Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The one with... holiday mood.

Weee hoooo. I'm almost done with the works I'm suppose to get them done before my leaves.. I will be away from tomorrow till the year end. Well, there's this one major assignment of which I haven't finished with it yet. But, let's reserve that bit for next year hah.. :P

Am so happy! I feel like today is Friday. Hehehe.. sampaikan tadi tersasul tanye Kerol arini sembahyang Jumaat kat mane.. dahhhhh kene "kepala hotak ko" free2 dari dia.. hehehe.

OK lah.. since I am so 'free' now, I want to do this one 'questionnaire' tagged by Tina long time ago...

Here goes.

First Name - Lilia
Nickname - Lilia / Lia
Name you wish you had - None. I love my name! Thanks to my mama
What do people normally mistake your name as - Lili / Laila

Birthday - 6 August 1982
Birthplace - Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Time of Birth - 7.10am
Parents together or divorced - Together
Get along with them - Yes
Single or taken - Fully taken.. :P
Zodiac sign - Leo.. *roar*

Your Appearence
How tall are you - 153cm..
Wish you were taller - Na'ah. I like the small me.. :) More like wishing I'm thinner & slimmer
Eye color - Dark brown
Eye color you want - Slightly lighter colour than the one am having now
Natural Hair color - Black / Dark brown
Current Hair color - Haven't ever differ from the natural colour I was born with
Short or long hair - Not so long, not so short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Nope. The one I have is nice already.. :)
Curly, Straight, Wavy - I wish I have it super straight
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - How many times this kind of question has to be asked huh? Get it over with la..

Glasses or contacts - Both, depending on the timing
Do you wear make-up - Yes, occasionally during special functions. Just powder & blusher on the normal days
Ever had hair extensions - Nope
Paint your nails - Nope

In the opposite gender
What color eyes - Whatever colour he's born with
What color hair - Whatever colour he's born with
Shy or Outgoing - Outgoing. I want to be the shy one. Hehehe
Looks or personality - A mix of both.. :)
Sexy or Cute- A mix of both
Serious or Fun - A mix of both

Older or Younger than you - Doesn't matter I guess. It falls back to the personality of a person. But so far I've never dated anyone younger than me. Kerol is 4 months younger than me, but same year of birth.. :)
A turn on - Takkan nak announce to the whole world kan.
A turn off - Selekeh and doesn't know how to dress up accordingly

This or That
Flowers or Chocolate - Chocolate.
Pepsi or Coke - Coke.
Rap or Rock - Both, depending on the mood.
Relationship or One night stand - Relationship la duh!
School or Work - Hmm.. this is tricky. I prefer school because of the fun time I had with friends. But I had fun moments at work too, plus with that extra ka-ching! :) So, I shall leave this question unanswered.. :)
Love or Money - Love
Movies or Music - Both
Country or City - Huh??? One is subset of the other one kan.. DOH-OH!
Sunny or Rainy days - Sunny. Rain rain go awayyyy. Come again another dayyy
Friends or Family - Both

Have you ever
Lied - I am a human. A normal ones. And that means yes
Stole something - Oh yes. Particularly masa kat Terendak dulu, time outing. hehehe
Smoked - Curiousity kills the cat. That's it. I don't like it
Hurt someone close to you - Yeah.... I couldn't help it. Some times you gotta be cruel to be kind aite
Broke someones heart - I think so
Had you heart broken - Big time yes
Wondered what was wrong with you - Hahaha, yes!
Wish you were a prince / princess - Nope
Liked someone - People around me.. Kerol, family, friends.. they are a bless!
Liked someone who was taken - Hmm. No I think
Shaved your head - Nope
Been in love - I AM in love.. :)
Used chopsticks - Yes, I like
Sang in the mirror to yourself - No. Mase kecik2 dulu lain citer laaaa kan. Heh

Flower - Nothing in particular
Candy - Nothing in particular
Song - I love music! So it really depends on the mood

Scent - Salvatore Ferragamo - Incanto selections, and Tommy Hilfieger
Color - Blue! Am blue dabedidabedaaaaa....
Movie - I love movies! Anything as long as it's not hindustan and scary movies. Am watching the Chipmunks movie tonight! and I am Legend too. Woo hoo.

Singer - No one in particular
Word - "Hah?"
Junk food - Pringles / Cheezels / Cadbury's selections

Website - Friendster / Facebook / Google / Wikipedia / Blogspot / The Amazing Race Asia offical website
Lotion - Johnson&Johnson / Perfumed lotion
Animal - I don't like animals. Sorry. Nice to see, but not to hold them. Huhu
Ever cried over someone - I am very sensitive, can easily cry... :(
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - No matter how much I complain, surprisingly nope I don't.. I am grateful for what I have, and what I've been through.
Your biggest fear - Losing my loved ones, and not being able to redeem myself before I die

Do you think you're attractive - It's in the eye of the beholder. In the eyes of me, yes! Hahaha
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - Alice in Wonderland
Do you play any sports - Now no more

OK I am done! Hmmm let me check around is there any other interesting questionnaires to do... Muahahaha.

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