Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The one with... this heavy-hearted feeling....


Am going back to office tomorrow. Just checked my office emails from home, and dang! there were few work-related emails. I felt so horrified (yeap, until to that extend) I decided not to open those emails just yet. Huhu. Not now.

I am in no mood to do anything. Went out with Kerol for a while just now at 6pm, we went to KLCC and had rootbeer float at A&W and wandering around, before making our move to NZ bawah for dinner. But we both decided to go back early. I was already back at home by 8.30pm. Ironically, we needed some time to prep ourselves (read: persediaan mental & emosi :P) for tomorrow is the start of the working days in 2008. No more holidays / day off here and there to look forward to, just the way we had during the end bit of 2007. Huhu. I told Kerol I hate this feeling so much, it's the feeling of sort I used to have last time when I studied in Taiping. The feeling of 'being dragged' I had everytime after the school holiday ended. Being dragged to go to Puduraya. Being dragged to take that Transnasional bus. Being dragged to go back to the place I hate to be at.

Oh well, life goes on.

Bring it on then. I hope everything turns out just fine....



  1. hi lilia laling!!

    jgn lah berduka..there's a long year ahead. apa-apa masalah pun mesti boleh settle if we put our mind into it. happy new year to u, best wishes.. :)

    btw, ramainya kawan2 dah kawin. yani tu kelas 512 ye? lynn tu yg kelas 507 ke?

    kawin jgn lupa jemput aku hehehe..

  2. thanks dalie dearie~!

    itu lah.. ramai yang dah kawen.. pastu beranak pinak.. haihhh. a'ah yani 512 and lyn 507...

    of course i will invite you... *wink*

  3. lilia ku...

    am so surprised to the fact that u hated goin bck to school@maktab those days..i never knew that!

    ...coz i tot it was only me.

    the neurotic-homesick girl.

  4. Alin,

    of course i hate going back to taiping... but not so much when it comes to terendak... huhu..

    hey keep on commenting girl.. i like! :)