Thursday, 3 January 2008

The one with... just another normal day at work.

Good morning.

Hmmm.. So far everything went well.

First day at work wasn’t that bad at all. Came in late, office was more or less still half emptied. I checked my email and called clients to respond to their queries per the emails, but somehow all my calls went to no avail. Perhaps they are on leaves still as well?

I felt so lazy, it’s like as if I was still in my lala land, so I went to my director’s room to ask him for permission to allow me to go off for the day. It was still 10am then. Surprisingly, he agreed!


Anyway, yes I went to my director’s room. Apparently he’ll be away for the whole of next week. So he wanted this draft report am working on right now to be passed to him by the end of this week. I was like, sh*t!!!! That’s 3 days for me then. One day definitely gonna be gone just like that to take effect the inefficiency of the first day at work after the long break. As bummer as already it was, I somehow managed to take the situation well. I wasn’t panic, well, not just yet.

Ok lah.. I better start working my ass off now while I have the mojo still. The driving factor? I want to change my blog skin so badly… :D Hana dah ajar on how to do that. Hehe, thanks! Even then so, am sure I will take one heck of time to do that, saya ni bukan IT literate. HTML codes and whatnots are definitely not my area of expertise. Huhu. So to be able to do that, I have to make sure that I am clear from whatever needs to be done first. Then only I have the ample time to mess with the process of changing my blog skin! :) Now that’s something to do over this weekend. *wink*

Alritey, till later.


  1. lilia,
    i also dunno how to change my blog skin..
    teach me!! teach me!!!

  2. tina,

    i also dunno la... will explore about it on the weekend soon.. :) u refer to my friend's blog - Hana. she wrote an entry about the steps. who knows, u learn fast, then you can teach me.. senang sket keje i.. kekekeke.