Saturday, 9 February 2008

The one with... fly kite for the second time :)

This was my first time.. :)

Today, I woke up quite late... Nothing was in plan or anything, so I had nothing in particular to do.. Had my late breakfast while watching the The Amazing Race Asia marathon on AXN.. I can't wait for next week, it's kinda predictable though who's gonna win TARA this season, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed hopefully the Malaysian all-girl team will ace again this time... :) You know I just can't help it from imagining how things like if I were to enter the race with Kerol... hehehe.. :P but seriously, I thought of downloading the form after Kerol gave his OK to my idea.. But when the other day I had a chat with another TARA fan from office who had done that before with her sister, I got kinda turned-off after listening how detailed things need to be done.. i.e. its not merely filling in form kind of thing... The procedure requires a lot more than that… So in the end, I guess I’ll just remain as a fan… :)

Anyway, while watching the show, Mama suddenly suggested to play kite in the evening.. She said we can ‘kidnap’ Alip & Firdaus and get them to tag along as well.. I was a bit excited with Mama’s brilliant idea so immediately I sms-ed Alip’s and Firdaus’s mothers… Alip’s mom said OK, but Firdaus couldn’t make it as he’s in Cherating with his family… So at about4.30pm, myself and Papa, Mama, Ajim and Alip made our way to Taman Metropolitan in Kepong… Erin couldn’t join as she was out with her boyfriend Faiz.. I mean, this playing kite activity came a bit sudden also, so she can’t really join anyway..

All in all, I had a really good time flying kite… I got so tired from running and especially from laughing, seeing how excited Alip was.. :) It's so cute to see him running and 'chasing' the kite...

Let’s get the pictures say it all ya…

OK lah.. I'm making way for Erin to use the laptop pulak.. Till later!


  1. hehe. teringat masa kecik2 main layang2 50 sen... good stuff.

  2. ye ke.. 50 sen je? huh the other day we bought the kite with the spiderman design, amek ko.. sepuluh hengget... huhu.