Friday, 29 February 2008

The one with.. the normal TGIF!!! feeling... :)

I just got back from lunch with Oya at Zen restaurant in Sooka Sentral. My mojo and energy are kinda all drained out already from the crazy and hectic past few days at work. Work work work. *vomit blood* There’s nothing new about work so I don’t intend to blog about it any further.

On a totally unrelated note, came across this quiz ‘What's Normal About You... And What's Not?’ on the net and here’s my result:

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 60% normal on this quiz.

Like most people you are normal in some ways...

But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

- If given the choice, you would choose to have more money over more time

- You think fishnet stockings are trashy

- You eat the frosting first

- You think glasses can make someone more attractive

- You would rather be pale than tan

Why You Aren't Normal:

- You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

- You would not eat meat from a cloned animal

- You prefer the moon to the sun

- You'd rather have cockroaches than rats in your home

- You find the Chicken Dance to be the more embarrassing dance

Yeah like, whatever... *roll eyes*

I just can’t wait for the weekends to come. Though no specific plans ahead, as long as ‘going to office and do work’ is not in the list, I am all excited!

Next topic.

Coming 8 March is going to be the second time I cast my vote as a proud Malaysian.. Yeah I am a registered voter but to be truth, I know nuts about politics.. Huhu. So lame hah? I don’t know why but it’s just so freaking hard for me to read and appreciate information about politics and whatnots. I’ve tried, but the feelings are akin to studying history. I feel it’s very taxing, like there’s the need to study and memorise else the information will just come and go within seconds. You can ask me questions the moment I finished reading about politics only to find out the blur sotong look on my face.

So, what’s the point aite? (on my defense, of course).

Sometimes I feel so retarded or something because not only I feel like that towards politics, but towards many other things including business and economics issues too. I hate reading business magazines or economic sections in newspapers or watch the news on TV albeit these are part of my field of work. Ironic eh?

Let me share my interview blunders.. (be prepared to learn about the un-intelligent side of me.. Huhu)

My first ever interview (being interviewed before being accepted as part of the Dunkin Donuts staff is besides the point) was the one I had with the current audit firm I’m working in. One of the big 4, they always say.

I was still in my final semester at that point in time. After successfully passed the first stage where I had to do an essay, a presentation, and few other tests and a mini interview with the HR people, I was then called in for the second time interview few weeks later. So my interviewer then was apparently one of the partners, the big boss in my current department. Being the naïve (and perhaps a bit stupid) me, this is how I answered to his few questions:

Boss: So, do you read?

Me: Yes, I do..

Boss: OK, tell me more..

Me: I read text books… (HAHAHAHA BODOH KAN???)

Boss: OK, I know you are still a student, but what about other materials like magazines?

Me: Oh.. I do.. I love to read Cleo… (SUCH A BIMBO, I know!!! :P)

Boss (looking like he wants to kill himself already): No no no.. I’m talking about things like business magazines.. Ok tell you what, name me 5 business magazines or newspapers that you know of.

Me: Hmm.. Times.. The Edge.. Err.. that’s all I know..

There were few other questions he asked only to receive such silly answers from me. But hey, I no stooopid ok.. Look where I am now. Yeah, apparently the boss admired my honesty.. See, honesty is the best policy! :) (Trust me I'm still a laughing stock whenever my colleagues talk about fresh-grad interview blunders, oh well...)

And there were times during my first few months in the department I was called in to his room where he would ask me questions on the current happenings in the business industry. Like any business mergers, increased oil price, share price, impact of avian-flu on KFC and whatnots.

Even then so, that did not change the way I view business news. *sigh*

Why is it so easy to follow and absorb information on the local and overseas entertainment industry eh? :P

OK lah.. I better get back to work.. 2 more hours to kill, I'm meeting Alin and Dayana tonight... Maybe la, am not sure cause it's a last minute thing.. Whatever it is, can't wait!

Monday, 25 February 2008

The one with.. final weekend of February 2008..

It feels like as if it was just yesterday we welcomed 2008... How fast time flies hah?

