Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The one with... welcoming two-double 0-eight..

I viewed back hows my entry like on the 1st January 2007, and I am surprised that I actually listed down some new year resolutions in that entry.. Hehe..

Well, a quick recap on my (konon la) 2007 resolutions and its outcome:

- to drink more of plain water (a carried forward resolution hehehe) ---> hmm, I personally think I have improved a lot in terms of my liquid intake.. but there are still rooms for more improvement. so this is going to be a permanent resolution, tak kira la time new year ke tak new year ke.. it's more like for self health purposes.. :) I'm not getting any younger! *isk*

- to be more positive ---> yang ni no comment.. I need second opinion on this.

- to get my MICPA exam done, once and for all ---> this went to a total failure. worst, I have reached to a decision for that matter. I'm quitting MICPA, once and for all... huhu. No turning back.

- to do my audit secondment ---> since I've decided to stop taking MICPA, this one has automatically become void.

- to finish my Toastmaster speeches ---> hell yeah one heck of a success!!! :)

- to improve my savings $$$$ ---> can't wait for 2nd January to update my ASB book! :)

All in all, I think I had a great 2007.. Sure, there were those normal ups and downs in life.. But I strongly believe that Allah will never test us with something we cannot bear.. Hence, enough said.


What did I do last year? Well, yesterday I mean.. :P

I was suppose to go to work, but seriously tak tipu I was down with flu and sore throat since the day before. I took the proper medication but still, my condition didn't get any better when I woke up yesterday morning. So, at 7.30am I sms-ed the secretaries from my department to let them know that I'll be on MC. I continued with my sleep only to wake up at about 11am. Took my bath and went to see doctor.. While waiting for my turn, Kerol sms-ed me that our Gombak friends ajak main bowling. Serta-merta seriously tak tipu jugak mata bersinar2 rasa sihat terus sebab excited there's an activity to do with Kerol, and together with friends too. But I quickly composed myself, to make sure that I looked sick still in front of the doctor.. *grin* So after I got my medicines and the valuable MC, I went to the McD drivethrough near my house to buy myself the bubur ayam McD.

Kerol came and picked me at about 3.45pm. We went to the bowling alley at the Flamingo and the rest of the bunch was already there, awaiting for the available lanes for us. We booked for 2 lanes, for 7 of us - myself, Kerol, Acap, Hana, Lynn, Khalil and Nikman. Had a great bowling session - we played for 2 frames and our games ended at about 6.30pm. I brought along my camera to take pics, but since Lynn also brought hers, so I decided to not to use mine. So, I won't be able to upload any pics until I got them from her.

Anyway, once we went out from the Flamingo, we were annoyed by the traffic at that Ampang area... the cars were all bumper to bumper.. *sigh* After much deliberation, we finally agreed to just go hang out at the nearest place there, i.e. Suzi's Corner. Lepak there for quite a while, not only because of the freaking traffic... but KL was also down with quite a heavy rain then. Hmmmpphhh memang tak ke mana la, stranded jer kat Suzi's Corner tuh. Borak2, gelak2, bincang2 mana nak pergi afterwards, and finally upon Azidi's arrival at about 8.30pm, we decided to.....go back to Flamingo for another round of bowling! :D I personally love love looovvvee that second time game because I finally had some LUCK in bowling.. hehehe. Best!!! True enough, closure itu sangat penting, hahaha. Dapat no. 3 out of 8... ishhh memang lucky tuh. Thanks to bola no. 8 :)

We were done by 10.30pm... After we returned back our bowling shoes, Kerol and I couldn't help it but to spot the PC that has that Photo Hunt game located just near the bowling counter.. huhu.. Ape lagi, dengan gatal tangan nye I went to get the cash changed, and played 2 rounds of Photo Hunt. Ingatkan dapat beat the high score there, sebab main sampai 5 orang. Taaaapi, hmpppphhh.. fail jugak.. :)

