Saturday, 29 March 2008

The one with... bits and pieces..

1. Things have been pretty busy in office of late.. hence the silence.

2. Seems like everyone knows nuts about that Sunway Vacation Club.. (much to my disappointment! huhu..)

3. I'm so worried about my losing ability (and will) to maintain my weight... On a second thought, scratch that word maintain. I need to LOSE weight already la damn it.. Huhu.. When I'm stress, I tend to indulge.. Likewise when I'm happy... Go figure!!! Do you know that when I first came to the firm am working in now I was only 43kg? *sigh* It's 4 yrs++ down the road now, and I'm struggling (HARD) not to let it exceeds 50kg.. It's not easy peasy now that I don't really exercise... So I'm relying heavily on the eating pattern.. Anyway, it's a good thing that recently Kerol has been worrying about his also.. ;P We went to gym (for the first time!) last Tuesday and we are going for swimming later... (please, rain rain go away will you). I hope this will continue for the rest of the weeks of the year.. :)

4. Despite the busyness, I managed to squeeze in some time with Kerol to watch movies.. My opinion --> Gone Baby Gone sucks. Horton Hears A Who is hilarious. Spiderwick is wickedly awesome. 27 Dresses is a bit of a slow pace kind, but overall a sweet and nice chick flick. Water Horse is so-so, but entertaining enough to make my eyes glued on the screen throughout.

5. I never knew there will be so much hiccups to organise a family trip (of two ;p).. Selagi accommodation cannot be confirmed we cannot proceed with the booking of flight ticket.. Sigh.. Both Kerol & I have been scrutinizing the Air Asia website like monitoring shares prices for the past 1 week..

6. Is it really true getting engaged is important as it serves as a test of sort to both of the couple in terms of the commitment wise? Yes? No? (Coz we don't plan to, you see - save budget maaaa.. :P)

7. Teringin sotong bakar laaaa... sedapnye!

Pic: Sotong bakar I had at Jalan Bellamy some time ago... *drool*

OK lah.. I guess that's all I have for now..

Till later~!


  1. Lia,

    Nice pic of sotong bakar. Wanna have one later. He he...

    About the weight, I understand how you feel sebab our working conditions yang busy tak tentu pasal cause us less time to spend on exercsining and such.

    Ynag paling penting is you sihat and takder penyakit kay.

    Take care, babe....muah...

  2. lilia laling,
    u look great the way you are. i think macam tak ada masalah weight pun? oh well, who am i to know better rite. we women does that all the time. anyway, it's good that u hv joined the gym, plus ada org teman lak tu! so mesti best. nak mengharapkan buat sendiri sorg2 tak dapek la. i should know this. that's y aku join kelas. kena ada org bambu baru boleh.

    anyway, tu la, kesian korg bz bebeno. hope u'll find more time for yourself!

    uhm, betul2 tunang cam membazir je..hehehe

  3. hahah the sotong picture very da familiar eh?

    aiyah exercising aint struggling to keep my weight and i actually go to gym!

  4. Lia,

    getting engaged is not necessary actually + membazir (kalau buat besar2an laa ..) if my boy stays around me, im not going to think of getting engaged. but having pjj(percintaan jarak jauh) needs me to get engaged -> to have secure & steady relationship. anyway, enggaged period is the best time to know each other better + finds wether he is the one to spend the rest of your life with :) (trust me!) btw, engagement can be the save budget one .. family-family + a ring will be sweet enough :)

  5. Finally i can access your blog!!! Yeeehaaaa!!! I miss the sotong.....eeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Hi Zie,
    Not only the pic looks nice, the taste is also damn nice!! :) Anyway, thanks for the words of comfort.. you too, take care k?

    Dalie daling,
    Hmm maybe weight is not so much of the problem, but i want to have a toned up bod, u know flat tummy n all?? huhu.. :P anyway gym tuh aku tak join pun, we went to the one that has pay-per-use facilities.. its RM5 per entry, not bad kan? but to have a routine is a bit troublesome, as far as my work is concerned... *sigh*

    tu lah.. mcm membazir kan...

  7. Joe,
    Hahaha duh! it's from my phone, of course looks familiar... =) ok ok i know, the credit goes to you... you snapped the pic so what? eheh. we so must go there for lunch one of these days..

    Speaking from experience huh? Anyway thanks for your input.. tengok lah, maybe kecil2an will do....kot? :D Takde lah, am just being concerned now that people say its a good thing to get engaged so that it will sort of prepare you what it feels like to be 'committed'.. so mcm tkde la cultural shock sangat when get married.. anyway, whatever it is.. we shall see.. when the time comes, it comes.. :)

    Yeayyyyieee finally! :) chehhhh miss the sotong.. what laa.. what abt me! what about me! what about SMT... huahuahuahua

  8. I miss you... off course.. but i miss smt the most... buahahahhaha