Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The one with... some insignificant blablabla...

For the past 2 weeks, there wasn’t even a single day I’ve gone through without being made known of the news that a (one after another) friend is getting hitched. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy for my friends, that’s for sure. BUT… there’s nothing wrong too right, for me to get (a bit) freaked out at the same time? Yes? No? Huhu..

And it's so hard to express this feeling to other people around me too because when it comes to this kind of matter.. you know.. either (1) Kerol will feel the unnecessary pressures.... or (2) I'll make those people who doesn't even have a partner / whose relationship are on the rocks / who is in a relationship without any direction, feel sad... or (3) I'll make those who are so happy that they are taking the next big step in a relationship feel bad by telling me their good news... or (4) I'll make Mama nags "haa tu lah... Lia ni bila lagi? tunggu lama2 buat ape.... yadda yadda yadda..."

On a totally unrelated note, how do you describe ‘ngilu’ in English eh? I can’t think of the right word except by telling people “you know, its that feeling you get when you hear the sound of forks and knives screeching on the plate”.. And heck that’s too long.

In view of the coming Valentine’s day, I am soooo looking forward to…. to watch the final episode of Amazing Race Asia! And the continuation of Grey’s Anatomy too!! (What were you thinking?)

Anyway, I found that this is rather funny, and cute too…

American Stationery
Dear kerol,
My love for you is like a blue 2005 Myvi. Your hands fills my dreams and makes me feel like we are two very different people, too much to overcome, till two hearts meet together.... When I first saw you at NZ my insides were like marshmallow with chocolate. I cannot live without the knowledge of your being quiet all of sudden coloring my life. I love you more than ashton kutcher and would give up blusher just to watch you play bejewelled for eternity.
Deepest Love,
I created this Valentine's Day mad lib at American Stationery, and you can too!

(I've amended a bit on the "Dear kerol" part and "Deepest Love, lilia" part because it actually requires you to put the nicknames... Our nicknames for each other are rather vomit-blood provoking.. :P) Try it for yourself! :)

Alritey, that's all for now..


  1. I love this mad libs creator! Thanks!

  2. saper menang TARA?

    huhuhu :p

  3. Elizabeth (who?),
    Hi! Glad u liked it.. Enjoy! :)

    Hehehe.. yeah funny aite.. :)

    Sadly, the Singapore team.. huhu.. the Malaysian girls went second and Philippine boys (surprisingly) went third.. Anyway, I'm taking it from a positive view.. Kalau Malaysia menang lagi, mesti sume pun kutuk something is wrong with TARA coz asyik2 Malaysia menang.. hehe.. So, I am settled with the results.. :)