March is approaching soon, and it’s gonna be one heck of a busy month for me.. (but then again, since when I have a non-busy month? I digress) My schedule is quite pack, with few outstation trips I’m feeling so dragged on just by the thought of it and a trip to Kuching I’m sooo looking forward to.. I’d better go with the cliché now – you win some you lose some bebeh! One plus point, the Kuching trip is happening after that few outstation trips – which means I get to bersusah2 dahulu, berjoli2 kemudian.. I like! :)

Anyway, back to the current.. As in, now.. 1.45am.. Yeah, am still awake and blogging… One thing for sure, I’m not in the office ya.. Am at home.. Had an early day today I got so tired I ended up falling asleep at about 9.30pm just now.. I normally need at least 4 hours of sleep to make sure that I don’t get up feeling all cranky the next day and true enough, my eyes suddenly went wide open at about 1.30am just now. I got rather confused in the beginning, it took me a while to realise no, I’m not late to work.. (damn I hate Monday, it makes me sleep the night before thinking about nothing but work.. it’s a pre-Monday blues syndrome of sort.. and heck that fits perfectly for PMS too if you follow my flow..).

So after it hit me on the head that it’s not 7 in the morning yet, I woke up and got myself cleaned.. Again, I slept with my contact lenses… that’s bad, I know!! I then went downstairs to do my ironing and went back upstairs only to find out streamyx is back to business, on a full swing mode!! *grin* So its like bad thing (woke up in the middle of the night) turns good thing (I get to surf the net, especially the websites I can’t go in via office network), which I reckon gonna turn rather bad thing back again for I foresee I will get back to sleep only at 3 something later (I shall stick to that time limit!) which means I’m not sure whether I can wake up on time for work or not later.. (Fingers crossed, I can!!).

Whatever it is, am so gonna continue with this entry.. come what may.. Thee hee hee.

SO.. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I really want to enjoy my weekend, for the last one was mostly spent in office. (Bummer). And surely I did, I just had one freaking laidback and nice weekend! :)

If I were to go back to Saturday (flashback a-la Vantage Point – the movie is nice!!), I had a realllllllly good rest. Heck, good is such an understatement, I would say, it’s one great rest I had that day. I didn’t do anything, let just say, I just woke up pretty late… :P In the evening I went to Taman Metropolitan (again) with Kerol, we played kite for a while before decided to just take a stroll around the park.. Ala2 romantik gitu.. Hahaha. I didn’t do go out that night but just rest at home having a good tv session with Mama while having durian.. Nice aite! :P And she made me watch that ok-la-not-so-scary Thailand movie ‘Haunted Spirit’ at Astro Kirana channel (am not a fan of horror movies, thank you) which resulted in me sleeping only at 3am..

However, as I’ve said in the beginning, I had such an early day today.. As agreed, Kerol picked me at about 10.45am and off we go to Famie & Muni’s place.. Thank God, I thought I was late but apparently Oya and Karim haven’t arrived yet… *phew* (who says I can’t wake up early on weekends?).. Actually the meet up was supposed to be for us girls only (Muni, Oya, myself, Irna and Has) but due to some prior commitments, Has and Irna couldn’t make it.. Looks like our “AGM” is adjourned until to a much later yet-to-be-fixed date hah? The last one was held in late December 2007.

Had a good Sunday morning eating nasik lemak with them, reading newspapers, and chit-chatting (oh yeah, forgot to announce – Muni is 5 week pregnant!! \(^_^)/), we waited until Melodi to end before both Oya & Karim and Kerol & I made our move.. As planned, Kerol and myself headed straight to Sunway Pyramid.. I’ve never been there since they opened the new wing, so saje je la nak pergi tengok.. Was supposed to meet Tina at some point of the day though for I haven’t get my materials yet from her for her wedding day, but I’m not sure what happened, she didn’t pick up my call.. Anyway, after wandering around for a while, we ended up at TGV (nothing much to do, as in, shopping :P it’s end of the month we are pretty broke by now!) and we watched this movie ‘Dan In Real Life’.. Was a tad boring, the storyline was kinda slow and very much predictable. Had KFC (Kerol tiba2 teringin) for our late lunch plus early dinner, tapao-ed Jco Donuts (remind me of which I have 4 donuts left in the kitchen, hmmm :P), and made our way back home…

So, that’s pretty much about it.. A very laidback weekend I feel so dreadful now it has reached its end! (+_~)

Till later…


Friday, 22 February 2008

The one with... what is life without sighing hah.

Sigh.. Sigh.. Sigh..

It has been a busy week.. Been working my ass off like nobody's business.. And come Friday, I've gone kookoo already.. Anyway, I can at least now have some moment to breath... Did I say at least for now?

