Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The one with... post holiday update #1 - PD trip.

Hi..! I just got back from Singapore yesterday.. Tapi harini dah start rasa pressure pasal kerja dah... (+_~)

Takpe takpe.. meh cite happy2 dulu. I want to cherish all the great memories before going through the rest of the coming days of the week, come what may... huhu.

Before my Singapore trip, I went to PD with the rest of colleagues from my department on 7/12/2007. Was supposed to stay overnight, but I didn't, as my bus to Singapore was scheduled to be on the next day early in the morning.

Our bosses had given their consent that we can have a half day off on that Friday, so Parveen and I made our move during lunch time at about 1.30pm. We dropped by at Eddie's house in Subang to have our lunch before heading straight to PD. Reached there at about 4pm and had our rest for a while. Anushia reached soon after and joined Parveen & I in our room. We stayed at The Legend Water Chalet. Was a nice place to stay, except that it wasn't that nice as compared to what they've potrayed in their website (pretty common hah?). We stayed in their Premium Water Chalet room, and I would say the design was a bit awkward in the sense that the moment you open the door, it was the toilet area, and as you go pass by the toilet area then only you'll find the door that brings you to the main room where the bed and tv are located. So its like no one can enter the room nor can anyone go out of the room when somebody is taking shower or doing his business in the toilet. Funny aite?

And here's the view from the balcony at our room....

We gathered by the pool at about 7.30pm to have our barbeque dinner. There were some hiccups though - things did not turn out the way it was supposed to be. As the organizer of the trip, Parveen was dissapointed by the fact that they didn't arrange things according to her request. Anyway, things were pretty much sorted out by half an hour later. Food was so so, the main highlight was during the gift exchange session.

Everyone was being so supportive by bringing together the present as requested earlier. Including the bosses.

Another fun thing was on the surprise cake arranged by the bosses for Parveen.

Hence the perfect timing for me to present my surprise farewell gift for her too... :)

I gave her a hard cover album with all our pictures together printed on it. Thanks to Rozek, a part time photographer and a friend of mine, who helped me to come out with such a great artwork.

The above is the front page of the album. It's our picture in Bali, taken in 2004. Both looks so different kan? Hehehe.

I left PD at about 11pm that very night itself and reached home at about few minutes past midnight. Thank God it wasn't raining as I drove alone back to KL.

Hmm.. I'll do the update on my Singapore trip in my next entry as I'm still waiting for the pictures from the others' cameras. All I can say is, I had a great time where we....

- shopped till drop -

- tried the local dishes -

- and met my childhood bestfriends.. -

OK lah... I want to go get some rest. Semalam on the way back to KL from Singapore we talked about getting MC today. Who knows, I really need an MC.. huhu.. Dari tadi dok soksek soksek jer hidung ni... (am having flu!).

Tadi masa called manager telling her about me not coming in today, I found out that there's a miscommunication about this one client's deadline. I thought it was supposed to due next Monday but she told me it's due today. Sangat pressure ok.... Kalau rajin I will work on it tonight, but looking at my condition, I think I so going to have a panic attack tomorrow. Sheesshh~!

Alritey.. want to call Kerol now to check out how's thing going on with him. He's having a toothache. It's a recurring thing actually. Tadi bawak dia jumpe dentist, terus kene cabut gigi. He was so much in pain just now when I left him at his house. I hope he's all ok now.

Till later~!


  1. take care la..n it looks like u had alot of fun!!..i also want to go dwn singapore..

  2. yeay..dah balik!!

    Nak Hugo, nak Hugo =)

  3. Joe,
    I surely did have a lot of fun!!! :) You better go if you have the chance.

    Memang MC pun.. sehari setengah MC. huhu.

    Nanti aku diskusi ngan Kerol bile bleh jumpe ko pass the perfume :)