BUT sometimes you need to compromise.
Be loyal, BUT not if its to someone (or something) that is illegal.
Be courageous, BUT not if you endanger yourself. (Sigh, what I did actually might backfires me huh. Sad but true, sometimes, cowardice pays! What a cruel life we are living in.)
Be humble, BUT not if opportunity presents itself.
Be charitable, BUT not if you a case for charity yourself.
Be selfless, BUT not if it's going to hurt more than help.
Be ambitious, BUT not if you lose more than you gain.

Enough of me drama-queening. Tomorrow shall be a better day for me, I hope. I mean, it's Friday for all that matter yaw!!! =)

Just get back to work already. (Yes, you got it right, I'm at work..still.)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The one with... ice cream craze..

Hello! This is gonna be just a quick one.

Looking at the rate I'm going when it comes to ice-cream for the past few days (if you are a frequent here you'd probably would have noticed), it doesn't take a genius to figure it out that... I'm under a great stress at work!


Monday, 14 April 2008

The one with... weekend hangovers..

I know it's gonna be very cliché and obvious, but I'd still opt to start with "I've been very busy of late...." *grin*

So here goes.

I've been very busy of late.

After my previous entry, I've been spending days in JB.. It was a work-related trip, of course.. Was back in office on Friday, had to rush things out before going for the firm’s annual day out for the Tax departments. The previous one was held in PD (I wanted to link it to the entry I did about the trip but I can’t – thanks to the banned of Friendster link here in office) and I would say I had more fun then. Maybe the ‘environment’ itself was different compared to now. You know, people come and go. And heck people change. Oh but I still think those physical activities held are sucks, that’s why ‘environment’ plays such an important role, at least for me.

I don’t understand, why can’t they splurge the RM’s just on buffet spread at a nice hotel and perhaps coupled with a nice movie for all of us? Book the entire cinema for us already, and chuck us inside, I’d be very much happy and contented... =)

Why the rock climbing and running around and team building activities and getting drenched in sweats?

Hmm.. I came to realise, there’s no way I would stand for a good candidate of the Amazing Race Asia huh?! Huhu.

Anyway, this year’s day out was held in Extreme Park at Sunway Lagoon. I thought we will be spending times at those rides and games, which would have suggested at least there’ll be something fun, but heck my thought was far from accurate.

The theme was “to save Humpty Dumpty..” Sounds fun, but to the not-so-adventurous me, not really. Basically, we needed to build a container safe enough to protect 6 eggs even when they are dropped down from a high place. And we had to wear our moving shirt. *urrghh*. Each team consists of staffs of different sub-departments in Tax, the idea was to make sure everyone mingles around.. Ok la, objective almost fulfilled.

Went there with Oya at about 12.30 noon and had lunch at Sakae Sushi first (yeah, again) in Sunway Pyramid. Made our move to the Sunway Lagoon entrance or something, to register and collect our door gift. Like I said, the activities were not held around those rides. Instead we were brought to this one forsaken area somewhere near the forest, where I myself had freaking no idea about it’s existence. The activities kicked off soon after at about 3.30pm, everyone was running from one point to another like kids, under the fierce hot sun.. I (had to) participated in few games I think I was good at, like paintball and directing a blindfolded teammate to go through a ‘minefield’. The activities were ended with (quite a lousy) dinner at Zazu Beach Bistro.

Nevertheless, my appreciation goes to the committee team members. I believe they just had to do what they had to do.. and they’ve done their best. For that, they deserved some acknowledgement.

Oya and I didn’t stay too long at the dinner; we made our move to Sunway and did some ‘corrective action’.. Hehehe.. We had the New Zealand Natural ice-cream – the walnut butterscotch did good on me, the day was nicely ended.. =) Wandered around for a while, queued up for J-Co donuts, and finally I sent Oya back home in Pandan Indah before I myself heading straight to mine in Keramat.

I wish I have pictures for the day out activities to put up here, but guess that's not gonna happen for now. I need to get them from the others. So we shall see.

Weekend was also quite eventful – spent with family on Saturday. My little brother Ajim was back at home, hence so did my dad. Went to PC Fair (I swear I will never step my foot at PC Fair anymore, unless of course if I really, I mean, REALLY with a capital R, need to buy something) because I promised my brother that I will buy an external hard drive for his birthday last year + this year. So we went through the ocean packed of people before finally bought one HDD, and quickly made an exit out from KLCC and hop in to Pavillion for a movie.. *phew, much better* We watched ‘Nim’s Island’ and while mom and I thought it was not a bad movie at all, it was quite interesting; dad and brother on the other hand agreed on the flipside of not bad and interesting. Huhu. We then hop from one watch shop to another as my mother herself promised to buy a watch for brother as the birthday present. *what a (lucky) spoilt brat!* :P Just before Pavillion reached to its end of business hour at 10pm, my brother already made his choice on watch of his liking.. But unfortunately, the one that the salesman showed us was apparently not for sale yet because they haven’t set the barcode to it. I was like, wth?? Not wanting to create any scene, I told my family to lets just buzz out and we will find it the day after at another mall. I was so pissed. Totally. Had dinner at SS2 in PJ and that’s about it. (I was not really in the mood because my sister didn’t get the direction right.. Huhu.. Bad, bad PMS eyh!)