I've rewarded myself just now by having lunch at Sakae Sushi (yummy!) and I'm going to reward myself again tonight.. Kerol is now on the way to fetch me, we are watching Vantage Point later.. Can't wait!!! I really really realllllly need to let loose this weekend.. Work hard, play harder that is.. *grin*

Anyway... am counting days for this:

It's my bestfriend's wedding! Aren't they look soooo sweet?

I've never been to Kuching before.. So it's definitely gonna be a mini holiday.. Nice.

Intermission: Saje2 nak letak gambar kenangan dengan Parveen dulu2 when she was still in KL and working together with me (*isk!*) sementara nak tunggu Kerol datang..

Oh ok.. Kerol is here.. that's all I have for now.. Till next time yawww~!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The one with.. what is life without stress huh.

Saya sangat stress.

Kerja banyak.

My mom was not at home during the weekend, so it was only Erin and myself. She went to Kelantan and Terengganu with her rombongan Cik Kiah. Which means I could have taken the advantage untuk berjoli katak balik rumah at any time I want like no one's business.

But like I said, saya sangat stress. Kerja banyak.

I was in Kedah on Friday for a day trip to my client's place. Which was one heck of a tiring trip. Sebagai seorang yang terpaksa obliged to the fact that there's a curfew at home, saya terasa ingin rebel (oh how immature). Maka eventhough it was a tiring trip on that Friday, after touched down at KLIA at about 8pm and took ERL to KL Sentral where Kerol was waiting for me, saya telah mengajak Kerol untuk melayan midnight movie - we watched that movie Jumper. Was a nice movie, but could have been better.. Like something was missing. Tak cukup ummph. But Hayden Christensen the Darth Vader sangat yummy! :P Anyway, saya sudah tua gamaknye (memang dasar tak sedar diri), I felt so tired and sleepy after the movie so I went back home at about 2am walaupun kononnya plan asal nak melepak kat mamak sampai lebam.. (cita2 yang sangat tinggi due to the restricted freedom given and suddenly the available opportunity.. Haha). Erin lagi melampau, balik pukul 5.30am. (Kepada jiran2 yang membace, tolong lah jangan report kat Mama. Kami bukannye balik 2-3 pagi untuk pergi berdisco ke berdangdut ke isap dadah ke merompak ke etc etc etc. So tak payah nak sibuk2 jadi mat and minah pot).

And I had another series of things to do over the weekend - to go for MRSM Taiping reunion at Novotel, to go hang out with Tazz, to go for a steamboat dinner with Aja, Karim & Oya at Sunway, to go for a wedding with Kerol, and to play paintball with Kerol and our other Gombak friends at Taman Harmonis.

But like I said, saya sangat stress. Kerja sangat banyak.

Ended up doing only one thing - went to the reunion, which was slightly a mistake as the turnout was a bit poor. I would say, the effort to inform everyone about the reunion was poorly done. Anyway, who am I to say.. It's never easy to be the event organizer. Nevertheless, I had a good time meeting up with some of my ex-classmates (Fadz, Aizat & Syahriman) and also ex-schoolmates who are now my blogger friends (Dalie daling and Niesa) :) Of course, there were some others who I regularly met like Iema, Karim, Oya and Munir.. That, I didn't have to mention.. but I just did.

I had to ditch the other plans and opt to spend time in office instead. Like right now.

Saya sangat stress. Kerja sangat banyak. Mama is back tonight.

I'm going to Kedah again for the next 2 days.

Till later.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The one with... some insignificant blablabla...

For the past 2 weeks, there wasn’t even a single day I’ve gone through without being made known of the news that a (one after another) friend is getting hitched. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy for my friends, that’s for sure. BUT… there’s nothing wrong too right, for me to get (a bit) freaked out at the same time? Yes? No? Huhu..

And it's so hard to express this feeling to other people around me too because when it comes to this kind of matter.. you know.. either (1) Kerol will feel the unnecessary pressures.... or (2) I'll make those people who doesn't even have a partner / whose relationship are on the rocks / who is in a relationship without any direction, feel sad... or (3) I'll make those who are so happy that they are taking the next big step in a relationship feel bad by telling me their good news... or (4) I'll make Mama nags "haa tu lah... Lia ni bila lagi? tunggu lama2 buat ape.... yadda yadda yadda..."

