Friday, 22 February 2008

The one with... what is life without sighing hah.

Sigh.. Sigh.. Sigh..

It has been a busy week.. Been working my ass off like nobody's business.. And come Friday, I've gone kookoo already.. Anyway, I can at least now have some moment to breath... Did I say at least for now?

I've rewarded myself just now by having lunch at Sakae Sushi (yummy!) and I'm going to reward myself again tonight.. Kerol is now on the way to fetch me, we are watching Vantage Point later.. Can't wait!!! I really really realllllly need to let loose this weekend.. Work hard, play harder that is.. *grin*

Anyway... am counting days for this:

It's my bestfriend's wedding! Aren't they look soooo sweet?

I've never been to Kuching before.. So it's definitely gonna be a mini holiday.. Nice.

Intermission: Saje2 nak letak gambar kenangan dengan Parveen dulu2 when she was still in KL and working together with me (*isk!*) sementara nak tunggu Kerol datang..

Oh ok.. Kerol is here.. that's all I have for now.. Till next time yawww~!

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