Saturday, 10 November 2007

The one with... my Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show experience..


Do you want to know my view about the show? Oh well, even if you don’t, still, I want to shout out to the whole world – BEST GILE DOWHHHH!!!! :P

I may be 25 of age, but the show was performed in a manner that made me relived those moments when I was a kid; where Disney cartoons were the family’s favourites.. I could still remember vividly how my sisters and I would watch the cartoons from the video tape (that time takde CD / DVD lagi) again and again and again… And even now that we’ve grown up, we still got very excited every time we came across the Disney’s cartoons on TV…

Sangat excited menonton the Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show sampai rase nak menangis…. Hahaha. Terlalu best! (ok I might be drama-queening the whole thing here, but heck). Hmmm, I wish my family; especially my two sisters Erin and Liana were there too. Takpe, takpe.. Next time I will make sure that I bring them to watch the show. By the way, the targeted audience was not limited to kids je. Ramai je adults yang datang without kids tagging along. So Kerol and I didn’t look like as if we were out of a place.. *wink*

Anyway, the event was actually a magic show but done with the Disney theme. There were mainly 2 magicians (Brad and Benny), and the rest were all characters from Disney. There were the Disney's very own famous five - Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck & Daisy, and Goofy. Brad and Benny were very entertaining and those characters looked so alive in that they even had moving mouths and blinking eyes, which was so cool! =)

And the way they performed the magic was by bringing out into a stage performance of all those main scenes from each different Disney movie, such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. Apart from feeling excited seeing those familiar scenes and humming through all the songs they played (especially when the Fairy Godmother turned Cinderella's uniform into a beautiful dress, you know, the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo tune), I guess I was mainly mesmerised by the magic tricks performed. Huhu… Sangat jakun ok. First time tengok magic show secara live, performed right before my very naked eyes. Though I knew those were all illusions, but still, I couldn’t help it from feeling so impressed. I think throughout the show I kept on mumbling “Eeeeee macam mane dia buat??!!!”. Heh. Paling tak puas hati I felt so damn curious was on this trick where they brought out 2 ladies, then cut their bodies into half, then exchange the bottom half part; i.e. lady 1's bottom part was eventually on lady 2's, and vice versa. (I'm sure you know which trick I'm talking about). Well what can I say, I'm so amazed! :P

Anyway, we couldn’t bring in the camera inside… But sangat tidak aci when I saw some could even snapped few pictures using their camera. (I wonder how they managed to bring in theirs). Nak kate the security was very strict pun takde (perhaps this was the reason why), cause the guards didn’t actually say anything pun. Setakat kasi warning je to those people, not to continue taking photos. And plus, come to think of it, they actually allowed us to bring in our handphones. Huh. Kalau tau baik laaaa Kerol and I brought in our camera as well. Anyway, when I saw how loose the security was, I somehow managed to snap few pictures as well. Tapi tak clear la kan, cause gune camera phone, and pastu tangkap dalam keadaan sorok2. Huhu.

Tapi satu je lah, all the souvenirs and goodies sold there were damn expensive. Kerol and I tried to find something to buy as a remembrance, but couldn’t get anything at a reasonable price. Just imagine, cotton candy was sold at RM30 ok. Popcorn yang sangat lah tidak besar sizenye was sold at RM10. Adoiiii. The power of branding huh?

All in all, a very interesting experience. I guess, it was better than Disney On Ice show kot… Sebab yang itu more like a musical show. But this one was a magic show. (Saje nak sedapkan hati… Hahahaha. Padahal tak pernah pun tengok Disney On Ice.. :P). But hey, I would say it's a must-see for all Disney fans! :)

Ok lah… Enjoy the pictures!

Ni sebelum masuk. Ours were assigned seatings. So we didn't have to rush in to book for places with a good view.

We bought the middle seatings tickets (i.e. with the price bukan yang paling mahal and bukan yang paling murah - in total the tickets sold were of a 3 price range je). Wasn't so bad right? At least ours were assigned seatings, still dekat dengan stage, and the seats were akin to those in the cinemas. Check out the seatings for the most pricey ones (that's RM225 fyi). Well no doubt they were VERY close to the stage, but the chairs? Macam kenduri kawen punye je kan?

Trying to take picture 1

Trying to take picture 2

Somehow I managed to google the (very limited) pictures they had in relation to the show. And I found this. This is exactly one of the tricks performed!! - Brad levitates Princess Jasmine to the tune of 'A Whole New World'... Very the kagum you know... And it's even impressive when Brad moved a hoop through Princess Jasmine's floating body to prove that there was nothing holding her...

The ice scone (a.k.a. ais kepal) looks very colourfully interesting, but RM30 per that small platic Mickey mug?? Nahhh.

Tak dapat bergambar dengan the magicians and Disney characters, dengan poster pun jadi lah! =D

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