On a totally unrelated note, how do you describe ‘ngilu’ in English eh? I can’t think of the right word except by telling people “you know, its that feeling you get when you hear the sound of forks and knives screeching on the plate”.. And heck that’s too long.

In view of the coming Valentine’s day, I am soooo looking forward to…. to watch the final episode of Amazing Race Asia! And the continuation of Grey’s Anatomy too!! (What were you thinking?)

Anyway, I found that this is rather funny, and cute too…

American Stationery
Dear kerol,
My love for you is like a blue 2005 Myvi. Your hands fills my dreams and makes me feel like we are two very different people, too much to overcome, till two hearts meet together.... When I first saw you at NZ my insides were like marshmallow with chocolate. I cannot live without the knowledge of your being quiet all of sudden coloring my life. I love you more than ashton kutcher and would give up blusher just to watch you play bejewelled for eternity.
Deepest Love,
I created this Valentine's Day mad lib at American Stationery, and you can too!

(I've amended a bit on the "Dear kerol" part and "Deepest Love, lilia" part because it actually requires you to put the nicknames... Our nicknames for each other are rather vomit-blood provoking.. :P) Try it for yourself! :)

Alritey, that's all for now..

Monday, 11 February 2008

The one with... post CNY break...

I just got back from lunch, had sushi at Sooka Sentral with my colleagues Jean and Anushia.. And now am back at my work place, feeling rather sleepy.. The thing is, I'm all full of mojo to do work you see... Haihhhh... It's so hard to fight with this sleepiness.. especially when I have vowed to cut down my caffeine intake… :( I couldn’t really get into a proper sleep yesterday night… Been tossing and turning until 3am as far as I can remember… Don’t know why.. Must be the overdose sleeps during the long break, coupled with a disturbing mind… :-/ I've been on a sleep-late-wakeup-late mode for the past few days... Hmmm.

I foresee I will need to stay back later.. There’s a draft report to be sent out to client by today, but my director hasn’t finished reviewing it.. So, by the time I have the discussion with him on the draft report, say by 3 or 4pm later, I’m sure I will have to spend another extra 2 – 3 hours to do the amendments… *sigh* On another positive note, I can take the opportunity to get other things done too.. Whatever it is, I’m striving to finish whatever necessary for today, as maximum as I can, for tomorrow is going to be a laid back day! There’ll be a one full day training session, to be held at the Sheraton Imperial.. Yeay! That’s the driving factor for today. . *wink* After all, I’m having a pretty much dreadful CNY break hangover… So the off-site training comes just at the perfect time… =)

Oya is back from her trip to London and Paris.. She came down to my place just now (she’s at the 9th floor while I’m at 8th) and I envy her so much after listening to her holiday experience… Huhu.. (and I’m feeling happy for her too, of course…) She bought for me this one cool t-shirt, which I like it so much… Thanks Oya!! :)

OK lah.. It's end of lunch hour... Till later! *yawn*

Saturday, 9 February 2008

The one with... fly kite for the second time :)

This was my first time.. :)

Today, I woke up quite late... Nothing was in plan or anything, so I had nothing in particular to do.. Had my late breakfast while watching the The Amazing Race Asia marathon on AXN.. I can't wait for next week, it's kinda predictable though who's gonna win TARA this season, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed hopefully the Malaysian all-girl team will ace again this time... :) You know I just can't help it from imagining how things like if I were to enter the race with Kerol... hehehe.. :P but seriously, I thought of downloading the form after Kerol gave his OK to my idea.. But when the other day I had a chat with another TARA fan from office who had done that before with her sister, I got kinda turned-off after listening how detailed things need to be done.. i.e. its not merely filling in form kind of thing... The procedure requires a lot more than that… So in the end, I guess I’ll just remain as a fan… :)

Anyway, while watching the show, Mama suddenly suggested to play kite in the evening.. She said we can ‘kidnap’ Alip & Firdaus and get them to tag along as well.. I was a bit excited with Mama’s brilliant idea so immediately I sms-ed Alip’s and Firdaus’s mothers… Alip’s mom said OK, but Firdaus couldn’t make it as he’s in Cherating with his family… So at about4.30pm, myself and Papa, Mama, Ajim and Alip made our way to Taman Metropolitan in Kepong… Erin couldn’t join as she was out with her boyfriend Faiz.. I mean, this playing kite activity came a bit sudden also, so she can’t really join anyway..

