Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The one with... a kamikaze holiday trip ;)

Hi there!! :)

A belated Merry Christmas wish to those who celebrates, and salam tahun baru 1430H and 2009 to everyone.. Another new year comes by, marks another new year to live.. So first thing first let's be thankful for that..kan?

So, I'm having a jolly good time so far :) Am trying hard to make sure my long leaves are properly utilised to the max... Per my previous entry, the 1st day was spent in KL doing parts of the overall exhaustive wedding preps.. On the 2nd day till 5th day, I had the kamikaze holiday plan ever - a trip to Singapore! :)

Unlike in 2006 (part 1 & part 2) and 2007, this time around I went there without a proper planning.. It was like, hey lets go Singapore and make it a great trip comes what may :P I am not allowed to carry forward my leaves you see.. Been busy till the very end of 2008, so I had to take leaves without having any proper holiday plan.. And I hate that. I mean, it defeats the whole purpose of being on leaves. To go else where (with Kerol) was not really do-able and feasible at such eleventh hour, so Singapore it was.. And thank God Alin was there! Weeeeeee.. :)

Dayana and Tazz were contemplating to join as well, but unfortunately their kamikaze plan went kaput due to some reasons (it was so close to materialise!! *isk*). Oh well, as the word kamikaze suggests -- It's either menjadi or tak menjadi..

I went there on 24th December, one day before Christmas. Orchard Road was super crowded as always, and sales were everywhere like nobody's business! I liiikeeee.. ;) Only thing was, it was too near to Christmas a lot of stuff was already running out of the normal sizes... *tsk* Oh well, we still did our shopping quest back and forth along that Orchard Road for 2 days until I had such a mega pain at both of my legs! Nevertheless, overall it was a worth getaway trip.. Managed to buy some shirts & pants for ourselves (no shoes though boo hoo!) and also perfume & make-up sets for our hantaran. And the best part of all, we went and managed to catch the very last show of Malaysian's piece of remarkable work (which ironically, is banned in Malaysia) - Muallaf during the Christmas eve! It was such a great movie, very deep.. creative, and.. outstanding.. Oh I wish I can share how great the movie is, but really it's hard to explain through words.. It's, indescribable..

Hmm.. OK lah.. enjoy the pictures ya.. Malas nak tulis caption, boleh kan? :P

Alritey, I want to browse around... Baca blog, check FB & FS.. Will update more on my holiday activities later! :)

Till then~*

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The one with... holiday checklist.

Claim - checked!

Timesheet - checked!

Filing - not done.. :P

Delegate (and being hated) - checked!

Review work - checked!

Say NO to question "Can you come back on [a date during the leaves] to discuss [work]" and the likings - checked!

Develop the I'm-gonna-be-on-leave-so-everything-else-can-wait-till-next-year attitude towards workloads - checked!

...And yet today since morning I've been receiving calls from office.. Huhu..

Anyway, I had a great day today. Woke up around 9am, and got picked up by Kerol to go to Jalan TAR. We've made this Kak Andam from one of the bridal boutique of our choice (Farah, please.. keep it hush hush for now k!) agreed to follow us to Jalan TAR and have a look at the kain that we've shortlisted earlier on..

Ye lah, I learnt my lesson from choosing the kain for my engagement baju -- warna memang lah cantik and all, tapi sebenarnya kain tuh susah nak buat baju! Huhu.. So this time around, (being the fussy me us :P), Kerol and I went to Jalan TAR first sometime back... shortlisted the kain, and did a survey on which Kak Andam yang willing untuk melayan kerenah kitorang nih... ;)

Turned out this Kak Andam is ok with that option.. weeeeeee~~ =)

So tadi pergi Jalan TAR, Kak Andam approved and said ok with the kain (Yeay!!!) and bought it, went back to the boutique, sealed the deal.. and now awaiting for the next phase of the whole making the baju process lah I suppose... Alhamdulillah, so far looks like things are going on just fine.. Hopefully it will stay this way till the big day, amin~* :)

Sekarang tengah ada problem with photographer pulak... Hmmm.. Oh well, one thing at a time... will deal with it later.

So after finished with the wedding related tasks, I followed Kerol to continue with his work.. Hehehe.. He's not on leave yet, but somehow managed to went MIA in the morning. We went to Putrajaya, he settled his work while I waited in the car, then had the seriously yummylicious nasi ayam dara berempah at one of the foodcourt there (damn it I feel hungry now just by the thought of it.. Huhu!), and went to catch a movie thereafter..

