Monday, 25 February 2008

The one with.. final weekend of February 2008..

It feels like as if it was just yesterday we welcomed 2008... How fast time flies hah?

March is approaching soon, and it’s gonna be one heck of a busy month for me.. (but then again, since when I have a non-busy month? I digress) My schedule is quite pack, with few outstation trips I’m feeling so dragged on just by the thought of it and a trip to Kuching I’m sooo looking forward to.. I’d better go with the cliché now – you win some you lose some bebeh! One plus point, the Kuching trip is happening after that few outstation trips – which means I get to bersusah2 dahulu, berjoli2 kemudian.. I like! :)

Anyway, back to the current.. As in, now.. 1.45am.. Yeah, am still awake and blogging… One thing for sure, I’m not in the office ya.. Am at home.. Had an early day today I got so tired I ended up falling asleep at about 9.30pm just now.. I normally need at least 4 hours of sleep to make sure that I don’t get up feeling all cranky the next day and true enough, my eyes suddenly went wide open at about 1.30am just now. I got rather confused in the beginning, it took me a while to realise no, I’m not late to work.. (damn I hate Monday, it makes me sleep the night before thinking about nothing but work.. it’s a pre-Monday blues syndrome of sort.. and heck that fits perfectly for PMS too if you follow my flow..).

So after it hit me on the head that it’s not 7 in the morning yet, I woke up and got myself cleaned.. Again, I slept with my contact lenses… that’s bad, I know!! I then went downstairs to do my ironing and went back upstairs only to find out streamyx is back to business, on a full swing mode!! *grin* So its like bad thing (woke up in the middle of the night) turns good thing (I get to surf the net, especially the websites I can’t go in via office network), which I reckon gonna turn rather bad thing back again for I foresee I will get back to sleep only at 3 something later (I shall stick to that time limit!) which means I’m not sure whether I can wake up on time for work or not later.. (Fingers crossed, I can!!).

Whatever it is, am so gonna continue with this entry.. come what may.. Thee hee hee.

SO.. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I really want to enjoy my weekend, for the last one was mostly spent in office. (Bummer). And surely I did, I just had one freaking laidback and nice weekend! :)

If I were to go back to Saturday (flashback a-la Vantage Point – the movie is nice!!), I had a realllllllly good rest. Heck, good is such an understatement, I would say, it’s one great rest I had that day. I didn’t do anything, let just say, I just woke up pretty late… :P In the evening I went to Taman Metropolitan (again) with Kerol, we played kite for a while before decided to just take a stroll around the park.. Ala2 romantik gitu.. Hahaha. I didn’t do go out that night but just rest at home having a good tv session with Mama while having durian.. Nice aite! :P And she made me watch that ok-la-not-so-scary Thailand movie ‘Haunted Spirit’ at Astro Kirana channel (am not a fan of horror movies, thank you) which resulted in me sleeping only at 3am..

However, as I’ve said in the beginning, I had such an early day today.. As agreed, Kerol picked me at about 10.45am and off we go to Famie & Muni’s place.. Thank God, I thought I was late but apparently Oya and Karim haven’t arrived yet… *phew* (who says I can’t wake up early on weekends?).. Actually the meet up was supposed to be for us girls only (Muni, Oya, myself, Irna and Has) but due to some prior commitments, Has and Irna couldn’t make it.. Looks like our “AGM” is adjourned until to a much later yet-to-be-fixed date hah? The last one was held in late December 2007.

Had a good Sunday morning eating nasik lemak with them, reading newspapers, and chit-chatting (oh yeah, forgot to announce – Muni is 5 week pregnant!! \(^_^)/), we waited until Melodi to end before both Oya & Karim and Kerol & I made our move.. As planned, Kerol and myself headed straight to Sunway Pyramid.. I’ve never been there since they opened the new wing, so saje je la nak pergi tengok.. Was supposed to meet Tina at some point of the day though for I haven’t get my materials yet from her for her wedding day, but I’m not sure what happened, she didn’t pick up my call.. Anyway, after wandering around for a while, we ended up at TGV (nothing much to do, as in, shopping :P it’s end of the month we are pretty broke by now!) and we watched this movie ‘Dan In Real Life’.. Was a tad boring, the storyline was kinda slow and very much predictable. Had KFC (Kerol tiba2 teringin) for our late lunch plus early dinner, tapao-ed Jco Donuts (remind me of which I have 4 donuts left in the kitchen, hmmm :P), and made our way back home…

So, that’s pretty much about it.. A very laidback weekend I feel so dreadful now it has reached its end! (+_~)

Till later…



  1. babe,
    i takde kedit semalam..masa u call i tak dgr... sowwy..malam ni free? i'll send the kain to your mcmane?

  2. meh sini saye berkongsi akan masa cik lilia edlina nih bgn pada hari sabtu hr tuh....

    PUKUL 4 PETANG !!!!

    so, kalo tk cukup laid back agi tatau lah nak ckp mcm mane

    =P haha~
    sure kena marah nih kjap agi

  3. Tina,
    Thanks for the effort to come all the way to my house for the kain! :) The colour is very the nice, i like!

    s0ulz mengong,
    elehhhh... tak kesah la bangun pukul berape kan... gf sape laaaa ni??? huahuahua.