Monday, 17 December 2007

The one with... post holiday update #2 - Singapore trip.

This year, I went to Singapore with Kerol and some other friends - Acap, Hana & Azidi. True, it can't beat the fun I had when I went there with my girlfriends last year, but heck who am I kidding. A holiday is still a holiday. I reckoned I still had a whale great of a fun time this round too! :)

First day
Pushed off from KL by bus (First Coach) at 8am. We reached Singapore at about 1pm, and took MRT and were settled down at the hotel at about 3pm. I would say, the hotel wasn't so bad. But the standard room for 2 ppl was so small! Hana and I had to have a mutual understanding on how to move around in the room, else berlanggar la gamaknye.. :) The guys' room was more spacious, it was a family room. And huh, their room faces that spot of the street. Cuci mata la depa malam2...

After getting all REFRESHED (word for that day) and had our lunch in the room (padahal before that masing2 dah belasah nasik lemak bagai masa bus had a stop, kononnya that should cover lunch), the first place we went was the Arab Street. Geramnya tengok kain cantik2.. tapi takpe.. Tahan nafsu dulu, tahun depan tengok la.. shopping kain kat Bandung sudahhh.. :D
Lepas had our tour around Arab Street, kitorang singgah kat Restaurant ZamZam for the famous Singapore murtabak. Kenyang cemane pun, habis jugak the 2 L-sized murtabaks (yup, they come in S,L, and XL sizes) we ordered. Huhu.

Then we continued with our tour, it was not even one hour I think after we had the murtabak, we've MOVED ON (again, another word for that day :P) to this place for the (so-called) famous Sup Tulang Merah.

I had some doubts in the beginning. The colour was of a fierce-red. That didn't give a good first impression to me. Huhu.

Tapi bila dah try... uishhh. Not bad! :P

Azidi's action says it all. Hehe. Kerol & Hana tak makan coz they couldn't stand it with the smell. Nasib baik we've learnt about the food sizes.. We ordered for S size. I was all full!

We then went to the happening Clarke Quay place.

We skipped the crazy bungy ride thingy, and had a river cruise. Mase ni baru la terasa penat gile.

Muka berminyak like nobody's business. Huhu.

Kerol, Acap, Azidi

Hana & Me. Memang pantang nampak tempat duduk, mesti nak took a break.. :P

Second day

It's shopping at Orchard Road day! :) The funny part was, the moment we stepped foot at Orchard Road, we saw a huge billboard that says "Malaysia Year End Sale!". Haha. Bagusla tuh, Malaysia promotes Singapore, and vice versa.

Us in the middle of the Orchard Road.

Kerol & I

Who knows, Munir & Alin were available that day! :) (they are my Terendak friends.. my good buddy since we were in Form 1). So they joined us hopping from one mall to another that day. Anyway, mula2 agak dissapointed coz my so called favourite outlet - Charles & Keith was not having any Christmas sale yet. Plus, the Guess jeans of my liking, which was on (crazyly good) sale, the size for me was not available. Sangat2 keciwa ok.. Lepas tuh buleh pulak I liked this one Crocs sandle, pun takde size jugak. Hmmmpphhh! And makin 'terbakar' coz the guys managed to buy the Levi's 'engineered' jeans at only SGD50 ok!

Kedukaan di hati terubat sekejap when Munir belanja lunch, makan nasi ayam penyet... :)

Alin & I - while waiting for our ayam penyet.

Kerol & I. Mase ni still keciwa coz tiada sebarang hasil yet. Penat giller hop from one mall to another. Kerol siap dah shopped backpack Deuter pulak after the jeans. But its all worth it when finally, I found that Guess jeans I wanted!!! Huhu. Sangat happy. And I think it's memang meant to be mine as that was the only one pair left... :P I think the rest pun lega sangat when I found that. Hehe. Abes sume kena dragged in the quest to find that jeans I wanted.. :) Really, thank you so much for the patient.

That night, Munir brought us to the Newton Hawker Centre for this chilli crab. Yummy. Nasib baik tak pedas, it was more like creamy rather than spicy.

