Sunday, 11 November 2007

The one with... my Sunday sucks!

Hmm.. boring nye.. it's Sunday. But I have to go to office later. Sucks aite! There goes my plan to go out with Parveen to survey for her dress + shoes + perhaps some other accessories for us. It's our company's bi-annual dinner next Friday (yup, it's once in two years). This time around, the theme is 'A Night of Stars'. Kena dress ala2 (gile) glamour la konon. Heh. But I've prepared Parveen about me having to come to office today. I checked with her yesterday night and it seemed like she has already managed to buy the dress of her liking yesterday.

I miss Kerol. Huhu. He's in Pangkor with his family until Tuesday. Semalam dapat spent time with him sekejap je. We went to Pavillion. Saje la nak tengok2. I would say, not my place la kot. Maybe not just yet I think. Jalan2 kejap, then I had to rush back home. I've promised my friends Kunut and Ayuni to meet them at 6pm at my house, before making move to Shah Alam. We were going for Narqes's engagement ceremony. Met Ida and Ad there as well (these are the people whom I was closed with last time when I studied in Taiping). It was such a great get-together, after all, it's very rare to be able to have a meet up with them. Ida's married and now is 3 months pregnant, Ad is busy with her new job, Narqes is busy too with her medic-related job (don't ask, I have no idea), and Kunut just only got back from her study in German. And yeah, I am the Ms Busy Bee a.k.a mangsa akibat suddenly ramai resign yet banyak jobs masuk. Huhu. Yeah, I'm playing the victim card now. SO?

Anyway, we chatted and snapped pictures and it was all fun... and it was already 9.15pm but yet the guy's rombongan still hasn't arrived yet! Thinking that we needed to go back to KL, and it'll be very late for us if we were to wait for the whole talking thing to finish, so we decided to make our move by then. Having to say that, we missed the part where the guy's mother or whoever, inserts the engagement ring into Narqes's finger. Bummer. Anyway, I don't have any pictures with me now since I've passed the camera to Kerol for his trip to Pangkor. So will post them up once I receive the pics from the girls.

We left before the whole ceremony ends, which means, we didn't get to eat too! huhu. We were all freaking hungry but determined to eat once we reach KL, rather than having something to eat in Shah Alam. Went to NZ eventually, and surprise surprise. I met Farah (my childhood best buddy who lives in JB) there... :D

Ok lah. I better get going now. I want to finish everything by 5pm so that I get to go out with Parveen later. I'll be silent for the next few days though, as I'm going for an outstation job in Kedah tomorrow and Tuesday. And rest assured I'll be dead busy once I come back. Sigh.

Ms Panda Eyes, desperately in need of a quick fix for the dinner next week.

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  1. sunday adalah sucks jika tiada plan yg best. kan?