In our attempt to save cost (:P), we went to MBO instead.. Thought of watching Bolt, but it was not in favour to our timing.. So in the end, we watched Los and Faun... Second time for me, but first time for Kerol.. He kinda like it though, but not to the point of shouting it to the whole world "It's a must watch"..

Eh oK lah.. I guess when I am at ease, I tend to write everything to the details of it ey..? Heh. I'd better log off now.. I have a holiday trip to make tomorrow! :)

Till later~*

Sunday, 21 December 2008

The one with... here and there in December 2008..

Ahhhh finally a time of my own in front of the laptop, not doing work..but surfing the net.. In the words of McDonald's famous tagline - I'm loving it! :) Broadband at home is still in it's PMS mode (sheeshhh!!), but hey now I have found a new place to hang out and enjoy the free wifi! Kissing Starbucks goodbyes, greetings...Old Taste White Coffee.. *grin* It's nearer to my place, the food is cheaper (decent taste though), environment is not bad, and most important -- the connection is fast (and free).. :)

1. Things have been pretty hectic for me for the past one week.. I'm stress over a lot of things lately... :( How stress??

This stress.

Close up - Yep. Not one, not two.. but now I have six freaking 'nandekssss' !!!! :( siGh.

2. Last weekend I went for Muni's daughter - Maya Arissa's cukur jambul & akikah.. She's so cute and adorable!!

Maya's crib that day..

Muni & Maya..

Isn't she lovely...? :)

Poser, I know. Tapi nak letak jugak coz me likey.. :p

Oya and me..

Rafiq, Famie (Maya's daddy yang over that day, siap pakai baju melayu lengkap dengan sampin & songkok.. *hehe*), & Karim..

Rafiq & Yana, with Danish & Dameer.

Cute kan this pic? Rafiq and Yana's two boys - Danish & Darwish. The parents are of the same age as mine, they were my uni-mate once.. And now they are happily married with 3 boys.. Suka sangat tengok anak2 diorang dah besar dah.. (just a mere fact, no pressure ;p)

More pictures here.

3. Middle of last week I managed to squeeze in sometime to meet Concorde & family. He's my senior way back in high school days, who's currently working in France. He informed me that he'll be in KL for few days. The last time I met him and Kak Hani (the wifey), they were two. And now they are doubled! :) Kerol & I went to meet them at the Curve, and had a great time catching up over *ahem* free dinner... =) We owe you twice now!

Pic curik from facebook :p -- Concorde & family.. (masa jumpa haritu tak took pic coz I left my camera at home.. Huhu)

Their two lovely and cheeky daughters -- Mya Sophea & Jasmine Elmyra...

4. During the recent weekend I attended Kunut's wedding.. She's one of my high school friends back in MRSM Taiping. Kerol and I went quite early to her wedding for we had to go for another wedding pulak after tu.

We bumped into the rombongan pihak lelaki on our way walking back to the car, hence the picture.. :) Hmm I didn't get to meet my other schoolmates at Kunut's wedding, I guess most of them came at about 2pm or so.. Kerol and I then made move to another wedding, it was the wedding of Kerol's highschool friend. We were quite tired by then, so we gave it a miss for another wedding.. It was Kak Sara's wedding, my senior in UiTM.. (Huhu, yeap we had 3 wedding invitations altogether that day!) Hope Oya did send my regards and well wishes to her.. ;)

4. I can now access Faceb00k in office, weeeeeeee! (But it's only after office hour.. Oh well, at least.)

5. We've gotten our first ever hantaran item bought already... kaching!$!$! (Thanks Alin & Dayana for the arrangement that day.. Huhu..)

6. My sis Liana is back in Malaysia! But I'm a bit sad though, can't bring the family out for dinner and entertainment like I normally do, due to tight budget.. *iSk*

7. My lil bro Ajim has just finished with his SPM recently, and now being offered for the same course I did years back when I finished with my SPM... For God knows what reasons, I am so excited! :) He's registering as soon as this coming Friday..

8. Tomorrow will be my last working day for 2008. Will resume work only on the 8th of January 2009... *can't wait!*

9. But in the meantime, rest assured tomorrow is gonna be one heck of a busy day!

With that, I'd better go home now and sleep. After all, I have 6 'dots' to take care of.. Enough sleep is one of the ways to go! Oh, and lots and lots of plain water too!