Then on Sunday we went to KLCC (I regretted it so much!! Totally forgot about the PC Fair damn it) and thank God, finally my brother got the watch of his liking.. After sending them back home, Kerol came and pick me up for bowling at Flamingo with another 11 friends of ours.. :) Was not really in the mood in the beginning (hey, blame it on the hormones!) but things got much better soon after.. :P Had one heck of a time with them and we had dinner at Ampang afterwards.

All in all, as long as I didn’t have to work on the weekend, I’m at peace… =)

And again, despite feeling the weekend hangovers, I think I will make it through the Monday blues.. Not many people are around today, so I'm quite distract-less.. *yeay* Did my claim, filled in my BE form, blog-hopping, and finally started my work in a very, very calm and peaceful mode. I hope this will continue.

Till later~!

Monday, 7 April 2008

The one with… masyuk – and now the story unfolds.. =)

So it was on the Thursday night 3 April 2004, I was supposed to meet Kerol at KLCC. But things happened, we didn’t get to spend time to watch movie or even dinner.. Well, not that there was any nice movie to catch anyway. So feeling a bit disheartened, I wandered around KLCC alone having in mind the intention to shop.. Hmm.. retail-therapy is what they always say.. :)

I entered into Parkson, and found out they had this sale on dVb Victoria Beckham Rock & Republic jeans.. From RM645 it was sold at RM345 per pair..!! Since I didn’t get to buy it from Singapore when Dayana first talked about it sometime 2 years ago, I thought, why not… So I went to the fitting rooms with 3 pairs of 3 different sizes, and much to my disappointment, the design and cutting did not suit the disproportionate me! You know, the one where it can fit the waist nicely but a tad too tight on the thigh, and the other one where it fits just nice for the thigh but a tad too loose on the waist… BUMMER!

On a brighter side – RM345 remained saved, aite.. (Oh sod it! I wasn’t too happy. Totally.)

Then I made my move to the next cheer-me-up-will-you department – food! Hehehe.. Thought of indulging myself with some good food, but without a companion, I was fast turned off by the idea.. I mean, what was I thinking? Truth is, I just do not know how to hang out alone.. Huhu..

On a brighter side – some amount of RM remain saved, this time I mean it. Heh. And what do you know, I get to save myself from some calories and fats gain too.. ;)

So feeling totally bored to death, I decided to go back…. not to home, but to office! Yes, you got it right, I drove back to office. My director was still there, so I quickly went into her room and had a discussion with her over the report I was supposed to amend the next morning before we go to the client’s place.. I’m not a morning person, so that was mainly my defense (of going back to office)..

I stayed until 11pm (or so) and made my move back the moment I was done with the report.. My department was already emptied off by then, but since my department is of the same floor with that department handling personal tax, I was not really alone. In view of the 30th April deadline (ahem, are you guys aware about it?? ;P), they will be staying back quite late completing the BE Forms and the relevant supporting documents for their clients.

Hmm, where was I? Oh, making my move back home. I got into the car, and drove real slow along Jalan Mahameru taking my own sweet time.. Listening to one of my favourite radio stations, Hot.FM.. And quickly it came to my attention it was the time for you to sms them for that “Panggilan Hot.FM Masyuk” session.. Basically all you have to do is send sms (provided you’ve registered with Hot.FM first to be able to enter any contest), and if your number got picked, they will call you.. The twist is you need to answer it with “Hot.FM Masyuk”.. not “Hello”, not “Hi”, not anything else.. (I think Hitz.FM also had something like this last time…)

So if they called you, and you picked and answered it correctly with “Hot.FM Masyuk”.. You are one step closer to getting the cash prize offered that time.. Oh, cash prize varies from time to time.. It can be as minimum as RM300, or maximum of.. I don’t know.. I heard someone actually won RM15,200!!! Huhu.. (no, not me..) So, it depends on your luck, really. This contest / game ends as soon as they finish off the whopping RM100,000.. And each cash prize offered is attached with one question to it.. The more (the cash) the harder (the question).. So apart from having to pick up the call with the right answer, you have to get the answer right for the question asked too.. (not so easy for a free cash prize, apparently!!)

Back to where I was.. In the car, on the way back, listening to Hot.FM.. Right.

