Friday, 4 January 2008

The one with... hari Jumaat yang best, tapi tak best..






Best tengok stat counter arini tibe2 reader statistic was at its highest ever, 200++..

But tak best when I saw the details, the visitor path came from one reader, with a very generic IP. And it seems like the reader has been reading from my 1st entry up untill the latest ones, all at one go... Huhu.. Bukan ape.. I just scared of 2 things - stalker, or someone from office / client.. that's all. If normal reader / friend - keep on reading ya! :) [anyway sorry ye gambar tak clear.. dah penat belek, taktau macamane nak kasi clear.. mampuih pi lah kan... as long as you get the idea, do you?]

Best bangun pagi tadi hujan, very nice to stay still under the warmth comforter..

But tak best sebab terlajak tidur until 8.15am... huhu. I was so rushing this morning to office for the 'morning new year party'. Everyone was reminded to wear green today. I don't understand why my office likes green so much. What's wrong with blue?

Best sebab arini kat office still tak ramai orang... so, less distraction.

But tak best sebab I wasn't able to perform the best out of me in the course of completing my office assignment just yet! I couldn't even stand for an hour, I'll be all itchy to check blog la... facebook la... walk around la... sheesshhh! I don't like this situation.. It's like I'm struggling within myself... :( My heart wants something my body doesn't want to perform.. I don't know what in the world is wrong with me.. Urghhh! In the absence of managers, I was supposed to take the opportunity to outshine myself, to prove my worth.. But somehow I'm having a mental-blocked or something... I'm looking forward to next week for a start of my full momentum.. Fingers crossed I'll be back on track..

Best sebab felt like the office hours ended very fast today..

But tak best cause KL was all wet due to the heavy rain. So I was kinda stranded in office for a while because our car park is of the open area type. Everyone would want to go for the shuttle van, so I kinda dislike the idea of having to wait for my turn to hop into the van. Plus the thought of having to go out from the van, and open the umbrella while carrying a laptop bag, a handbag, and a paper bag containing office shoes in it, was very troublesome. So I waited for a while before finally making my move back at 6.45pm. The traffic was sooooooo congested! I reached Kerol's office at the GE Mall only 1.5 hr later. We settled our dinner at the Cozy Restaurant. The butter squid was very nice!

Oh yeah, on a separate matter.. tengok tak TARA - episode 7 yesterday? That episode was full of drama and tense kan??? Huhu I like!

Hmm ok lah... going to go get my sleep now.


  1. lulua..

    heh..i tink it was me...

    sorry to suspense u...but i x hav much time in had to go online.even if i do..i only hav time to read my gmail,check fster,facebook n login to company's web for latest work updates.

    so bila terlebih masa barulah dpt baca blog kwn2...sthg i enjoy so much for i miss my friends badly..

    so sorry ye sbb jd spy kepada cik spy..


  2. Alin!!!!

    eh u sure it was u? coz i think urs would be showing an IP from Singapore.. of which i know which one.. coz the night i gave u the link at Y!M i saw an IP coming from Singapore. so more or less i know urs is which one. this one am talking abt is showing the IP coming from TMnet Telekom Malaysia, KL.

    anyway, dah name pun open blog kan.. who am i to freak out kan?

    one more thing, happy birthday dear!!! :)

  3. lia

    bb ni...ari tu sajer2 bosan baca blog2 org tgk2 ade link to lilia edlina punye...mcm skang ni dh jd pembaca setia blog lia...hehe jgn mare yer...

    bosan2 kt ofis x tau nk bt ape...nila keje saye...heheh

  4. hehehe bb ke!!!! :)))) kalau mcm tuh tk risau dh.. hehehe... bb ape khabar?? lame xdgr cite.... wahhh bestnye leh komplen bosan kt ofis xtau nak wat ape... :P