Friday, 30 November 2007

The one with... mind your language..

I love that Mind Your Language show - used to watch it with dad when I was young.

You remember my colleague who got confused with ‘blah’ as ‘belasah’? Yes, the one who would call it the day by saying “Let’s belasah!!!”… :P

Well here’s a rather another ‘confused’ incident of hers. *grin*

One day in office, being the usual chirpy her, she came and approached me:

She: Lilia, Lilia! You know what, I learnt new malay words yesterday night.

Me: Oh is it? What words did u learn?

She: Yesterday I went to eat naan cheese & tandoori chicken with my bf. He sat and waited at the table while I went to the mamak guy. My bf told me he wanted the breast meat for his tandoori chicken. So I went – Boss, saya mahu itu dua ayam tandoori, satu peha, satu tetek.

Me: OH MY GOD!!!! Please don’t tell me you actually did say that!!!!

She: I didn’t know! But I knew something was not right coz everyone seems to give this weird stare at me. So I went to the table and told my bf. He laughed so hard mannn.

Me: Hahahahaha. I would be laughing too if I was there..

She: But anyway he told me what’s the right word to be used next time.

Me: Oh he did? Not bad, see your bf’s malay language is not bad, you should learn more from him. Now you have new teacher already, no need to ask me.

She: Yeah.. *smile*

Me: So what did he tell you?

She: He said, next time, if i want to ask for a breast meat, ask for “buah dada”.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My goodness…. I should correct that before you two go and scare other people laaaa!!!

She: Haaaa? Why? What’s wrong??

Me: Just ask for ‘bahagian dada’ laaa…

She: But I thought breast is breast la… Dada is chest isn’t it?

Me: Hmmmmmmmm… Okeyyyyyyyyy. *speechless for a while* Well, you just have to trust me ok… Enough said.

She: Oh, ok. Will let my bf knows then.. Thank you!!!

Oh dear... please excuse my colleague ok.. She means no harm. She's innocent.. hehehe. So cute.


Question of the day – does chicken has breast to begin with???


Happy Friday peeps.. and enjoy your weekend!



    sgt kelakar.
    i think hen do have breast. masa kecik2, aku penah tgk ayam menyusu kat umah nenek aku. serius! tak tipu!
    (atau aku yg bongok sebenanya dan itu hanyalah imaginasi aku)

    lilia laling,
    insyaAllah pegi kot. tak dpt jemputan? entah lah shita tu. but i'm sure she won't mind if you come. aku macam nak angkut kunod skali ni. kunod suh amik dia kat lrt mana2. aku bukan tau jalan pun. mengharapkan abot ni. kalau nak ikut sila bgtau. :)

  2. hehehehe.

    weh ko biar benar dalie, seriusly ayam menyusu? that's something new... :)

    yang shita tu aku konpius sbnrnye.. sbb dia ade msg aku mintak address, tp tkde dpt kad pun.. kunod ckp nk pergi ke? biar benar si kunod nih, kate ade karaoke this sunday... hmmm.. nnti aku checking2 dulu sama yg lain2. kalau nk planning pegi skali nnti aku calling2 k...

    blasah dulu! :)