Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The one with... an entry seeking for response(s) ;P

Just a quick question, does anyone knows anything about Sunway Vacation Club? You know, the one where you use points for the hotel stay?

Well, normally I'm not too much bothered for replies.. but for this one question, I really dread for feedbacks, can? Pretty pleaseeeeee..? =)

Oh yeah, I'm hoping to hear for some practical experience about it (rather than the explaination on how does it works yadda yadda yadda..) Like, any setbacks whatnot.. Or, the positive points, hopefully?

Alritey.. That should be all for now.. Am in the middle of a course actually now in Sheraton, huhu. Till later k! And of course, thanking you so much in advance for your comment(s).. If there's any la kan... *hehe*



  1. lilia laling,
    sorryyyy kerana memunahkan harapan kau, koz aku comment jugak, kerana sebenanya aku taktau pasal sunway vacation club. but aku penah register utk sri vacation club. tak penah guna pun servis dia. buang duit je. cuma dia bagi pakej percutian percuma. tapi agak hampeh la jugak. hoho.

  2. dalie daling,
    hahaha mcm tau2 je aku punye harapan mmg menggunung tinggi bile tgk ade 1 comment.. ceh~! :P

    anyway, i kinda expect too not many would know abt this sunway vacation club.. so i'm fine with a zero reply.. :)