Till later~*

Friday, 12 December 2008

The one with... counting days! (to weekend.. to holidays.. to wedding? hmm maybe not yet :p)

I’ve never felt soooo desperate wanting for the weekend to come by, the way I feel this week…! (working in a stressful environment with a restricted internet connection is such a hell! *siGh*)

I have one more week to go, then I'm gonna be on leave until the second week of January 2009…yeeehaaa~~* Thanks to the in-between public holidays (25th Dec – Christmas, 29th Dec – Awal Muharram, 1st Jan – New Year) and my firm’s generous act to declare the 26th Dec as our off day too! (Boxing Day katanye… heh) -- the remaining balance of my annual leaves can really be stretched to the max, to my favour.. *grin*

Next week will swing by so fast I’m sure, as I will be away from office the whole of next week -- 2 days at Klang (Abot, will you be in office next Monday & Tuesday? I’m coming there you know ;)), 1 day in KL, and another 2 days in JB.

Until then, so that I don’t have to spend my holiday worrying over the unfinished business.

Hmmm speaking of holiday, I have not decided yet on what to do and where to go.. On top of my list now is to go Singapore, but I haven’t reached to a conclusion yet. Other than that, one thing for sure some time will be spent on doing parts of the wedding preps, hanging out with family (my lil sis Liana is coming back this coming Sunday!), hanging out with fiancé is of course in the list, with friends, and most important -- a me time! =)

Can’t wait…!

As for now, back to work it is.

Till later~*

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The one with... of insignificant entry.

.... and the day has come -- some time back it was fr1endster.. now they have banned f@ceb00k already!! *iSk* There goes my getaway at work. Please pretty please, don't let them take away bl0gsp0t and w0rdpress. (Parv, if you are reading this, please take note!!! Eeee so sad!)


I had a great long weekend, despite the tiring JB trip on Friday and 2 trips back to office during the holiday for meeting and conference call.

Basically my sister has summarised some of the activities I did, read here... :)

Yes, we are quite impressed with the new Jusc0 at AU_2.. (we live in AU_1) and soon there'll be W@ngs@ W@lk too.. 'Kampung'ku bertambah maju yawwww.. (hence the worsen traffic jam too! sheessh).

I've also watched 2 movies over the weekend:

1. Los dan Faun

The movie was no doubt nice and funny, after all it's Afdl1n Sh@uki's film. I love all of his movies. But... I think all the huha created here and there has made my expectation went rise up high lah, leaving me with a little bit of disappointment at the end of the day. Perhaps, I got way excited at first, but then my expectation was not entirely met eventually. Well in all equality, yet another creative local production to be proud of, nevertheless.

2. Transporter 3

I've never watched the first two installments, so I went to watch this movie without any expectation at all but merely relying on Kerol's suggestion. He loves both Transporter 1 and Transporter 2, so he's been looking forward for # 3. The verdict, I love it too! :)

Well, maybe..just maybe I got a bit bias since it was our let's-spoil-ourselves day -- we had sushi for lunch, followed by a triple decker cheesecake for dessert, then a stroll around the mall doing some window shopping on the items we plan to buy for our wedding hantarans, and finally a decision to watch this movie, in all itchiness, at G$C Sign@ture in The G@rdens (*gRin*).. We both got so comfy with this up scale cinema we had to remind ourselves, only SELECTED movie can be watched there.. and Kerol had to add, "romantic movies, m@lay movies, chic flicks, other cerita merepek2 and such, cannot watch here!".. :P Baik lah!

OK lah... I have nothing else to write. I'd better continue with work..

Oh before I go, an overdue tag thingy by Fauzana sometime back... here goes!

1) How old are you?

Hmm.. I’d like to think that I’m a sweet 16 trapped in a 26 yrs old body ;)

2) Are you single?

Happily engaged.. :)

3) At what age do you think you’ll get married?

When I’m still sweet 16 trapped in 27 yrs old body.

4) Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??

InsyaAllah yes.

5) If not, who do you want to marry?


6) Do you want a garden / beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?

Hmm.. a contemporary ones -- mix of everything that is.. =) Well, after all the best weddings have personal touches and are a reflection of the bride and groom.. So that’s exactly the kind I’m gonna have, i.e. whatever to the likings of both Kerol & I.. ;)

7) Your ideal motif?

Not sure yet, but trying to steer clear from blue so that it’s gonna be something different… *wink*

8) Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?

