Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The one with... Lilia in the middle.

Generally, I often find myself being indecisive in almost all situations. I tend to seek for second opinion in the attempt to justify my decision.

In the attempt to find comfort.

In the attempt to have some form of validation.

Yes, from others.

And yes, opinions from others in relation to my own freaking decision for my own freaking life.

How un-independent.

But I’m learning to be more independent now as far as time is concerned. I’m learning to take control of my own life. And I think I’m getting the gist of it.

Anyway, as much as I am a indecisive type of person, I dislike it so much every time I have to be in a situation involving two parties.

I may be good at crossword puzzles, but I'm soooo bad at people puzzles. It sucks. Its best enough I don’t normally take sides (unless if it is clearly the situation favors that one party), but it’s so awful when both parties demand you to pick a side. Huhu.

All my life, I find that these are the Lilia-in-the-middle situations (not limited to) I wish I can avoid:

Dad vs Mom.
One sister vs the other sister.
Siblings vs parents.
Boyfriend vs good friend(s).
One good friend vs another good friend.
One manager / boss vs another manager / boss I work for.
Time for myself vs time for others.

Worst is, myself vs myself.


Think Gollum… Get it?

Myyyyy precioussssss~~~!

Hmm no I don't have split personality. It's more like I hate it when I don't know what I want to do.

Means indecisive lah kan?

Damn I am back to square one. Sheesshh.

Sekian sahaja dilema hari ini. Bertemu kembali di lain waktu.

Buat kerja woiiii. December nanti nak clear cuti... (note to self).

Can't wait!!! Weeeeeeeee~~~!! =)


  1. haha i confuse liao..nxt time flip a coin..ok?

  2. bukan susah nak jadi sudah, bukan senang nak jadi senang... :P
    got what i mean?

  3. lilia laling,
    update pun. tau la dah tukar ke planet facebook. ko dapat tak beg coach aku bg kat ko? mahal tu. hehehe

    my brother selalu tanya kat aku, do u suffer from indecisiveness?

    so, i think i'm with you. hehe.

    nak buat macamana..dilahirkan begini. asalkan bleh control. Kdg2 flip a coin is also a good idea.

    take care!!

  4. Lia, Ur are not alone. Me also suffer from the same thing. So how???

  5. Joe

    hahaha.. I also confuse laa.. but flipping a coin wont do any help also for me.


    yeah, i got what u mean, more or less.. :)


    nak decide tu yang susah tuuu.. huhu.

    Dalie dearie

    sibuk sket la lately.. pehtu streamyx ade problem pulak tu kat umah.

    hahaha yeah aku dapat coach bag tuh.. thanks!!! 'dinding seronok aku' ade la kene conteng2 ngan ko jugak kan... hehehehe. enjoy facebook!

    i think a lot of ppl suffer from indecisiveness la. yeay we are not alone! :P

    you too taking care...


    tak dapek den nak nolongggg.. :P