Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The one with.. back to the routine..

Hi... I don't know why but these few days I don't really have the mood to be in touch with the outside world.. I am so sorry for the unattended calls, the late reply / unreplied smses, the silence basically..

Anyway, as I'm typing this piece, I think I'm ready to go back to my normal life.. As for a start, I will be coming back to office tomorrow *yawn* - that's very normal.

Hmm, following to my last entry... one significant incident happened in my life - the death of my beloved atuk... :'( I'm all ok now, well at least at this moment. But every time just before I close my eyes to go to sleep, those few final moment I had with him will flash before my eyes, so fresh in my mind... Sad, but I know I have to be positive.. He was suffering, and now his pain has ended.. He passed away on Sunday at 4.50pm in his bed at HKL, and was safely burried on Monday at 12 noon, next to my late grandma's grave at Lukut, Negeri Sembilan..

Thanks to those thoughtful smses & calls, I really appreciate it..

Hmm, ok lah.. I kinda still in the mode of getting the hang of what I normally do. So, I guess this should suffice, for now.

Till later!


  1. i hope that tomorrow's a better day for you.

    cheers lilia!

  2. if he has rest in should you too..

    now get ur arse to work haha! just jk yeah..