Friday, 8 February 2008

The one with... CNY break..

First of all.. I would like to wish all my Chinese friends.. a very Happy Chinese New Year.. May Stuart Little brings you comfort, Mickey Mouse brings you joy, Ratatouille brings you abundance of good food, and finally, Minnie Mouse brings you ultimate beauty and pleasure! :) (CNY msg courtesy of Ms Parveen, xiexie ni.. hehe)

The CNY break is a bless, I shouldn’t complain, I know… but I'm kinda bored when Kerol has gone back to his kampung in Kuantan, and most friends are not in KL, and streamyx is down at home, and there’s nothing interesting to watch even on E! Channel.. Those attention-grabbing countdowns are kinda repetitive; I’ve watched them all during my sick leave the other day…

So here I am hanging out at the nearest Starbuck, i.e. at the GE Mall to surf internet, alone.. Kinda pathetic, but I like it.. hehe.. Enjoying my raspberry frappucino with a fast internet (free) connection, and most important, a time on my own… :P

Yesterday was spent with family, we went to Mid Valley to watch that Malay movie Cuci.. Despite of some negative review around, I must say, the movie was not so bad… Very light and yet entertaining.. and kinda creative too.. I couldn’t help it from wondering how does Hans Isaac feels when he watch again the scene he had with Erra huh? Especially when he said his line about fire and matchstick… Hans must have been very strong, I salute him.. Oh well, whatever it is, way to go Hans! Keep it up the good work :) (macam la dia bace blog aku)

Oh yeah, have you watched that Meet the Spartans movie? A must watch I would say, hehehe.. For a laughing sake, seriously.. But that's provided you've watched the 300 movie, then you'd be able to appreciate the jokes.

OK lah… I want to go check out my long neglected Friendster and Facebook… Hmm, talking about Facebook, there’s this one dude I accidentally accepted as friends… (I don’t like to entertain strangers, thank you very much) and he’s been trying to add me in Yahoo Messenger too (based on the information disclosed in my Facebook profile). But I kept on rejecting until just now he msg-ed me asking why I rejected him. So I asked, “Who’s this?”.. To which he replied “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you”… So, I replied politely telling him that I don’t like to entertain strangers, and that I have accidentally accepted him as friends in Facebook, in the hope he would understand and buzz off… Well, the conversation was ended up with him telling me off saying how I make simple things become complicated laaa, that everyone in this world is a stranger until we know each other la, so on and so forth blablabla… One word: DUH!!! Ntah pape kan.. (Hmm, I actually have some points to elaborate about this, but suddenly I lost my chain of thoughts... huhu)

Alritey… till later k!