Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The one with... me Mama's birthday..

Today is my Mama's birthday... The date is the same as mine - on the 6th; and I couldn't feel more proud.. :) I love my Mama!!

Intermission sikit... The date for my dad's birthday, is as the same date as my brother's birthday; i.e. both were born on the 9th, but in a different month. So the family presumes that the eldest is a girl, so the date of birth follows the mother’s. And the youngest is a boy, so the date of birth follows the dad’s. Make sense kan? Hmm, do I look like I care about your thought? Right.. :)

Anyway, I was so happy today I get to go back early from office.. (Read: early is equivalent to 6pm). Well, lets just say, the earliest go-back time I had within these past 2 weeks! So happy, I sms-ed my mom – “Ma.. Lia boleh balik awal harini… Mau dating di KLCC jalan2 survey birthday present, and have a birthday dinner? Mama puasa kan, takyah la berbuka makan heavy2..”. I was so.. hmm, how to say eh, sort of touched, I think, when Mama replied, “Takpe ke? Arini tak kena stay back ke? Buat la kerja, birthday Mama boleh celebrate bila2”… Gosh, what an impression I’ve given to mom….? *isk* If only I can have a 9 to 5 working life…… Hmm, hopefully one day perhaps..………

So, Mama, Erin and myself had dinner at CPK.. So blissful to finally get to sit together, and talking just about everything over the nice food. Things have been hectic for both Erin and myself lately, we seldom get to see each other, and that includes Mama, eventhough we were all living under one roof. Yeap, that hectic. During the dinner, we even talked about going for a cruise holiday in this coming December.. (Lumut to Langkawi je pun, but a family holiday is something very, very, VERY rare in this family. So now that Erin and myself are working, we both always try to provide those things the family had missed, to the extent possible la…Awwww, so sweet, I know… *wink*).

After the dinner, we went to Parkson as Mama wanted a perfume for her birthday present. So we browsed from one counter to another, and finally just after Parkson announced that they were about to close in 5 minutes time, Mama managed to spot a perfume of her liking.

Dinner & birthday present – cost me a certain much amount of RM.
Having to go out after working hour when I can opt to go back early, and just go home and rest – cost me a certain much amount of energy and time.
A smile on Mama’s face when we got back home just now – priceless! =)

Wishing my Mama good health, good life, and whole lots of blesses from Allah… not only for today, but also for many more years to come!

*footnote - the rest of the family not here in KL. Dad works in Penang. Liana studies in Indonesia. Ajim studies in Melaka.

OK, nak tidur dah... Yeay, besok hari Rabu and pastu hari Khamis cuti Deepavali, pastu hari Jumaat dah.... Weekend is approaching just in a blink of eyes don't you think so?



  1. i saw u sister la lilia...dgn bfnyer...beli hp baru..huhu kat maxis center klcc...around last week kut...very the mahal one la hp tu...hwahahah

  2. lilia,
    happy birthday to your mum! yur mum nampak muda sgt. cewah..

    happy cuti deepavali and happy weekend.

    ingat, jangan keje kuat sangat. :p

    oh ya, enjoy your mickey show!!

  3. Lynn - oh ye ke? takde lah, diorg subscribe maxis nye plan ape ntah... dapat phone free... :)

    Dalie - on behalf of my mum, thanks! on behalf of myself, hopefully i inherit her younger looking despite the age increment... hehe. Happy deepavali to u too!! (we shall see how the mickey show turns out.. huhu. hope it's worth going!)

    Alan - on behalf of my mum, thanks! =)