I simply sms-ed them, without any expectation whatnots. Plus, I didn’t even get the part on what was the cash prize offered. Why, of course I was hoping it was something with 5 digits! *grin*

Reached home, nothing happened. Felt so hungry, luckily Mama brought back home some kuih from Surau.. I munched that while watching TV with Mama.. The next thing I know, my phone rang. It was of the general tone ones (I assigned ring tones to different group of people you see), so I quickly grab my handbag, and took out my phone.. It was from 03-771XXX.. My director whom I just had a discussion with in the office earlier on lived in PJ, so for a moment it occurred to me, there’s no way my director was gonna call me at such late hour aite?? It was 12midnight already.

Seconds later only it hit me, oh, maybe a call from Hot.FM!! (even though I had a slight doubt because takkan la they would want to publish the number kan? I was thinking if they were ever to call, of course they will use a ‘private number’ or something..).

But anyway, I answered it… “Hot.FM Masyuk…?”

And I could hear the DJ’s voice on the other end, “Tahniah Cik Lili@ Edlin@!! Anda pemanggil bertuah malam ini!!!”

Naturally, I shouted in joy and bluntly asked, “How much is the cash offered?! How much is the cash offered???!” Hehehe.. \($_$)/

The DJ said, “Err… okeyyy.. It’s RM700”..

To be truthful, my heart sank a bit *grin* but I said, “Ohh.. its ok.. It’s still a sum of money aite?”…

So we engaged in a small talk for a while, before they threw me the RM700 question – “How many members are there in that band Letto?”.

I was dumbfounded, I mean, WTH??? What band was that???

I said, “Hey.. this question is tough… Not fair!!”

And after dilly dallying a bit, (like as if I had choice) I just picked a number, well my lucky number – 4… (To Farah, do you remember this lucky number thingy we had back in SRKPT?? Hehehe).

Turned out, it was correct!!!! Weeee HooooOoo.. Though they actually tried to trick me a bit by playing with my doubt, you know where they asked you few times.. “Are you sure? You sure its not 6? Or 5? BlaBlaBla”.. I had to admit, I did feel like changing the answer for I thought maybe.. Just maybe.. The DJ might want to hint me or something.. But thank God I sticked to my answer!! =)

So there you go.. The day when everything seemed to go wrong, turned out to be a one night to remember… :) There’s always blessings in disguise, I know!

(I hope no one actually heard me on the radio that night, I sounded so horrible! Hehehe)

OK lah.. Till later k~! Somehow everything seems to flow very well today.. I mean, it's Monday kan?? Hehe.. Had Sakae Sushi for lunch with Oya just now (Thanks so much Oya for the treat!! First time I had so many red plates at one go.. Hehe) and we had Haagen-Dazs for dessert… *I like!!*

What a way to kick off the busy week! =)

Friday, 4 April 2008

The one with... hot.

I woke up quite early this morning, and took my bath.. We didn't have a water heater at home, so I didn't bathe using HOT water.. *shiver*

I had a quick HOT coffee in office for breakfast, before making my move to client's place with my director for a meeting..

And now I just got back from that client's meeting and about to go out for lunch..

Yes the weather was and is still rather HOT but that's not what am going to talk about..

I want to talk about this:

Panggilan masyuk!!

I've been trying my luck since last week, and finally the luck was at my side yesterday night!!!

I will continue this later as I am going out for lunch already. (Hopefully I'll have some time to steal to update the blog). Whatever it is, stay tune k!! *hehehe*

P/S: Here's for more info.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The one with... why oh why...

I guess by now most of us if not all have read the news about her.

Quite a pity eyh? I wonder what has gone into her mind... I used to follow stories about her last time, for I found her to be quite amusing being the math prodigy at a very young age.. But who knows, one proud news after another, has turned to more and more bad news... Who's to blame?

Whatever it is, I really hope for the best of her, it's never too late...

God's bless.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The one with.. my (one of the many) worries of late..

I just got back from Penang yesterday – a day trip was definitely tiring! What’s more I just happened to know only when I touched down in Penang at 8.25am that the junior staff I brought along to help me for the assignment was actually pregnant…! And she had quite a bad morning sickness… Huhu… Had I known she’s in a situation of such, of course I won’t assigned her for the job.. Anyway, thank God everything was still manageable despite the fact that she had to dash to the toilet every now and then to 'entertain' the nausea feeling she had…

Hmm.. it had becoming so increasingly noticeable these days that I had a tendency to fall sick every time I’m tired.. Especially when I travel.. Be it for work, or for holiday... So I’m worried now that am getting older actually having a weak antibody system.. The last time I had my tonsil, the doctor advised me to take some supplements and Vitamin C.. But I don’t know why (I think it runs in the family), I have this idea that its not good to take supplements as you will ‘spoil’ your body system by getting it to ‘rely’ on those supplements.. It’s like once you take supplements you cannot miss them else something might go wrong because you are 'depending' on them already....

What say you eyh?

OK lah.. I have a lot to catch up in office..

Till later k? Now where’s the Strepsils *cough**cough*