After that we went to hang out kat McD near the Flamingo.. When it was near to 12 midnight, we decided to drive to the elevated highway to see the fireworks from there. Kerol and I made our move first. The moment we hit the highway, entering from Jalan Ampang near the Flamingo... mak aiiiii. Amek ko, terus jem kat situ. Kerol quickly called Acap to let him and the others know that it's never too late for them to change their plan, i.e. not to enter the highway.. Huhu. So, there were we, Kerol & I, stuck at the elevated highway when the clock strikes 12 midnight. Worse became worst, it was raining heavily. So it's not like we can park our car by the road side and go out of the car to watch the fireworks kan.. So duduk je la dalam keta tengok fireworks di celah2 rintik hujan kat cermin keta.. Haihhh la.

Gambar pun tak clear... But heck, an entry without a single picture is just so plain :)

Oh yeah, talking about pictures... I have some from the day before yesterday - a friend's wedding at Bangi. Though I wasn't feeling very well and the weather was so damn freaking sunny hot, I was actually glad to see the familiar faces at the girlfriends from Taiping plus UiTM. It was like a mini gathering of sort! :)

After my friend Yani's wedding, I attended another wedding at night, at the Dewan Merak Kayangan, Jalan Gurney. It was the wedding of one of my neighbours. I went there to accompany Mama. Hmmm, some intro - people at my neighbourhood ni sangat muhibbah sikit.. even anak2 yang getting married, but mak2 mesti jemput the other mak2 jugak.. and the dads will invite the other dads jugak..because apparently they are somehow or another, close. So wedding malam tuh, I didn't know the newlyweds... but Mama knows the mother. Maka malam tuh the table which Mama and I were assigned to, was filled with makcik2 & pakcik2 jer. Being the only 'young adult' there, I was bombarded with those million dollar questions and statements - bila nak kahwin la... jangan tunggu lama2 la... berapa harga dewan laa... and the list went on and on and on.. *urghh* Biasa lah kan, bila buat kat dewan2 ni.. lambat sikit startnye.. So banyak la masa untuk 'press conference' macam tuh kan..

Anyway, it was then occured to me... Hmm.. I should start with the small step, to do my guest-to-invite list... *wink*

So I whispered to Mama, "Ma, nanti untuk orang2 from taman kita (the neighbourhood).. Mama takes care who's to invite and all ek?".
To which Mama replied, "Oh... boleh aje.. Kitorg sesama kitorg (she and her friends from the neighbourhood lah tuh), dah kira2.. kalau nak jemput orang2 kawasan kita ni.. in total is 750 orang.. with partners means dalam 1,500 orang"..
I was like,"Hahhhh??? :-O "

Seriously, kot yer pun muhibbah kan... But come to think of it, memang pun.. Setiap kali ade jer people from my neighbourhood yang get married, table untuk jiran jer memang ade banyak... Huhu. Terus terbantut nak start with the guest list step. Nak kena compose myself first with the reality slap I just had. *Sigh* Susahnye nak kawen, banyak betul benda nak kena buat. Kalau lah I have extra cash, surely I'll just go and get a wedding planner for me.

OMG. It's only the first day of 2008 and I'm having headache already talking about wedding? What gives???! Sheeshh.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cheers~! to many more great years to come.


  1. happy new year to u !!

    didnt know u gave up on MICPA..but oh well its ur choice..

    i manage to get a 1st class view of the fireworks without a was damn cool!

  2. happy new year to you too Joe.

    hmm i thought i told you what? that i'm switching to another prof exam?

    oh well, you are still young.. i've been there done that.. hehehe. am waiting for you to upload those fireworks pics on your blog soon.

    i shall see you tomorrow in office! *SIGH*

  3. babe,
    happy new year!!!

    and babe, i plaing suka tang u quoted, "seriously tak tipu" tu..macam best je, hahahaha..

  4. suka jangan tak suka babe...! hahaha.. weii.. seriyes la... tak tipuuuuu. u heard urself aite that night before, my voice sengau kan... kannnnn... :)