All in all, I had a really good time flying kite… I got so tired from running and especially from laughing, seeing how excited Alip was.. :) It's so cute to see him running and 'chasing' the kite...

Let’s get the pictures say it all ya…

OK lah.. I'm making way for Erin to use the laptop pulak.. Till later!

Friday, 8 February 2008

The one with... CNY break..

First of all.. I would like to wish all my Chinese friends.. a very Happy Chinese New Year.. May Stuart Little brings you comfort, Mickey Mouse brings you joy, Ratatouille brings you abundance of good food, and finally, Minnie Mouse brings you ultimate beauty and pleasure! :) (CNY msg courtesy of Ms Parveen, xiexie ni.. hehe)

The CNY break is a bless, I shouldn’t complain, I know… but I'm kinda bored when Kerol has gone back to his kampung in Kuantan, and most friends are not in KL, and streamyx is down at home, and there’s nothing interesting to watch even on E! Channel.. Those attention-grabbing countdowns are kinda repetitive; I’ve watched them all during my sick leave the other day…

So here I am hanging out at the nearest Starbuck, i.e. at the GE Mall to surf internet, alone.. Kinda pathetic, but I like it.. hehe.. Enjoying my raspberry frappucino with a fast internet (free) connection, and most important, a time on my own… :P

Yesterday was spent with family, we went to Mid Valley to watch that Malay movie Cuci.. Despite of some negative review around, I must say, the movie was not so bad… Very light and yet entertaining.. and kinda creative too.. I couldn’t help it from wondering how does Hans Isaac feels when he watch again the scene he had with Erra huh? Especially when he said his line about fire and matchstick… Hans must have been very strong, I salute him.. Oh well, whatever it is, way to go Hans! Keep it up the good work :) (macam la dia bace blog aku)

Oh yeah, have you watched that Meet the Spartans movie? A must watch I would say, hehehe.. For a laughing sake, seriously.. But that's provided you've watched the 300 movie, then you'd be able to appreciate the jokes.

OK lah… I want to go check out my long neglected Friendster and Facebook… Hmm, talking about Facebook, there’s this one dude I accidentally accepted as friends… (I don’t like to entertain strangers, thank you very much) and he’s been trying to add me in Yahoo Messenger too (based on the information disclosed in my Facebook profile). But I kept on rejecting until just now he msg-ed me asking why I rejected him. So I asked, “Who’s this?”.. To which he replied “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you”… So, I replied politely telling him that I don’t like to entertain strangers, and that I have accidentally accepted him as friends in Facebook, in the hope he would understand and buzz off… Well, the conversation was ended up with him telling me off saying how I make simple things become complicated laaa, that everyone in this world is a stranger until we know each other la, so on and so forth blablabla… One word: DUH!!! Ntah pape kan.. (Hmm, I actually have some points to elaborate about this, but suddenly I lost my chain of thoughts... huhu)

Alritey… till later k!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The one with... the pursuit of happiness..

And I quote Christopher Gardner (Will Smith) in that movie The Pursuit of Happyness, "It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that?"

Lunch time is about to end soon and I have not much time to further elaborate the above quote. But what I do know, yes, I agree… Happiness ke, achievement ke, whatever we want in life, are something we need to pursue… They won’t just come right on our laps, fall from the skies just like that..

I don’t know why but past 2 months I was not happy with work.. and I can’t seem to figure it out why… And it’s so pathetic that it’s like I need to seek for comfort from others around me, to be comforted myself on what am I doing..

I hate it!

When I see people who are close to me resigned, and listen to them on how they managed to land on supposedly better jobs, I felt that it’s about time for me too, to start searching for what’s out there for me.. And I started contemplating to change profession too.

When I gathered with those friends who claimed that they are still comfortable with their current jobs, even if it has been for 4 freaking years, I too feel.. Yeah, I have solved bigger problems before… those shit things in office are just another hiccups that will disappear.. You know, it’s all in a day’s work..

When I had that little chat with manager in the car, on the way to go for a meeting with client and she told me how I have a bright future in the firm, and how I have improved so much, and how I am so technically sound now, and how the bosses have high regards on me… My confidence boosted up so high I felt so motivated to prove my worth… That I don’t mind staying back late at night to finish my tasks…

Question is, which way should I pursue now???

Oh well... As cliché as it may sounds, I came to a conclusion, I cannot discover my purpose unless I am clear that I have one… It’s all depends on me, duh hah?