Haven’t come to that…yet!

9) How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

My guest list to date already consists of a good 300++ people (excluding relatives as that will fall under my parents’ list…).. Hmmm.

10) Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?

A simple to others, but extravagant to me & Kerol…

11) Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own?

I guess this doesn’t apply to the Muslim’s wedding aite? Well… but whatever it is I’m sure just like the other married couples, both Kerol and I would have the mutual vow to continue love each other till death do us apart….

12) How many layers of cake do you want to have?

Hmm.. a question I haven’t been thinking of…yet.

13) Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?

A simple place… to be nicely decorated.

14) When do you want to get married, evening or morning?

If it’s referring to wedding solemnization, I’d prefer it to be in the morning.

15) You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?


16) Do you like a grand entrance for your bride?

Ini question untuk Kerol kah? Well, on behalf of him… the answer would be, hmmm yes? ;) Well bukan la grand apa… just nak ada that traditional kompang played out loud…

17) Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??

I have few love songs to be played, haven’t do the cut yet.

18) Are you a morning person or a night person?

A night person, come year 2009 must practice to be a morning person… Huhu…

19) Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?

As I’ve answered before… a modern ones with a touch of Malay’s custom and tradition…

20) What age do you want to get married?

A repetitive question this is, I believe.

21) Describe your ideal husband /wife.

Accept me for who I am, and share the same interests and inspiration with me when it comes to what kind of life we want to lead in the future.

22) Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?

Isn’t fine dining use spoon & fork / knife?

23) Champagne or red wine?


24) Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

Hmm.. few days after kot?

25) Money or household item?

Both please… *grin*

26) Who will pay for the bills?

Sharing is caring.

27) Are you ready for married life?

Believe me, to this day, whenever this question came across my mind, I have the tendency to question back, “Ready in what sense?”

Well.. honestly, ready tak ready I guess when the time comes, it comes.. and that means, I AM ready... Bring it on! (Wah, confident.. :P)

28) Do you think you will still be a virgin until you get married?


29) Will you always be true to your wife/husband?

InsyaAllah hopefully the jodoh between Kerol and I will last.

30) How many kids do u like?

Entah.. tak terfikir lagi…

31) A new house for a newly wed or an old one?

Ideally of course la would be a new house… But I’m a realist. So it doesn’t matter as long as we have each other. After all it's gonna be a whole new journey altogether regardless..and that matters the most :)

32) Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?

I don’t understand this question.

33) What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?

Up to the 2 mothers….. heh.

34) Whose wedding plans would you like to know next???

1. My sis Erin
2. Oya
3. Dayana
4. Alin
5. Tazz

6. Dalie
7. Peeja (not sure whether you've answered this tag before or not, otherwise please ignore.. :P)
8. Joe
9. Pae
10. Fieza
11. Azidi

(Saya adalah sibuk badan nak tau pasal orang lain punya opinion towards all these wedding-related questions :P Yang dah kahwin or dah dekat nak kahwin, you are considered disqualified. So jangan kecik hati tak kena tag. Eh tapi kalau nak buat jugak, silakan..)

Till later~*

p.s. sibuk badan = busy body

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The one with... bad things do happen (to good people).

I was supposed to drive to JB today this morning for work.

It was supposed to be a 2 days & 1 night trip.

Since I’m gonna be all alone, I’ve booked myself a nice hotel (read: Hyatt) and already had in mind to have the best me-time over there.. (imagine: deluxe room, dinner in bed via room service and a scrumptious buffet spread for breakfast).. You know, just wanted to take things from a positive light since I have no one else left in JB to hang-out with (Farah, it’s all your fault :P).

Anyway. Like I said, it was supposed to happen that way.

Until I met Kerol yesterday night for dinner.

As always, I went to GE Mall to meet him. These days he goes to work by riding his bike instead of driving his car. I met him at about 7pm, he got into my car, he said “Let’s go to a place with free wi-fi for dinner.. We can surf the net for [some info]. Old Town White Coffee (OTWC), can?”.. To which I said, “Hmm I feel like having KFC laa”.

We agreed to go to the one in Wang$a M@ju, near the C@rrefour.

So the only sensible thing was for us to go there separately, as it would be easier for us to part later. He left his backpack in my car, and off he went to take his bike.

Of course he reached first, as I got stuck in the ever stupid jam at Jal@n Jel@tek. I reached slightly later, around 7.3opm.

