Friday, 29 February 2008

The one with.. the normal TGIF!!! feeling... :)

I just got back from lunch with Oya at Zen restaurant in Sooka Sentral. My mojo and energy are kinda all drained out already from the crazy and hectic past few days at work. Work work work. *vomit blood* There’s nothing new about work so I don’t intend to blog about it any further.

On a totally unrelated note, came across this quiz ‘What's Normal About You... And What's Not?’ on the net and here’s my result:

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 60% normal on this quiz.

Like most people you are normal in some ways...

But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

- If given the choice, you would choose to have more money over more time

- You think fishnet stockings are trashy

- You eat the frosting first

- You think glasses can make someone more attractive

- You would rather be pale than tan

Why You Aren't Normal:

- You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

- You would not eat meat from a cloned animal

- You prefer the moon to the sun

- You'd rather have cockroaches than rats in your home

- You find the Chicken Dance to be the more embarrassing dance

Yeah like, whatever... *roll eyes*

I just can’t wait for the weekends to come. Though no specific plans ahead, as long as ‘going to office and do work’ is not in the list, I am all excited!

Next topic.

Coming 8 March is going to be the second time I cast my vote as a proud Malaysian.. Yeah I am a registered voter but to be truth, I know nuts about politics.. Huhu. So lame hah? I don’t know why but it’s just so freaking hard for me to read and appreciate information about politics and whatnots. I’ve tried, but the feelings are akin to studying history. I feel it’s very taxing, like there’s the need to study and memorise else the information will just come and go within seconds. You can ask me questions the moment I finished reading about politics only to find out the blur sotong look on my face.

So, what’s the point aite? (on my defense, of course).

Sometimes I feel so retarded or something because not only I feel like that towards politics, but towards many other things including business and economics issues too. I hate reading business magazines or economic sections in newspapers or watch the news on TV albeit these are part of my field of work. Ironic eh?

Let me share my interview blunders.. (be prepared to learn about the un-intelligent side of me.. Huhu)

My first ever interview (being interviewed before being accepted as part of the Dunkin Donuts staff is besides the point) was the one I had with the current audit firm I’m working in. One of the big 4, they always say.

I was still in my final semester at that point in time. After successfully passed the first stage where I had to do an essay, a presentation, and few other tests and a mini interview with the HR people, I was then called in for the second time interview few weeks later. So my interviewer then was apparently one of the partners, the big boss in my current department. Being the naïve (and perhaps a bit stupid) me, this is how I answered to his few questions:

Boss: So, do you read?

Me: Yes, I do..

Boss: OK, tell me more..

Me: I read text books… (HAHAHAHA BODOH KAN???)

Boss: OK, I know you are still a student, but what about other materials like magazines?

Me: Oh.. I do.. I love to read Cleo… (SUCH A BIMBO, I know!!! :P)

Boss (looking like he wants to kill himself already): No no no.. I’m talking about things like business magazines.. Ok tell you what, name me 5 business magazines or newspapers that you know of.

Me: Hmm.. Times.. The Edge.. Err.. that’s all I know..

There were few other questions he asked only to receive such silly answers from me. But hey, I no stooopid ok.. Look where I am now. Yeah, apparently the boss admired my honesty.. See, honesty is the best policy! :) (Trust me I'm still a laughing stock whenever my colleagues talk about fresh-grad interview blunders, oh well...)

And there were times during my first few months in the department I was called in to his room where he would ask me questions on the current happenings in the business industry. Like any business mergers, increased oil price, share price, impact of avian-flu on KFC and whatnots.

Even then so, that did not change the way I view business news. *sigh*

Why is it so easy to follow and absorb information on the local and overseas entertainment industry eh? :P

OK lah.. I better get back to work.. 2 more hours to kill, I'm meeting Alin and Dayana tonight... Maybe la, am not sure cause it's a last minute thing.. Whatever it is, can't wait!


  1. hahahahahahahahahahhaahahahah
    very funny the interview part


  2. my heart & s0ulz,
    :D oh well i was once young and naive.. but that doesnt mean i'm now old and wiser... :P

  3. OMiGOD...u actually answered those for a PWC interview?

    HAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA...lilia is soooo cuteeee!!!!

    i bet u must've aced in uni like they take ur cute answers as ones that came out from the mind of a genius, and should be highly respected.

    or maybe they must've thought that since the cute answers came from a genious, they must have double-brainy meaning that only ppl with low IQ wud take it as a lame n funny one.

    hahaha lilia.tersangat comeL.

  4. Alin gorjes,
    Hey, those cute answers (so you thought) were the few among the many other smart answers I gave my boss okey... Kalau tak, takde mase nye diorg nak terima aku masuk situ.. Hehehe..

    Oh yeah, to clarify, no I did not ace in uni like mad laaa.. sedang2 ajaaaa... :)

  5. Alin gorjes,

    Nak tambah lagi, that was a nice way of looking at things that happened you put there.. thanks, I feel flattered :) xoxoxo.