Friday, 21 March 2008

The one with... of a quick update..

Trip to JB overall has been a fun one.. We (my SM and I) worked hard and we played hard too! ;) Pushed off early morning on Wednesday with me driving, and were safely reached at the client’s place in Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate at about 11am.. Kicked off the discussion soon after and it went on up until 9.45pm.. Very tiring, but worth the time spent as all the issues discussed were sorted out by then.. *phew* The annoying part was my tonsillitis has turned into a bad sore throat, I’ve been coughing every now and then to the point of losing the voice! Huhu.. Anyway, client took us out for dinner before we made our move to the hotel.. Then came the good part of the long day, the hotel somehow messed up with the reservation so there’s no standard room available for me.. They apologized by upgrading me to the bigger room at a cost of the standard room rate.. NICE! Just what I need... :)

The next day was a public holiday, we woke up as early as 9am to enjoy the lavish buffet spread for breakfast before making our way to Singapore.. WooHooo.. ;) But the happy mode was fast turned to an unhappy mode as we were so annoyed by the massive traffic congestion at the Johor-Singapore Causeway… The checkpoint was already known for such a mega traffic jam but now with that Mas Selamat case, damn.. it was such a horror! *bugger!* It took us almost 2 hours before we passed the Woodlands Checkpoint area, after which the mode was then totally changed (by default) to cheerful all back again.. =) It was not a public holiday for Singapore, but the Orchard Road was still the busy road as ever.. Well, there’s no sales whatsoever, so we didn’t get to shop much though (just a few only ;p).. And thank God we decided to go back to JB via the Tuas Checkpoint, the traffic wasn’t that bad… So the day was nicely ended, I was more than happy.. :P

Today was spent at another client’s place.. I was a bit disappointed though because my voice still didn’t come out properly (ala2 bapok gitu kata Kerol… cis!) I didn’t get to do the presentation to the client.. So much so for the time spent to prepare the slides huh?! All in all, everything went well and by 1.30pm we made our move back to KL… Again, safely reached in one piece - Alhamdulillah..

Now am alone at home and enjoying every second of it.. :P Erin hasn’t come back from work and Mama has gone to Surau.. Kerol went for one of our friend’s (Hafizah of Gombak 1) wedding at Sime Darby Convention Centre.. I decided not to join for I know I want to have the much needed rest after the travelling.. This sore throat needs to be cured (badly!!) within this weekend, come what may.. I am so sick of feeling like sh*t coughing non stop.. God knows how many Strepsils I've taken.. Huhu.. Speaking of which, Oya called me just now to check out whether am I joining her and Nana for Bibi’s engagement in Sungai Buloh tomorrow.. I think at the rate I'm going (as far as my health is concerned) I might need to give it a pass... *sigh*

OK lah.. It's time for Friendster and Facebook now.. ;)

Till later!

Note 1: To Farah, sorry tak inform kate ade kt JB.. I know I was gonna be all tied up.. But anyway its not like you are in JB any longer kan? ;)

Note 2: To Alin, sorry jugak tak roger2 kate aku nak masuk Singapore.. The same reason applies - I know I was gonna be all tied up and it was a quick trip anyway.. Ya ampun yaaaa *pulling out a cute face like the puss in the boots* NgehNgehNgeh...


  1. maaf diterima .. sbb im no more in jb .. kalau x .............


    jom laa lepak oi ..

  2. hehehehe... aku tau ko memang memang memahami... :P

    anyway, memandangkan everytime kalau aku kt JB aku akan inform ko and try to arrange untuk jumpe n lepak.... this time around you r in my territory, so its gonna be your part to catch me for a hangout...


    i'm waiting! :)

  3. haha think abt that blogging topic we talked abt..interesting..

    u ar..take care..i think hav to upgrade from strepsils la u

  4. yeah, very interesting indeed. see whether i can squeeze in some time or not one of these days.. huhu.

    anyway, i am upgrading from strepsils to.. errr lotsa chocs now... hehehe.. so many available chocs now in the dept.. cannot resist! :P