Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The one with... opportunity.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429 to all my Muslim readers... Let's take this opportunity to reflect back and reassess what we've done in the yesteryears, to be the better us in this New Year… May Allah bless us in the coming year as He did in the past…

On atuk, things have been the same since yesterday.. He was warded, but his condition didn’t get any better.. And still, the doctors couldn’t do much.. They kept on asking the same questions to my mom again, and again, and again….


“Pakcik mula2 masa dapat cancer, doktor yang rawat time tu cakap ape?”

“Dia memang selalu mengerang ke? Dia ada bagitau tak sakit kat mane?”

“Selain bleeding, dia ada muntah2 tak?”

Yadda yadda yadda…

I mean, I understand nothing mega can be done, it’s not like am asking for a miracle to happen. I am all realistic with atuk’s condition. But can’t these doctors have a centralised data about each patient? Ni tidak, every different doctor coming over to atuk’s bed will ask the same freaking questions to my mom. I pitied my mom having to explain the same thing over and over again.. *sigh* Bukan nak cakap ape, but these doctors look so young, are they on training on what? One of them is my junior from Taiping and that means she’s only, what.., 25 this year? Hmm, tau laaa my atuk is a hopeless case, but takkan la nak kena jadi guinea pig for the-just-graduated young doctors kan....

OMG, please excuse me. I don’t mean to underrate them…. I’m sure they won’t be a doctor for nothing… I'm just... so wanting to see atuk stops being in such an agonising state, you know..

I hope atuk will have his opportunity ‘to go’ in peace… I cannot stand it seeing him to suffer any longer.. Not that I want him ‘to go’ as soon or what, but… you just have to know what I mean.

On another opportunity-related note. My friend is organising a 10 days trip to both London & Paris in this coming early February, with a total cost has been estimated to be in a region RM5k only covering the flight tix, airport tax, travelling costs within places, accomodation, food and entrance fees to few interesting tourist must-to-go places. It’s the flight tix that has been saved on a lot, for her father is working with MAS and somehow the father is entitled to get a cheaper price for the flight tix. An opportunity not to be missed!!!, I would say. And so would the others.


RM5k is a lot too, for someone who’s saving for something else. Who am I kidding, I want so much to go to London & Paris!! But I cannot afford having my budget for that something else affected by that RM5k at the same time too. *isk* The friend asked me to revise the trip budget, to exclude and cut down the 'unnecessaries' such as the entrance fees to some of the places. But, how to enjoy a holiday when you know the rest of the bunch wont mind having to splurge when you yourself on the other hand have to be on a tight budget aite?? Some more it’s gonna be winter, so I know as much as I can borrow winter clothes from others, I would still have to put aside an extra budget for that. And perhaps for some other travelling-related must haves too. Ngeeeeeee!!!

Guess it’s all down to ‘we cannot have it all’ hah?

To Oya… I’m wishing it to happen too, on behalf of you guys! :)

Hmm esok cuti.. but I have no plans yet.. Kerol is going to PD for his high school reunion, and will come back only on Friday. So I guess I will take the opportunity to spend time with atuk and my mom at the hospital...

One thing for sure, I can't wait for TARA tomorrow night!! :)

Till next time.. CiAo~!

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