Monday, 4 February 2008

The one with... life goes on...

Hi am back!

Thank you all for the thoughtful wishes. And so sorry I wasn't able to update you personally (this statement is applicable more likely for those who's close to / is around me) on the news that I was admitted to hospital.

Not that it really matters, but what happened was, I was down with bad fever on the Thaipussam day. And even after I visited the doctor and had a proper medication, the fever went on and off, but never better, for 5 days in a row. It worried me sick as not only I had a high temperature, I was all weak too and hence, was not able to do work at all, or even go out with Kerol / friends for that matter.

Second visit to the doctor didn't help much as all I got was a prescription to the stronger antibiotics. So, I called the number stated on my insurance card and asked which hospital it covers for a medical check-up and I went to the nearest one to my house - Hospital Pantai Indah ("HPI") at Pandan Indah. I was a bit dissapointed though as AIA does not cover for those 2 much nearest hospitals - Gleneagles or Ampang Puteri.

Anyway, so Kerol brought me straight to HPI. I got myself checked-up and the doctor said I needed to be admitted on the 'suspect dengue' ground. I didn't buy that because I just didn't feel like I was having dengue, but Kerol said who am I to argue. So they took sample of my blood and put me on drip..

- sample pic for illustration purposes -

Within one hour, the result of my blood test was out - my red blood platlet level was ok, but my white blood platlet was not, and I was dehydrated too. The doctor was not satisfied as dengue was ruled out, so he said I needed to be admitted still as he wanted to carry out further test..

The next day I went for an xtray test, and not long after that the doctor came to me with the result. He said I had a minor lung infection, whatever that was la kan.. So there I was, staying in the hospital for the next four days.. I would say, not really a good experience.. Huhu.. I stayed in the 4 bedded room.. I didn't know it until I was discharged that my company's insurance actually covers for the 2 bedded room... bummer. Mom stayed overnight with me only on the first day as she wanted to check out on how things like for me there in the hospital. I told her not to stay for the next 4 nights as I myself wasn't comfortable, hence couldn't sleep well seeing her sleeping on the chair. So I said, for the best of the two of us, might as well she didn't stay overnight with me.

Anyway, I'm all a-ok now. But not 100% ok la cause I don't really feel 'fresh', you know.. Like still weak to some extend. I am still on medication and there'll be a follow up check up tomorrow. So we shall see how.

As for now, there's a lot to catch up back in office! Till then....


  1. thank god nothing too least glad to know u still had the energy to queue at J&Co..

  2. Lia, good to hear that ur okay odey. Take care

  3. Joe,
    Hahaha.. yeah, i still havent been able to regain my appetite yet though... huuuu.

    Thanks dear... :)

  4. LILIA!
    i miss you, glad you are ok now :)

  5. Tu la lilia.. dari dulu tak suke minum air..kan dh dehydrated.

    minum air banyak2 lepas ni tau..kalau tak suka..campur dgn ribena.baaaarulaH seDaPpp!

    (speaking fr experience)

    p/s:drinking lotsa water wont make ur tummy bloat.u'll just FEEL bloated.n it's just for a while.sebab lps minum kita akan selalu pergi toilet :)

  6. Dalie daling,
    Thanks! :)

    Drpd campur dgn ribena, baik minum ribena terus! hehehehe.. anyway, aye aye.. lesson learnt! Thanks dear for that words of advise.. xoxoxo.