Sunday, 6 January 2008

The one with.. how I wish tomorrow is actually still Sunday.. huhu.

Sigh.. Don't know why I can't still get rid off this feeling of lazy to go to office... It's not lazy per se, it's more like wanting to run away from responsibilities.. Screw me, but I really hate this one assignment I'm having on my plate now.. I know all I need to do is to get it done and over with it.. But the thing is I can't ever bear the thought of having to work my ass off to go through the process of completing the assignment... *Urghhh* I'm wishing for a miracle to happen.. Like, suddenly the client / boss decides to cancel the assignment. Or I am required for something else that is more urgent, hence somebody will have to take over the assignment. Anything. Just as long as I don't need to do this freaking assignment!!! Haihhh laa..

Anyway, on the fun side of life... I had a very great weekend. Yesterday, I just lazed around at home during the day time.. Then at night, I went out to the Pavillion to meet my Terendak friend - Tazz. So happy to know that she's in KL. Apparently, she's staying overnight at her friend's house for she's going to Singapore the next day (i.e. today) for a cruise holiday, Singapore-Penang-Haatyai. The luxurious one, where the ship even has elevators inside. And tennis court. And not only 1, but 4 swimming pools. And casino. And driving range. You know, that type of cruise where you and I generally have in mind. Not like this one. Heh.

Kerol came and pick me at about 8pm, and together we made our move to the Menara Polo in Ampang to pick my friend, Dayana. I asked Tina to come along, but somehow she's having something else. Tazz pun satu, pukul 4 baru nak msg telling us that she's in KL. Thank God I didn't have any prior plans

Seronok sangat dapat jumpe Tazz & Dayana. We talked and laughed while having our dinner at the Food Republic in the Pavillion, after which we planned to continue with our session at the waffle place in Bukit Bintang. However, we quickly changed plan after seeing how congested the Bukit Bintang area is. We were supposed to send Tazz to her friend's house somewhere at the Desa Waterpark area, so we headed straight to that area since both Dayana & I couldn't stay outside too late at night. So our session sort of continued automatically in the car.. Hehe.. Thanks Kerol for bearing with us girls.. :) Made a stop and lepak for a while at one of the mamak place near Taman Desa, and kissed Tazz goodbyes at about 11.15pm.

Today I woke up quite early, just nice to catch Melodi at TV3. Had lunch with Mama and immediately got myself ready to go out for a bowling session with my Gombak friends at Midvalley, sort of a continuation from the one we had before, on the night of the new year eve.. :P

It was my first time bowling at Midvalley, I must say I didn't like the noisy environment and also the 'darkness'. Happening lah konon ek. Oh well saya sudah tua agaknya, tak suka tempat yang bising2 ni. Huhu. Went there with Kerol, and met with the rest over there. There were Acap, Hana, Khalil, Lynn, Zul & wife Ila, Najib & wife Yanie, Nikman, Azidi, Usop and Zarir. As always, I believe bowling is all about luck.. *wink* So I accepted the fact that I didn't perform very well BECAUSE luck wasn't really at my side today.. :P Takpe, asalkan pernah ade record kalahkan Kerol & Acap, I am fine... Ngeh ngeh ngehhh..

After 2 rounds of bowling, we had dinner at the Carl's Jr.. Yummy! Luckily we still could get a place despite of the limited seatings and a lot of people. Carl's Jr. seriously have to do something about it. They should have a better system in managing the crowd since it is located at a very high traffic area, with the cinema, bowling alley and game arcade nearby.

Acap & Hana

Kerol & I

Najib & Yanie

Usop, Nikman, Zul & Ila

Khalil & Lynn

After dinner, all of us went to separate ways. Masing2 pun dah start mengeluh sebab besok kerja... Kerol and I singgah sekejap at the game arcade to play Photo Hunt before making our way back home.. *grin*

Oh ye, before the bowling session, Kerol and I went for 'a session' to 'transform':


Test water saje maaaa. Besok confirm serabai balik bak akar2 yang tumbuh meliar... :P

Ok lah.. my sister Liana asked me to go down and join her eating and watching TV. She's going back to Jakarta already tomorrow. Haihhh how time really flies eh. For instant, yesterday 5/1/2008 marked my 4th year anniversary working at the firm am working now...

Till next time! Let's work hard, the day off on Thursday is going to be the motivational factor yawww...~!


  1. heh, takde lah... :)

  2. wah so long hair 1?..n u complain my hair

    heard abt ur grandpa..hope all is well..

  3. yea yea, kamis cuti. sabar ye cik lilia. jgn puji kerol, nanti dia kembang. hahaha.