Sunday, 17 February 2008

The one with.. what is life without stress huh.

Saya sangat stress.

Kerja banyak.

My mom was not at home during the weekend, so it was only Erin and myself. She went to Kelantan and Terengganu with her rombongan Cik Kiah. Which means I could have taken the advantage untuk berjoli katak balik rumah at any time I want like no one's business.

But like I said, saya sangat stress. Kerja banyak.

I was in Kedah on Friday for a day trip to my client's place. Which was one heck of a tiring trip. Sebagai seorang yang terpaksa obliged to the fact that there's a curfew at home, saya terasa ingin rebel (oh how immature). Maka eventhough it was a tiring trip on that Friday, after touched down at KLIA at about 8pm and took ERL to KL Sentral where Kerol was waiting for me, saya telah mengajak Kerol untuk melayan midnight movie - we watched that movie Jumper. Was a nice movie, but could have been better.. Like something was missing. Tak cukup ummph. But Hayden Christensen the Darth Vader sangat yummy! :P Anyway, saya sudah tua gamaknye (memang dasar tak sedar diri), I felt so tired and sleepy after the movie so I went back home at about 2am walaupun kononnya plan asal nak melepak kat mamak sampai lebam.. (cita2 yang sangat tinggi due to the restricted freedom given and suddenly the available opportunity.. Haha). Erin lagi melampau, balik pukul 5.30am. (Kepada jiran2 yang membace, tolong lah jangan report kat Mama. Kami bukannye balik 2-3 pagi untuk pergi berdisco ke berdangdut ke isap dadah ke merompak ke etc etc etc. So tak payah nak sibuk2 jadi mat and minah pot).

And I had another series of things to do over the weekend - to go for MRSM Taiping reunion at Novotel, to go hang out with Tazz, to go for a steamboat dinner with Aja, Karim & Oya at Sunway, to go for a wedding with Kerol, and to play paintball with Kerol and our other Gombak friends at Taman Harmonis.

But like I said, saya sangat stress. Kerja sangat banyak.

Ended up doing only one thing - went to the reunion, which was slightly a mistake as the turnout was a bit poor. I would say, the effort to inform everyone about the reunion was poorly done. Anyway, who am I to say.. It's never easy to be the event organizer. Nevertheless, I had a good time meeting up with some of my ex-classmates (Fadz, Aizat & Syahriman) and also ex-schoolmates who are now my blogger friends (Dalie daling and Niesa) :) Of course, there were some others who I regularly met like Iema, Karim, Oya and Munir.. That, I didn't have to mention.. but I just did.

I had to ditch the other plans and opt to spend time in office instead. Like right now.

Saya sangat stress. Kerja sangat banyak. Mama is back tonight.

I'm going to Kedah again for the next 2 days.

Till later.


  1. no worries about the paintball... there will be next time


    all the best on ur work and also the presentation

    chayoo..!!!! chayoo...!!!

  2. saya sangat stress. di site baru. mentaliti ya allah, tolong la pakcik... :(

  3. s0ulz dear,
    thanks so much! *hugs* :)

    you hang in there k!!