Thursday, 22 November 2007

The one with... twinkle twinkle little star..

"What do stars do....? They shine!"

Ohhhh I am soooooo in love with that movie Stardust... I watched it twice, both with the loves of my life - my Kerol and my family. And I dont mind watching it again.. *wink* Tristan is so cute. Yvaine is so beautiful. Lamia is so wickedly talented. Captain Shakespeare is so hillarious. The storyline is so adventurously interesting. Ok I'm suck at doing a movie review. But in a nutshell, i love love love this movie to bits~*

Bee Movie sucks.

Beowulf sucks.

Balls of Fury not that nice, but ok ok la just for the sake of light entertainment.

Can't wait for Enchanted!

On another related star matter. The firm's biennial dinner went great, the theme was "A Night of Stars".

And allow me to quote Yvaine again, "What do stars do best? They shine!"


So can you spot me??? ;) Yup, I'm the one in yellow.. like a star isn't it? (Hold on, not like a spongebob ok. Ahah! I do read your mind don't I?)

Whatever. *rolling eyes*

I have a lot of works these days. But I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I am so damn freaking lazy.

And I can list down all the reasons under the sun as to why am I so lazy. To name a few,

1. The freaking cold office is making the whole thing worsen. My fingers are all frozen and it's so damn hard to type a single letter.

2. I'm starting to get hooked up to the Facebook.

3. I'm all demotivated in view of the fact that the familiar faces at work are leaving. Especially Parveen. *Sad*

4. Call me childish, but things aren't the same anymore in office.... :(

5. I'm very frustated that things do not go my way. Especially when you work with a boss who is fickle minded; who keeps on changing her mind as rapid as she blinks her eyes everytime she reviews my work. If only I can shout "Make up your freaking mind you [fill in the blank]!".

6. I'm so looking forward to my December holidays yawwwww!


These are all reasons obviously. Weak reasons. Just-for-the-sake-to-justify-ownself-laziness type of reasons. Lame excuses!!!!!

Marahnya dengan diri sendiri!!

And.... I've put on weight lately and its so damn hard to shed it off!

OK, may the force be with me. To being more hardworking. To controlling the temptation to eat sinfully good food.

Till later.


  1. spongebob!! u admitted it..

    told u facebook is damn fun rite?

    i feel the same thing with my mgr..i wished i could strangle someone also..

    ok hard..december is coming up!

  2. i had a good laugh watching balls of fury. heh.

  3. lilia laling,
    HAIIIIII.. lama tak komen kat ko. sama2 busy.

    facebook?aku tak pandai lah. aku macam tak paham. (even though it's not rocket science)

    once in a while, we are allowed to be lazy. don't be too hard on yourself. taking care! i miss u! hehe..

  4. the biennial dinner is fun!!

    and my weight pon susah nk turun!! was thinking to buy 0s1m u-zap.. what do u think?

  5. please oya... dunt let lia start about the "0s1m u-zap" thingy. It will continue for ages

    =P haha~

  6. Joe,
    Hey I didn’t admit it ok!!! DUH.

    I don’t care. I am star. I am a star. I AM A STARRRRRR!!! ;P

    I’m getting bored with facebook already. Heh.

    Yeah, stupid aiteeee. Yet entertaining. :D

    Dalie dearie,

    Alah aku pun bukannye reti sangat ngan facebook tuh. Layankan aje.

    You too, taking care. Selamat melepaskan rindu kepada Abdul Rahman..! ;D

    Hey, good luck with your exam k.. once you are back in office, we’ll find time to go sakae sushi ek.

    There’s this one time I almost buy the u-zap tau, mase tuh tengah ade promotion kt KLCC.. tapi ade orang tuh (read: s0ulz) dok pok pek pok pek kat sebelah… so tak jadi beli…. Huuuu marilah berusaha dengan lebih gigih untuk menurunkan berat badan.

    s0ulz dear,
    pok pek pok pek….