Friday, 7 December 2007

The one with.. up up and away... :)

Am all okay now, alright... =)

Hmm, I can’t sleep..

As tomorrow (more like later of the day, hah) I'm going to PD after lunch for my department trip and will only come back to KL (hopefully not too late) at night after the barbeque dinner and gift-exchange session and perhaps some other fun activities (what a miss I didn’t get to stay overnight with the rest), I had to start packing up for my Singapore trip already. We are taking the earliest ticket for a bus ride to Singapore on Saturday – 8am. So I wouldn’t have that much of a time to wait until I come back from PD to do my packing.

Came back from work at about 6.30pm just now and headed straight to Gombak to pick Kerol. We went to Alpha Angle as I had to run some errant, and reached home only at about 10pm. Was so tired don’t know why, but I somehow managed to ‘force’ myself to start packing (hey to decide which t-shirt to bring with which tudung is not an easy thing to do okey.. :P), to do my ironing for tomorrow’s office attire, to wash dishes and by the time I was done with all that, I was all awake already. And that’s when I realised its Thursday and its TARA (The Amazing Race Asia) day!! I watched the repeat show at 12midnight just now and boy it was one heck of a nerve-wracking episode.. (I can get very emotional when watching TV shows FYI). Especially when they kept on showing how Pamela and Vanessa faced a lot of hiccups. Phew. OK I shall not elaborate further as someone might have not watched the episode yet.. :)

OK lah. I better go get my sleep now.. Till I come back from Singapore!

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