Friday, 7 March 2008

The one with... the busy March.. *isk*

I foresee March is so gonna end very fast, as far as I'm concerned..

Just got back from Kedah for a 2 days (Yesterday + Today) field work.. Sangat tired! But it was so pleasantly surprised to find out that Kerol, at a very late notice, had to go to Penang on Friday that we met at the Penang airport just now.. Hehehe.. Whats the odd aite? :P So both my Senior Manager (“SM”) and myself plus Kerol lepak together at Nando’s while waiting for the flight.. We were all kinda tired though so things were pretty much quiet among the 3 of us.. We separated when the time was due - Kerol boarded Air Asia whereas my SM and I boarded MAS.. I managed to get Kerol to take my trolley bag so all I left with was my laptop bag.. *grin* Anyway, luckily Kerol’s flight was not delayed for long (you know… Air Asia – what’s so new kan?), so within half an hour after I reached KLIA, Kerol arrived to pick me.. (He parked his car at LCCT)..

Hmm, you know why I said March is gona pass by so quick for me?

Weekend will be spent in JB to attend Kerol’s friend’s wedding…

Then, I’ll be back in Kedah for 3 days from Monday till Wednesday..

Then, Thursday is gona be one heck of a hectic day in office (which is pretty much expected after being away from office for the 5 days)..

I’ll be on leave on Friday to go to Kuching for Parveen’s wedding.. :) Will spend the weekend with Kerol and another group of friends there, so it will be a mini holiday of sort.. Yeay!

Then, the week after I’ll be in JB for 3 days work..

And there you go, by the time I come back to office it’s towards the end of March already… which in a way, again its time for payday!!! :D (the attempt to comfort ownself that nevermind the busy March..)

Okie dokie.. Most probably I won’t have the luxury of time to update the blog for the next couple of days, or perhaps weeks.. So, I shall leave the blog with the above update of mine...


Note: Selamat mengundi yawww! *singing* - Mari lah mariiii... Pergi mengundiiii.. Jalankan kewajipan.. pada negaraaaaa... :)


  1. kalau dah jodoh, di airport bertemu jua... hehe...

  2. aku dah blah dr jb rajin plak kau nk dtg jb selalu-selalu yaaaa ....

  3. Alan,
    Hehehe.. tu lah kan... *blush*

    Alahhh.. normal ape every year mesti aku ade pergi JB.. ni baru masuk 2008 baru kali ni aku pegi JB tau...