Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The one with.. a quick update.

Am having the year-end blues..

I feel so so sooooo dragged having to do all the works allocated to me. *sigh* Malas + demotivated + menyampah dengan lady boss + looking forward to holidays!

I just got back from Kedah - went there on Monday & Tuesday for work, alone. So tiring! Hence the decision to not to come to work this morning.. :) Came during lunch time instead, picked Parv, Eddie & Ruben from office and off we went to the ikan bakar place at the Jalan Bellamy.. That was our second attempt going there. The first time - we weren't sure with the direction. This second time around - still, we weren't very sure with the direction, had to do god knows how many u-turns, and finally, we found the place :) (to Joe, so sorry I didn't know why you weren't there during this second time mission). The place was not that bad - I liked the sotong bakar very much. The ikan bakar, to me, was still comparable to the one at Kampung Baru. Bumped into 2 seniors from MRSM Terendak, they looked so different (read: bigger) but somehow still recognisable.

Sheeshhh I'm so waiting for 5.30pm, can't wait to go off. Huhu. Serious, kadar efficiency telah jatuh sangat merudum.

Hmm, it's our department trip this Friday. This time around, we are going to PD.. As much as I am all excited, I couldn't help it from feeling sad too as it's going to be Parveen's last day.. *isk*

And from Saturday to Tuesday, am going to Singapore...!!! (yeah, again..). People asked me, best sangat ke pergi Singapore tu? Coz I think I've been going there for quite some times already. Well, it depends. I think I like it the most during the Christmas time. Sangat meriah.. and also a lot of stuff are on sales. Yeah yeah I know it's RM1 to SGD2.3++. But really, if you manage to spot the right stuff, its very worth buying them in Singapore. Anyway, Singapore tuh kira macam abes oversea laa kan untuk orang2 seperti saya yang tak pernah pegi US / UK lagi.. huuuuu~~! Kira kalau ada orang eksyen buleh cakap, "Ohhh I every year go to Paris to shop for clothings etc etc etc". I also get to say something like that too, you get what I mean? Hahaha. Whatever.

And, another plus point - nak pergi Singapore tu senang, planning last minute pun takpe. Last year I went with my Terendak girlfriends. This year, am going with Kerol and our Gombak friends. Dulu saving sket accomodation costs coz my friend Dayana was staying there in Singapore. This year, eventhough Alin is there, but she won't be around during the time we are going. So, this is the first time ever am gonna stay there in Singapore itself. Words from the street those budget yet decent hotels are located at the Geylang area.. which however known as the 'red light district' of Singapore. I can see some reviewers giving bad ratings about the place; but heck I personally think if all we're going to do with the hotel rooms are sleeping, then what more do we need aite? So fingers crossed hopefully the hotel we, I mean, I booked is not that bad.

Anyway, my sister Erin just got back from Jakarta & Bandung. Tengok dia shopping, mak aiiii. Sangat menjeleskan. Especially on the kain2. Hmmm, next year I must make it a point to go there too.. :)

Tahun ni kiranya I don't get to go for holidays as much as I did on the past two years. Besides going to Singapore, I'm going to go for the Lumut-Langkawi cruise with my family & another 2 families from the neighbourhood during the Raya Haji & Christmas break. People asked me about the costs. I said its RM110 per person, for 3 days & 2 nights. And the next response I received - "Are you serious?? That's so cheap. Which cruise are you taking?". Well honestly, I have no idea that price is considered cheap for a cruise trip. And also, honestly, I have no idea about the whole cruise thing that I'm going. It's Mama and her friends from the neighbourhood yang planning, I tolong inject modal jer. We shall see how. We are going to Pangkor one day in advance, before going to Lumut the next day. I hope its going to be a good family trip ever.

Seriously, I just want to enjoy my year end. Dear bosses, please cut me some slack!!!! Whatever happens to the relaxing December?? Take some chill pills will ya bosses? (cakap belakang berani laaa aku nihhh kan).

Ada masa lagi before 5.30pm. Hmm last weekend I had a great outing with my Taiping friends. Met Narqes, Ida, Kunut, Iema & Ad at The Curve on Sunday. Before that I was suppose to go for a friend's wedding, which however I gave it a miss. Been working my ass off on Saturday afternoon till evening, then had a 'Singapore trip meeting' with Kerol, Hana, Azidi & Acap at Starbuck Alpha Angle, before continued back with work at home till 6 morning the next day. Gosh am so damn crazy working slaves!! What gives?!

So yeah, I didn't go for that friend's wedding. But Kunut did. So after she finished with the makan2, she was sent to my house by Dalie! :) Kenapa ada exclamation mark? Heh, because I was so excited to see her. She's my friend from Taiping too. But we weren't that close then. Started to, only in this blogging world. Hehehe. Anyway, she came with another Taiping friend, Abot and their friend Linda. They left in hurry as Dalie had to make way back home to Perak, while Kunut and I on the other hand made our move to The Curve.

The initial plan was to lepak berkaraoke. But ended up with eating cakes session at the Secret Recipe, celebrating Ad's & Kunut's birthday before heading off to Marche for dinner.

Yeayieee it's 5.30 already. Kerol got a free tix for the premier of The Golden Compass at GSC Pavillion. Am making my move now.



  1. g singepore ber5 je ker?
    c u there...

  2. eh you are going too?? bila? aritu usop kate tak pergi.. hmmm.

    anyway, a'ah.. pergi ber5 jer... yang lain2 xsure kenape xdpt pergi...

  3. yg lain2? (am i considered as yg lain2 :p) saye x dpt pegi sbb mmg xleh pegi..ade submission slase depan, so kene struggle kat ofis harini, esok, lusa, tulat smpai ari slase..

    lilia, nak kirim bli perfume bole? kate kat singapore perfume murah eh?^_^

  4. Pae,

    i c.. xpelah.. ritu dah bercuti ke sabah kan? am sure you are all refreshed now.. :) anyway, kalau betul nak pesan perfume, bgtau la.. lagi bagus kalau dh survey harga, baru bleh buat comparison and decide murah ke tak kt singapore tuh.