The gravy from the chilli crab was nice to be eaten with this hot fried bun. Comel kan? Macam kuih doraemon.. :P Tapi memang sedap lah. We even had second time serving for this dish.

Other dish - fried carrot cake. Sedap. Ada rasa macam fried char kuew teow pun ye jugak.

Other dish - baby sotong masak madu. Nampak macam mee goreng pulak.

Other dish - ikan pari bakar. Nyam2.

Third day

Due to unpredictable rains and also tak puas bershopping, we cancelled our plan to go to Sentosa Island and also the Night Safari. Instead, we had another round of shopping spree! Weeee, I like. We started the day quite late, went to Queensway Mall first as the guys want to survey for shoes. Then we went to the ever famous Mustafa Centre. But we weren't there for long, masing2 kejap je dah pancit. Plus lapar. So semua decided to go and get 'settled down' at Orchard Street.. HeeHee. Picture above - Azidi as the AJK map.

Punye lah lapar, we had the McD and KFC like there's no McD and KFC in Malaysia... :P

Posing in one of the malls.

Hana & Kerol borong Tefal frying pans.

Aksi2 pancit.

Perjuangan diteruskan untuk mencari the Crocs sandle I wanted. Huhu. The above pic shows the colour I wanted. But sampai ke main boutique we went pun memang my size was not available, so had no choice but to give in to the second choice of the colour of my liking. Well, on a second thought, that colour I bought was also not bad la actually. But sangat tidak aci, Kerol and Azidi both managed to buy the Crocs shoes with the colours they wanted.. Huuu.

We had pizza for dinner that night. And by then, we were really1000x tired.. but satisfied! :) Hana sampai tertido2 dlm MRT on the way back to hotel.. hehe.

Last day *isk*

Me at the "MUTRA" ticketing machine. (note: MUTRA = MRT + Putra.. huhu). We took the 3pm bus back to KL. Initially we planned to go to the Geylang's so called market or something. But in the end everyone agreed to just take our own sweet time before making our move to the Novena Mall, the place where the bus takes off.

Everyone was so tired to walk around at the Novena Mall. So we just hanged out while enjoying the ice-skating performance which coincidentally started just in time when we were there. Dalam penat2 tuh, I however managed to do last minute shopping for office shoe & cool printed t-shirts :) Oh, and the ever wanted white handbag too! *happy*

Never knew donuts are the "IN" thing there too. Tasted delicious, just like the none other Big Apple's and J.Co's.

Just before we hopped into the bus.

All in all, I had a great time in Singapore. Especially after did the survey when we were back in Malaysia, on the things we bought in Singapore. Very the worth it! :) Especially my Guess jeans. Beza dalam RM300 ok.. *smile endlessly* For another version of this Singapore trip story, go to Hana's & Azidi's blogs.

OK lah.. need to rush out the necessary before my year end holiday starting this 20th. Wee hoo~!


  1. wah damn alot of stuff ar!! overdose of food and shopping..i m feeling full and broke..

  2. waahhhh bestnyer shopping!!! saye sgt jeles!!!

  3. Joe,
    you had your fair share of shopping & indulging in good food aite? :)

    best! :) sorry tau this time around tak belikan ape2.. huhu.

    yup you got the figure right! :)

  4. lilia laling,
    itu munir nyer girlfren ke?cute~!
    people googled munir and came to my page. apakah??
    (oh i know. last year aku penah blog pasal dia)

    ur trip seems fun. oh yeah, welcome to lumut ths wknd! :)

  5. ohooooo....!!!!
    cerita senyum endlessly bile dpt...
    muncung panjang mcm sinyu tkmo habaq...


  6. Dalie dearie,
    terharunye ko ingat aku nak pergi lumut this weekend! :)
    anyway itu bukan gf munir lah... ex-gf. hehe. mase zaman mude2 dulu kt terendak. we are all friends now. and both of them too. kebetulan pulak kat munir keje shell kt sane.. alin tuh pulak stewardess SIA.

    s0ulz my dear,
    ape bende hang merepek nehhhhh.. :P

  7. Wah...banyaknya makanan ;-) One there I want 2 go there too ;-)