Saturday, 29 December 2007

The one with... reaching the end of holiday (not yet, but soon)..

Sigh.. Sigh.. Sigh !!!

On my last day at work before I went off for my annual leaves clearance, I told myself not to worry about all the outstanding workloads for I know myself I will be much refreshed after the long break, hence the supposedly higher motivation to start 2008 with a much better (i.e. positive) mindset.

Who knows, I am still feeling dragged by the thought of going back to office soon. Huhu. But seriously, I want to have a brand new start at work. I hope I will be able to do so once I 'start my engine'...

Anyway, lets not worry about tomorrow today.

So, my final holiday destination was.....

Hehehe. Yup. I went to Genting Highland kota keriangan last Thursday.. *wink* I wanted to have a holiday with Kerol, so mana lagi nak pergi without having to spend overnight kan, hence the lame Genting.. boo hoo. But come to think of it, I never had the chance to really explore Genting. Betul, tak tipu.

My first time there was back in year 2004 I think, I went there with Mama, Erin & Ajim. Itu pun pergi sebab nak tengok how things are over there, in terms of the entrance fees and the rides etc etc etc, so that we know how much the spending like over there. Kira senang la nak buat planning if nak datang betul2 untuk berjimba later with the family. Mase tuh memang tak naik rides pun, just walked around and naik benda alah ulat bulu yang pusing keliling Genting dengan kelajuan 1km sejam tuh.. :P

Then, second time pergi early 2005 with my colleagues. Again, went there saje2... tried few rides jer kot. Well, dah la roller coasters and the like are not my idea of having fun, pastu that time takde pulak sape2 nak encouraged suruh naik ke.. cabar suruh try ke.. just like how my Gombak friends managed to convince me to try the roller coaster at the Times Square's Theme Park.. Huhu.

Maka, on Thursday 27/12/2007 off Kerol & I went up to the Genting hill..

We purchased the 'all park' pass, costed us RM51. Hmm.. nak cerita further with the pictures pun a bit segan cause it's gonna be all about us. Kang ada yang muntah darah pulak kan.. :P Tunjuk few je lah ek. Lagi pun, after dah pergi explore betul2 pun, takde lah best sangat. I mean, there are only few thrill rides jer.. Kalau takut nak naik (read: people like me), then the rest will be yang bodoh2 jer kan. Macam the Crazy Space Lab, serious bodoh giler. Pastu yang bende 4D tuh, mak aiii.. Sangat tak best ok. Then go-kart, hmm kalau pergi ramai2 best la... Ni pergi berdua ngan Kerol... Pulak tuh, aku drive belakang makcik tua yang drive slow gile.. Nak overtake pun susah... Hmmmpphh. Memang tak best betul lah. DinosaurLand seriously lagi satu tempat yang hampeh. How the heck do I know all these? Welllll... Sebab kitorg pergi try... Kekekeke.

So all in all, among the thrill rides, I just tried that swing thingy called 'Spinner'. Then the moving ship called 'Pirate Ship'. Yang Space Shot, Cork Screw, and Flying Coaster sume tak berani naik.. :P However, we made sure we fully utilised the RM51 pass by having the indoor games, especially the bumper car.. hehehe. Beratur banyak kali pun tak kisah. Anyway, there were heck a lot of people ok even though we went on weekdays. Huh.

We ended up our day trip at a quite late at night by playing the game machines especially on the Photo Hunt game.. Spent like we have had enough for that more important event... Huhu. Takpe, next year, ikat perut - ni Kerol yang kate... :)

Ok lah.. Enjoy some pictures k.

Dua2 pakai Crocs yang beli kat Singapore :)

Ni kat DinosaurLand yang sangat memboringkan..

Ni with the Cork Screw ride as the background.. Huhu.. Tak berani!

Ni sebelum naik Go Cart. Sangat buduh kena pakai shower cap. Tapi nak buat cemane, helmet busuk. And it's for hygenic purposes.

Ni before flag off.. :)

Ni mase naik the Pirate Ship..

Ni akibat sorang kurang tinggi.. sorang lagi lebih tinggi.. Cubaan menangkap gambar adalah dari pihak yang kurang tinggi... :P

One thing for sure, I had a great time.. In fact, I enjoyed my holiday so far.. Tidur lambat... Bangun pun lambat... Huhu.. Makan junk food, fast food like there's no tomorrow.. Tengok TV sampai lebam... Not healthy for my body, but... sangat stress-free.. I like! Whatever happens with the after math, I'll deal with that later..

Hmm yesterday I went to Mid Valley with Kerol and we watched Alien vs Predator. Best la jugak, walaupun agak serabut sebab I couldn't tell which one is Alien and which one is Predator.. Plus, effect 18SG sangat menterkejutkan.. :O

Ok lah.. I want to go get some sleep now. Besok I have 2 weddings to attend - one during daytime and another one at night.. Till next time!


  1. waa... best nyer... pls don't refrain urself from putting ur pics in ur own blog on my account (even tho i might actually muntah darah)... hehe... and Cork Screw thingy is really fun as long as u didn't eat beforehand and it is your last ride...

    berjimba = ?
    menterkejutkan = ?

  2. hehehe... Oya kan dah pernah pergi dulu explore ngan ur Che K kan... :) and about the pics, yeah, i will try not to refrain myself next time.. (that's very comforting, thanks) hahaha :P

    re Cork Screw, thanks for the tips, but i will never have the guts to try it.. huhu.

    berjimba - berjoli.
    menterkejutkan - mcm, tersgt 18SG la.. terkejut sane.. terkejut sini.. saspen... you get the idea.

    do i make myself clear? :D

  3. Hai Lilia...enjoy reading ur blog.

    Anyho...ape yang susah sgt nak bezakan alien & predator? Tapi xbest kan? Last2 2-2 mati? Aku benci btol ending save bajet nih!

  4. adult? i thought u dapat half price. hehe. :P

  5. Aredeja,
    Hi! Thanks.. :) I think last time ade gak bace ur blog sometimes mase dok blog hopping from one to another. But now yours is set to private eh...

    Re AVP, kan ke in this second installment alien tuh evolved from perut predator, so dia punya features tuh ade menyerupai predator.. agak konfius di situ esp time diorg gaduh when camera shot sangat dekat... :) well, it looks like 2-2 mati, but the ending was hanging.. am sure they have some tricks to make both alien and predator alive still for the 3rd version! (pandai2 aku jer.. hehe)

    yeah i thought so too! but i guess i am not that young anymore in the face... huhu..

    happy new year to you too!