There you go, another what’s-so-new-hah? post from a rather saja2-confused not-so-little ‘girl’ who just being declared by the doctor that she’s infection-free now!!! Yeayieee… :)

And I am so glad now that I have regained my appetite… I have found my mojo at work… and I am feeling much better..!

A little bit here and there…

- After getting sick for so long, I finally went out with Kerol and we watched that movie ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’.. I found out that it was one heck of a bloody, disturbing, gruesome, yet interesting musical movie… Hmm, I’ve always thought that musical thing is for something happy and definitely blood-free.. :P Anyway, I'm sooo looking forward to watch Cuci and Spartans..

- After being so disconnected with friends, I finally had a little get-together with some of my ex-classmates in Taiping last weekend.. Met Muni & Famie, Aja, Sle, Apit, and Karim at Hartamas and had a rather interesting chat.. Munir was supposed to join too, but he couldn’t make it in the end.. I think after I made my way back home together with Muni & Famie, the rest of the boys went to meet Munir at TTDI.. Heard that there will be a reunion coming soon.. But I’m not too sure about the details.. Hmm.

- My mom just learnt how to make cupcakes and I’ve tasted it and I liked it!! Mom’s ones are way better than those sold off-shelves because it’s not as ‘jelak’ / ‘muak’.. I had no problem to finish one whole cupcake myself… :)

- I foresee that my rather ‘disturbing’ assignment is coming to an end soon… Can’t wait to get if off from my plate!!!

- Streamyx is down at home, and it's gonna take some time before it can be fixed. So I can’t surf internet from home! boo hoo… There goes those office-filtered websites (Friendster, Yahoo!Mail & Messenger, etc etc)… Such a bummer laaa.

- I can’t wait for next Thurs.. apart from it’s gonna be an off day, it’s the day to find out which teams will go to the final top 3 stage in the Amazing Race Asia! Can’t wait!!

That’s all I have for now.

Ok lah.. I better get back to work.. There’s a lot to clear before the Chinese New Year holidays.

Monday, 4 February 2008

The one with... life goes on...

Hi am back!

Thank you all for the thoughtful wishes. And so sorry I wasn't able to update you personally (this statement is applicable more likely for those who's close to / is around me) on the news that I was admitted to hospital.

Not that it really matters, but what happened was, I was down with bad fever on the Thaipussam day. And even after I visited the doctor and had a proper medication, the fever went on and off, but never better, for 5 days in a row. It worried me sick as not only I had a high temperature, I was all weak too and hence, was not able to do work at all, or even go out with Kerol / friends for that matter.

Second visit to the doctor didn't help much as all I got was a prescription to the stronger antibiotics. So, I called the number stated on my insurance card and asked which hospital it covers for a medical check-up and I went to the nearest one to my house - Hospital Pantai Indah ("HPI") at Pandan Indah. I was a bit dissapointed though as AIA does not cover for those 2 much nearest hospitals - Gleneagles or Ampang Puteri.

Anyway, so Kerol brought me straight to HPI. I got myself checked-up and the doctor said I needed to be admitted on the 'suspect dengue' ground. I didn't buy that because I just didn't feel like I was having dengue, but Kerol said who am I to argue. So they took sample of my blood and put me on drip..

- sample pic for illustration purposes -

Within one hour, the result of my blood test was out - my red blood platlet level was ok, but my white blood platlet was not, and I was dehydrated too. The doctor was not satisfied as dengue was ruled out, so he said I needed to be admitted still as he wanted to carry out further test..

The next day I went for an xtray test, and not long after that the doctor came to me with the result. He said I had a minor lung infection, whatever that was la kan.. So there I was, staying in the hospital for the next four days.. I would say, not really a good experience.. Huhu.. I stayed in the 4 bedded room.. I didn't know it until I was discharged that my company's insurance actually covers for the 2 bedded room... bummer. Mom stayed overnight with me only on the first day as she wanted to check out on how things like for me there in the hospital. I told her not to stay for the next 4 nights as I myself wasn't comfortable, hence couldn't sleep well seeing her sleeping on the chair. So I said, for the best of the two of us, might as well she didn't stay overnight with me.

Anyway, I'm all a-ok now. But not 100% ok la cause I don't really feel 'fresh', you know.. Like still weak to some extend. I am still on medication and there'll be a follow up check up tomorrow. So we shall see how.

As for now, there's a lot to catch up back in office! Till then....