Sunday, 2 March 2008

The one with... the middle of the night blah..

Kerol is soooo gona nag if he is to find out that I'm still wide awake and on the net at this hour.. Huhu.. We've kissed goodbyes and goodnights just now, but somehow after spending some time in the toilet, I'm feeling rather refreshed, hence the blogging.. I should be sleeping by now cause tomorrow we are suppose to wake up early to do our long abandoned Sunday morning activity – jogging. But hey, I foresee tomorrow morning KL will be poured down with rain just as it was this morning and past few days… So jogging is a no-no eh? :P We shall see..

Hmm, I’ve blabbered about it once.. and I know it’s very very unethically wrong to compare your fortune with others.. But I’m a normal human being you see, and I just can’t help it from feeling a tad disheartened and envious thinking how fortunate are other people to have what they want with the financial assistance from the parents.. And a tad furious accordingly when they can still complain.. *sigh* Well, enough said.. I should stop here.. I know I should count on my blessings, which I do.. It just that, I’m being normal over here.. You know, the once-in-a-while moment where you are feeling down and blue… Just that. Period.

Ok, moving on.

I was suppose to send my car for service this morning but I overslept.. :P Saturday has become my wake-up late day especially now that weekdays have been very hectic for me.. And this morning my sleep was extra nice as it was being complemented with the heavy rain… It was heaven! :)

Kerol was in office in the morning for some training and the moment he was done at about 1pm, he called me and I went to get ready for an outing with him… Again, something I’d realllllly love to do on weekends, hang out with Kerol if not friends… We went to the Pavillion and something funny happened when we got out of the car… I realised I was actually wearing this one high heel sandal of mine of which I’ve not been wearing for quite some time, only to find out that the heels were broken! Yes, at both sides right and left! Damn, how could I not remember and realise it when I took them out from my shoe rack??!!

Not broken like this you silly. I would have noticed don’t you think?

Its something like this.. (I’m not good with descriptive words I had to google for it for a better illustration… :P)

So the metal thingy was out whenever I walked it made this funny sound ‘ketak.. ketung.. ketak… ketung..’.. And it got stuck at the escalator too.. So embarrassing my sandal was left behind at the escalator (twice!!!), thanks to the uneven surface of the steps.. Bummer. And I almost tripped few times too because without the proper heels the sandal did not have a proper grip anymore… Huhu.. How uncomfortable.

Kerol and I then searched for a cobbler, which surprisingly they have it in the Pavillion and which is not surprisingly they charge a freaking RM17 to replace one broken heel... So two sides means RM34... Crazy! I just have to pay only RM2 – RM5 to those cobblers you can find sitting along the sidewalks of the shop houses.. Ceh. So I told Kerol, I had no choice but to go buy a pair of new shoes / sandals.. (yeay!!).. To which Kerol agreed though he pulled out a baffled face few times saying I purposely wore the broken-heels sandal so that I can get a new ones… Sheeshhh.. (Hmm.. Come to think of it, good idea anyway kan? *grin*)

So after getting a new (nice) pair of shoes for me, we went straight to GSC.. I thought that movie 27 Dresses is out by now but apparently it will be released out only on 27 March, not February.. Hmm.. Nothing else nice to watch so to match it with the timing, we bought the one closest to the time then which was at 4.30pm. The movie Martian Child was at 4.45pm, so we bought the tix, queued up to buy Snickers, corn-in-cup (so nice I never knew they do delivery straight to you in the cinema whenever they can’t get the food prepared there and then) and a drink. I would say, the movie was a bit disappointing.. Anyway, it’s subject to how you view it la kan.. But definitely it’s not Kerol’s and my cup of tea…

After the movie ended, we walked around for a while before my new shoes pulak buat hal.. Adoiii la.. Bugger! Biasa lah kan, kasut baru, kaki melecet la pulak… Luckily the plasters I brought along became a handy in time of need like that, but even then so, it didn’t last for long.. Compared to the pain I got from wearing the new shoes, I’d rather walk with that ketak ketung ketak ketung sandal, so I changed it back to my old sandal and we continued walking out of the Pavillion to go for our place of choice for dinner – The Ship at Jalan Bukit Bintang… Walking had become a bit difficult I had to hold Kerol's arm hard to get a grip.. Huhu.. Thank God the dinner saved the day (I was all grumpy by then with the stupid shoes incident, why.. of course!).. We had a nice meal of a candlelight dinner of sort, and had a really nice time together talking and laughing just about everything… Awwww.

I wanted to have the best for last so we didn’t go anywhere else after dinner.. I was home at about 9pm and had another favourite past time of mine – watching the idiot box, together with Mama..

All in all I had a good Saturday and looking forward for a better Sunday!



  1. "...after spending some time in the toilet, I'm feeling rather refreshed..."

    may i ask what did u do in the toilet? =p

  2. Oya,
    ngaaaaaa things like wash my face and brush my teeth??? :P refreshed whatttt after that... hehehe.