We went inside, and had our meal. But the free wi-fi sucks. Shaiks. Should have gone to OTWC. After we were done with the finger-licking good meal one hour later, I then told him that I wanted to go back already as I had to wake up early the next day to drive to JB.

So we walked to my car, only to realise that the alarm was triggered off. (With so many people there, I wonder why the heck nobody bothered to inform the diners? Especially those Pizz@ Hut's delivery guys. Sheesh! If you've been there right, you'd have noticed it was quite a happening area tau. Cars coming in and out. The kids' playground was outside the KFC, unlike any normal outlets where it's located inside. How can the KLites be so ignorant?! Selfish!)

Kerol ran to the car. He opened the left side passenger’s door. And screamed, “My laptop.. Where’s my laptop??!!”

I hurried over.

“It was there just now, I swear!”

And the rest was history……


Yes, somebody broke into my car.

Yes, that somebody stole Kerol’s laptop.

Yes, at the end of the day, we know it’s nobody’s fault. But ours.

We took out my laptop, but not his. Of which we will normally take out both. God knows why that night we took only one out. Guess we were just underestimating the situation by thinking, "It's ok.. the bag is covered by a black jacket, and my car window is tinted.. it's gonna be hard for a passerby to see what's inside.."

So please by all means, do me a favour... Don’t say things like, “Tu lahhh… jangan tinggal laptop dalam kereta..” and such.



We had to go to 3 police stations. And called it the day by 11pm. We were so exhausted. Kerol called his immediate boss from office. So did I.

Both of us were on emergency leave today. And were busy since morning to settle the necessary.
It didn’t take us long to feel all redha towards the whole thing. We told each other and agreed, “Allah nak duga kita ni..”

I must say, the lost was more felt on Kerol’s side.

He lost his favourite Deuter backpack.
He lost his laptop. And all the info contained therein, including pictures and his work stuff.
He lost his thumbdrive(s).
He lost his bank books.
He lost his important documents, including our dewan’s confirmation letter that we had just gotten ourselves for 2 days ago.

I had to cancel my JB trip.
And now my 2 days worth of workloads has to be squeezed into just 1 day. (Wish me luck). I’m flying in first flight out tomorrow morning, and coming back last flight out.

For all the things we’ve lost, we gain something else. InsyaAllah.

Till later~*

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The one with... December 2008 -- work overloaded.

Whether you like it or not, time flies and to state the obvious -- yes it’s December already!

My my, I cant actually quite believe that.. soon another year is going to pass us by.. What have I done for this past one whole year? *iSk* I would like to think that I’ve achieved and did so much but really, who am I to kid? Hmm perhaps that’s another entry altogether as I’m just tired to come out with such entry requiring some deep thoughts and whatnots.

So a no-brainer entry it is now shall we? :)

I’ve been so occupied la lately.. And today only it really hit me, how the hell that I’m going to utilise the remaining balance of my annual leaves when workloads are awaiting for me like nobody’s business?

Just before lunch a while ago I was told that I need to start 2 new assignments -- 1 in JB and another 1 in Klang. (WTH?!)

To top it up, yesterday I was told that there’s another job I need to be in charged as well, and also it’s going to be in JB. And it’s starting as soon as this coming Thursday.

Oh, and there’s another assignment awaiting for me to start also during the first week of January 2009.

All these are new jobs that I’m talking about, whatever happens to the current ones?

Sheessshhh. I am sad you know. So sad!

But the thing is, I can’t complain much. All my other peers are in the same boat of mine, even worst, if not at par.

And just like a slap on face, I am still feeling the impact -- of (suddenly) being told about all these new jobs I need to start. I am still ‘hurt’. I still can’t adapt. I can’t move. I can’ think. I just.. don’t know what and where to start. The rebellious part of me just wants to protest, not wanting to do any work. Only for today (I hope), come what may!

I have only two types of working attitude and they are both of the extreme sides -- super hardworking OR super bummer.

Panic attack kah ini?

The great weekend I recently had seems like a distant away now.

The nice time I had on a Friday night with Dayana and Tina..

The outing I had with Kerol on Saturday daytime, with his relatives during the early Saturday night, and the late Saturday night time spent at my house having a pillow talk kind of session with Alin and Dayana -- which was spilled over till the Sunday morning (my body clock is still adjusting due to that, oh well the tell tale sign of aging!)..

