Monday, 11 February 2008

The one with... post CNY break...

I just got back from lunch, had sushi at Sooka Sentral with my colleagues Jean and Anushia.. And now am back at my work place, feeling rather sleepy.. The thing is, I'm all full of mojo to do work you see... Haihhhh... It's so hard to fight with this sleepiness.. especially when I have vowed to cut down my caffeine intake… :( I couldn’t really get into a proper sleep yesterday night… Been tossing and turning until 3am as far as I can remember… Don’t know why.. Must be the overdose sleeps during the long break, coupled with a disturbing mind… :-/ I've been on a sleep-late-wakeup-late mode for the past few days... Hmmm.

I foresee I will need to stay back later.. There’s a draft report to be sent out to client by today, but my director hasn’t finished reviewing it.. So, by the time I have the discussion with him on the draft report, say by 3 or 4pm later, I’m sure I will have to spend another extra 2 – 3 hours to do the amendments… *sigh* On another positive note, I can take the opportunity to get other things done too.. Whatever it is, I’m striving to finish whatever necessary for today, as maximum as I can, for tomorrow is going to be a laid back day! There’ll be a one full day training session, to be held at the Sheraton Imperial.. Yeay! That’s the driving factor for today. . *wink* After all, I’m having a pretty much dreadful CNY break hangover… So the off-site training comes just at the perfect time… =)

Oya is back from her trip to London and Paris.. She came down to my place just now (she’s at the 9th floor while I’m at 8th) and I envy her so much after listening to her holiday experience… Huhu.. (and I’m feeling happy for her too, of course…) She bought for me this one cool t-shirt, which I like it so much… Thanks Oya!! :)

OK lah.. It's end of lunch hour... Till later! *yawn*


  1. We missed u there and i'm glad u like the t-shirt

  2. i saw the boy version of the t shirt around in kl b4 a couple of years ago haha..

    dont worry there will be another chance to london, im sure