Monday, 3 March 2008

The one with... untittled.

The thing about being a silent reader is that you are bound to misunderstanding… You, as a silent reader may misunderstood what I’ve jot down here in my blog… and I myself, as a silent reader may feel equally the same on what you’ve written down in yours.. Ouch!

Hmm.. susah kan? *sigh*

Whatever it is, all I know is never my intention would I want to blurt out some personal attack or something like that (unless it’s being clearly stated, which is more often than not would be some office-related)…. So my advice, tolong la jangan nak unnecessarily terasa hati whatnot on what I've put down here all these while in my blog … I may not have the pure heart of an angel, but definitely I’m not as evil as the devil.. Why would I want to kacau someone’s life who doesn’t kacau mine kan? If I could just mention the number of person(s) who’ve affected my life (as in, kacau)…. That’ll be the two personsonly. (This is the example of what I meant 'clearly stated' - so yes, they are entitled to terasa if they read this as silent readers). Full stop, enough said ek..

On a happier note – Both Kerol and I just entitled ourselves each for a voucher of 3D/2N stay for 2 pax (that's for 4 pax in total yawww) at this one resort in Puncak Indonesia!! Huhu… Sangat happy. That’s the highlight of my weekend.. :)

Alritey, nite2… Esok kerja!!! :(


  1. lilia,

    siapakah? apakah? kenapa mereka nak terasa hati?


    susah nak puaskan hati semua org. so screw it. it's your blog anyway.

    *lama tak komen kat sini. have a nice week!

  2. dalie,

    hehehe guess i was just being defensive out of paranoia...

    at least i've put the caveat you see :P

    anyway, i quote you 'who cares'...! :)

    you too have a nice week ahead.

  3. hi lilia,
    I'm nik, lindzia's frenz..I love to read ur blog..u know why? coz ur words..i can improve my english by reading each n3..thanks..

  4. Hi Nik,

    I'm flattered, thanks :) anyway I myself is still learning to improve my English too.. :P

    Happy reading (and commenting)...!

  5. bestnyer dapat voucher!!! camne dpt? biler nk pegi? nk ikut boleh?

  6. betul betul..

    it's your blog.. and i love your blog!

    ps: sajer nak comment sebab tak moh masuk kategori silent reader :p

  7. Oya,
    Nanti cite cemane dpt.. :) Tapi mcm takleh join jer, sbb its going to be family trip... huhu.

    Thank u thank u!!! :) Hehehe I love your blog too btw eventho I dont normally comment..

    Anyway, bukan nak suruh mane2 silent readers to reveal themselves, cume.. dah name pun silent readers kan, senyap2 jer dah lah ye tak.. takyah la nak judge ke and terasa ke and whatnot and then pegi let it out kat tempat lain pulak.. itu jer my point sebenarnye... =)

  8. wah 7 comments! someone is getting famous around here despite it being a "closed" blog..

  9. hahahaha thanks for making it 8. and its gonna be 9 with my comment now.. :D

  10. lia...ala ignore sajer the "silent readers" tuh..I am one of ur fan. Everyday mesti bukak baca...hahah...

  11. ziez,
    hehehe... keep on reading k! :P

    anyway, bukan nak against the silent readers coz i myself are silent readers too.. cuma macam i've mentioned, don't judge and don't simply make assumptions...