And Sunday was half day spent on some me-time and another half was spent with my family…

All these.. are like a d i s t a n t m e m o r y now.. :(

The ever mounting workloads are such a kill.

They told us we cannot carry forward our annual leaves, but I hate it so much having to apply them for nothing. I want my annual leaves to be properly spent. And it’s already December, I don’t have any holiday plan whatsoever at all..! I want to go to Singapore as I’ve planned to buy some of my hantarans stuff there, but with the state of our currency now against SGD, I am not sure -- is it going to be a wise decision?

SiGh.. I shall just zzzzip it, and suck it up ey?!

Till later then~!

Monday, 24 November 2008

The one with... the red-ish weddings..

1. Wedding Bibi, my UiTM's friend held at Dewan Putrajaya... She looked soooo beautiful and cute as always on her wedding day :)

So happy to get to meet the usual crowd - Oya, Nana, Ayu & Yanti, and some others - Iyma, Zura, K-roll, Faten, Jo, Ya, Sally, Husna, Lisa and Ilani..

2. Wedding Acap & Hana... Acap ni Kerol's BFF... and so happened he's actually my ex-classmate (skali ngan Kerol jugak laaa), mase kat SRK Gomb@k 1.. :) So ever since I met Kerol, banyak laaa time spent with his Gombak's friends.. termasuk la Acap & his then-gf now-wifey Hana.. :) Well last weekend was quite busy for me, dah kate Acap and Kerol ni BFF kan.. So Kerol banyak got involved jugak la.. and that means indirectly I was getting involved too..

Hari Jumaat masa diorang nikah, I wasn't involved... coz it was on a working day. But Kerol did, tapi dia tak bawak camera pulak.. So there are no pictures of Acap and Hana on their solemnization day in my keeping.. But whatever it is, I am so happy for them... With one lafaz, they were pronounced husband and wife... Alhamdulillah...

Hari Sabtu awal2 lagi dah pegi pick up Acap at his house, to form his rombongan to go to Dewan T@n Sr1 M@hfoz Kh@lid for his wedding reception, Hana's side.. We gathered at the M@sjid Neg@ra first, to perform the Zuhur prayer before making our move to the Dewan... Oh Acap and Hana looked soooo gorgeous in red! :) Enjoy the pictures je lah ek.. malas nak tulis panjang2 dah.. :P

"Butang baju melayu aku mana Pahhhhh.." ;P haippp, kerol mase ni jadi pengapit.. bukan nak pi nikah!

A lot of helping hands needed! (lelaki memang sempoi kan? kat luar masjid pun leh bersiap.. :P)

Tahan napas jangan tak tahan... hehehe.. Nikman pun terikut2 heh?

Tiga sekawan... from L-R: Nikman, Zul, Nazrin a.k.a... Z? ke Jamal? :P

The girlfriends who came to accompany Acap's rombongan.. Fieza, Lyn, Ayu, Yani and her cute lil girl Insyirah..

Acap and Hana.. in front of the dewan..

On the stage... that's Kerol in action! hahaha.. dia cuak lebih dari pengantin.. :P

The just-got-married Zarir & Aimi..

The single and available (?) Nazrin..

The ever cute lil girl Insyirah - Najib's & Yani's daughter..

Hmm.. gambar2 yg lain2 takde pulak! ok the rest of the pictures kinda say it all!

Then hari Ahad pulak, both Kerol and I were the bestman and bridesmaid each.. Also, we were involved since morning... The wedding reception on Acap's side was held at Dew@n K0mun1t1 T@man Koper@si P0li$... Since both Kerol and I were in action, so we didn't have that many pictures in our camera.. Lagipun the day before that I was so tired that I forgot to charge our camera..

Hmm both Acap and Hana ni ex MR$M Jasin, and Hana studied in Sheffield.. So masa wedding diorang banyak laaa jugak jumpa my own friends... Dari G0Mb@k 1' friends (Anne, Shahar, Alifah, etc), to MR$M Terend@k's friends (Eddie Jawa & Cyber) to MR$M T@iping's friends (Syikin Razali, Meor, Aizat, Yeen) and U1TM's friends (Rafiq, Yana, Yani) as well.. Huhu..

Alritey, that's all I have for now! Better get some sleep already, wishing for a better state of health tomorrow... ciao~*

p.s. hmmm for more pictures lets wait until the newlyweds return back from their honeymoon k! :) because until then I think Hana's blog will remain idle.. for quite a while!