Monday, 17 March 2008

The one with... my Kuching trip.


Am back from my non-stop Kedah + JB + Kedah + Kuching trips and today at the very right moment I’m at home, feeling sick.. Huhu.. I am so drained out to the point of falling sick.. That shows how fragile I am… *pathetic hah* I’m suffering from that tonsillitis for God knows how many times, thanks to the few drinks of ‘teh 3 lapis’ in Kuching.. :P It’s very nice though, hence irresistible especially when the weather in Kuching was rather hot and sunny during my stay there..

Hoping that all is well the soonest possible for I cannot afford not to go to office tomorrow… Been out of office for 7 days now and being on MC today means I’m left with only one day tomorrow to sort out the necessary before my JB trip on Wednesday till Friday.. (Yeah, another outstation trip..) *sigh*

Anyways, to backtrack a bit… I guess (as far as timing is concerned) I must have missed out to blog about the current happenings here in Malaysia eyh? You know… the election whatnots… and the damn-how-many-A’s-do-kids-nowadays-must-ace-for SPM results… Oh yeah.. not to mention, the nenek & Datuk $iti's elder sis who made it to the AF6 first cut or something.. *like whatever*

So I guess I shall leave the press to cover those hot topics while I can proceed with my own topics aite? *grin*

Hmm tapi kan.. macam malas pulak nak update sebenarnye.. :P I’ve been on the net since 1pm just now - I got started with checking my office emails, then moving on to Friendster, to Facebook, and finally blog-hopping and for all I know before I was about to update my own blog, I’m feeling rather sick of the internet already.. Huhu…

So nanti2 lah ek… Or perhaps with some pictures with short taglines will do, can?

There are no pictures for the Kedah trip mentioned as it was purely a business trip.. (cewah bunyik macam business woman pulak.. :P) And JB trip was a quick one to attend Kerol's friend's wedding..

So most of the pictures am gonna share here would be from my trip to Kuching for Parveen's wedding.. Which means I had to give it a miss for my other bestfriend's important event - Dayana's engagement in Ipoh... *what to do* (To Dayana - I promise I'll be there on ur wedding day ok? Anyway, congrats!! Am sure it was one heck of a beautiful event of yours even without me and some other friends of ours... And to Parveen - don't feel bad ok? To all, you guys reallllly have to attend my wedding nanti ek? Hahahaha.. takde kena mengena...)

So our so called a-truly-Malaysian-rombongan to Kuching took place on Friday 14/3/2008 until Sunday 16/3/2008. Why truly Malaysian? Because the rombongan consists of Eddie & wife Shan (Chinese), Anushia & fiancé Gerard (Indian), Ruben (Chindian), and myself & Kerol (Malay).. And the reason we went to Kuching was to attend Parveen (a Singh + Chinese mix) and Ryan's (Chinese) wedding.. Go figure...! :)

To cut the stories short, here goes enjoy the pictures k...

First day

As evident, just reached Kuching.. :)

Parveen arranged for our stay to be at the Holiday Inn, which situated just across Crowne Plaza (2 mins walking distant) - the hotel where her solemnization ceremony and reception dinner were to be held.

After checked in, we were brought to this seafood place located in Kampung Buntal.. The meal was superb! We ended up with 10 (yummy) dishes altogether - crabs la, prawns la, siput buluh la, calamari la, fish la, so on and so forth, and it costed us only RM250.. *Nice!*

We were scheduled to go to the Sarawak Cultural Village, but due to the long lunch (we actually spent 2 hours for lunch!) we went to the Cat Muzeum instead.. A place err.. how to say.. kira macam kalau tak pergi pun takpe laa... :D And then at about 7.30pm, Ryan & Parveen came to pick us for another round of seafood meal... *burpppppp* Then we were brought to her family's new house, which was damn nice... I didn't take any picture though, was a tad tired by then.. Huhu.

Second day

We woke up quite early in the morning for the wedding ceremony.. It was held in Crowne Plaza..

Kerol & I outside the hall...

Parveen marched in with the dad... She's so beautiful in her wedding dress! :)

"And you may now kiss the bride...." Awwwww.

We are so happy for her!

The newlyweds with Anushia & myself

On the way back to Holiday Inn.. :)

After went back to the hotel, we got changed and went to the Sarawak Cultural Village..

And then coming back, we went for the local dishes 'belacan bihun' and rojak plus ABC, which left us with 1 hour to get ready for the reception dinner.. Huhu..

Third day

Third day was more of a free and easy day.. We met at the lobby at about 9.30am for the Sarawak laksa, Kolo mee (for them non-Muslims) and teh 3 lapis for breakfast, before making our way to the Waterfront to look out for souvenirs.. I didn't shop much as Oya has bought for me a Sarawak tshirt before (ahem, to Oya - so I didn't buy anything for you either for you've been to Kuching before.. :P).. I only bought the fridge magnet and some Sarawak's kek lapis for Mama..

We saw this green lady (yep it's a lady!) in the middle of Waterfront main area.. Scary kan? I wonder what's that for.. Coz nak kate mintak sedekah ke ape takde pulak... Hmmm.

We then packed our stuff and checked out, before Parveen and Ryan came soon after to pick us and brought us to Parveen's house.. We had yet another nice meal for lunch, and were brought to some Sarawak pots 'factories' and also another nice place for the teh 3 lapis before sent to the airport for 7.10pm flight.. I'm so impressed the newlyweds memang 'turun padang' to provide us with such a great hospitality.. Bayangkan they just had their wedding ceremony and dinner the day & night before and going to fly off to Beijing for good the next day, but still squeezed in some time for us... My, thanks so much guys! We appreciate it so much.. It was such an eventful trip (and we were very full too! :P) and you guys looked really beautiful during both the wedding ceremony and reception dinner.. Both events were a success, congrats! Worth the sleepless nights hah Parveen? Hehe.. It's all over now, you must be all relieved!

There are lots more of other pictures actually.. But in essence, that's pretty much about it. Tonight, Parveen & Ryan are going to be in the plane with Parveen's parent, who's going to accompany them to Beijing for the first 10 days to make sure everything is all settled down for their lovely daughter and son-in-law.. And after that, Parveen's life as the lady of leisure (how envy I am! hehehe) begins... To Parveen & Ryan, I wish you guys long life happiness, a blissful marriage, and all the best! Make sure you guys gain back some weights soon... =)

Alritey.. I'm logging off now. Kerol is coming over to visit orang sakit.. *uhuk uhuk* :P

Till later!!


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  2. sama2 kita tunggu kemunculannya!!!! ewaaaaahhhhh :P