Sunday, 20 January 2008

The one with... in a whining mode.

I’m taking a break from typing the bloody report. My mojo is alarming, am preventing it from going down the drain. Hence the quick break. I’m in a very negative mode these days. I feel like the world is turning its back to me. I can’t wait for this phase to reach its end. What a way to start the new 2008 huh.

Love life is good.
Family’s affair is good.
Friends bonding are good too.

It’s the mad mad office rush. It’s too hectic. Too many things. So much so I feel like I cannot cope up with it. I’m tired of having to prove my worth. I mean, can’t I just be myself? That’s my worth to begin with. I hate the fact that I tend to get easily affected by what people say. I tend to care too much on people's perceptions towards me. Sigh...

The only mantra that keeps me grounded now is – What’s the worst can happen? It’s not like they’re going to fire me aite?? RRRRIGHT??

Things were ok in the earlier years, but as time goes by, the freaking expectation rises too. It's like the bosses are on the loose or something, chasing us to put in more effort to make sure the business keeps on growing. Last week was ended with the big boss announcing that my department will be merged with another department. I hope that's going to do good to us the employees.

Hmm, PM announced that KL will have a day off for Thaipussam. I suppose that's a very good news to me... But actually it's hard to say... Everytime I'm all geared up to a full swing working mode, I will have to make a stop when I'm not even at the gear 3. Aduiiiii la. Gimana sih mau kerja dengan produktif... *poyo-ness alert* Ape2 pun, heck now that's something to look forward to! Wee hoo~! \(^_^)/

I miss high school days.

[pictures taken yesterday at Chillis Kerol Lilia City Centre (that's KLCC :P); with Alin, Dayana, Tina & Abby].

Time's up.

OoooOoo mojo where are youuuuuuuuu........


  1. ur mojo with austin powers..

    ur bosses are dAMN HUNGRY la!!! gilanya..bigger appetite then me..

    dont worry..cant fire u...ur too cheap labour as it is..

  2. babe,
    in the event of sprucing things up for you, i'm proudly to announce that you have won


    *by free body - crookedlittlemind versatile agent of branding and awards TM.

    now u can rest and be laid back a bit.

  3. "I miss high school days." hehe. me 2. LOL.

  4. Joe,
    My bosses are soon to be yours too! welcome aboard.... :)

    Bukan the most productive worker lah.. more like... the most productive victim-of-the-last-minutes worker.. huhu.

    Tu lah kan? =)

    Thanks so much!! I think you've been there done that kan... huhu..

  5. hurm. I don't really miss high school. I just miss my high school girlfriends. :-)

  6. Wow.. merging with ITAG?.. this is news gal... why of all teams.. ITAG? Sorry Joe if u are offended with my remark :-P (if u ever read this)

  7. Abby,
    Hmm yeah true also.. its the friends i miss the most!

    Finally you say something.. hehehe. I guess Joe doesnt notice this.. heh.